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May 27, 2004

Tennessee TFR: 05/27/04 -05/28/04

NOTAM:  4/4739  Issued:  05/27/2004 14:07  Effective:  05/27/2004 17:20 - 05/28/2004 01:20  State:  TN  Facility:  ZME - MEMPHIS (ARTCC),TN.  Type:  VIP  Description:  NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, MAY 27, 2004. 

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New Piper Issues 'Mandatory' SB Grounding New Birds

A Number of New Aircraft Grounded UFN

New Piper has disclosed that "it has just been discovered that the raw sheet steel from which critical parts are fabricated, may not have been properly normalized prior to shipment to Piper. In this state, the steel may not possess the appropriate strength requirement." Service Bulletin SB1151 has been issued as a result. This service bulletin addresses serial number aircraft that have been licensed since February 9, 2004 by The New Piper Aircraft, Inc.

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NTSB: No Mechanical Failure In BWI Crash

Even Though Right Engine Had Just Been Reinstalled

Whatever caused an MU-2B-60 to go down in Ferndale (MD) May 14th, it wasn't the engine. So says the NTSB in its preliminary report on the accident. The crash killed the pilot, 34-year old Thomas Lennon.

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Columbia 400 Shows First Customer 'It Was Worth The Wait'

Good Results Reported by First Customer

The folks at Lancair seem pretty enthused with early reports from the first Columbia 400 customer. “Show Me State” resident Paul Duckett, Lancair Columbia 400 customer number one, flew his aircraft home to Missouri for the first time, last week. What's he think, so far? “Lordy mercy, that’s a fine product.”

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FAA Withdraws Twin Cessna AD Proposals

Most 400 Series Planes Would Have Been Grounded

The FAA withdrew on Tuesday expensive proposed airworthiness directives against 400-series twin Cessna aircraft. That after significant input from AOPA and major Cessna owner organizations. The proposed rulemaking (NPRM) would have ADs that would have grounded most models in the 400 series of twin-engine Cessna aircraft while they underwent inspection and installation of a wing spar strap kit at an estimated cost of $75,000 per aircraft. Following an extended public comment period that included a two-day government/industry summit, the FAA decided to rethink its proposal.

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Boeing Tanker Deal: No Sale

Rumsfeld Decides To Study Refurbishment

The Pentagon has delayed for six months a decision on whether to go ahead with the scandal-ridden Boeing 767 deal.

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FAA Adds Regulatory Teeth To Kent State Airport Efforts

Throws Grants Up As Roadblock To Decommissioning

The FAA has played its grant obligation trump card to protect an Ohio airport. After AOPA asked the FAA to look into the situation at Kent State University Airport, the FAA's airports district office for the region wrote a letter to Kent State University President Carol Cartwright, saying that because of the grant obligations, the airport cannot be decommissioned without FAA consent. AOPA has also written to Cartwright, suggesting ways to meet the school's needs without closing the airport.

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It Doesn't Look Good For Central Texas Airport

Most Surrounding Communities Backing Out

Central Texas aircraft owners who've been waiting years for hangar space will apparently have to wait a little longer. The Central Texas Airport proposal is in trouble.

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Majors Cave In On Gas Prices

Several Roll Back Fare Hikes

Yet another effort by commercial air carriers to hike rates in light of skyrocketing fuel prices appears to have crumbled.

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News From EBACE: Raytheon Sells 100th Premier

Goes To Virginia Company

The milestone 100th Beechcraft Premier I is now flying out of Virginia for a business partnership.

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News From EBACE: Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Hawker Horizon Endures Cold Weather On First Flight Outside CONUS

Raytheon Aircraft's new Hawker Horizon super mid-sized business jet recently shrugged off the cold and snow of Northern Canada.

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Aluminum Overcast Back In Hangar

Investigation Continues Into Gear Collapse

EAA's B-17 Aluminum Overcast has been towed to a hangar today at Van Nuys Airport (CA) where it has been undergoing damage assessment since a gear collapse incident on May 5. "The engines and props have been removed, some more detailed damage assessment has been done, and the airplane is now properly stored in a hangar," said EAA Aircraft Operations Director Sean Elliott. "There the necessary work will be done to allow us to ferry the airplane back to Oshkosh."

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How Do You Flip The Bird In Gaelic?

Ryanair Refuses To Repay Subsidies

Belgium wants its money back. Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary said Tuesday he's received a letter from Belgian authorities who want his airline to repay about $3.6 million in subsidies to its operation at Charleroi's international airport. O'Leary said he's written back, refusing the demand and promising to appeal a European Union commission's decision in the matter.

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Georgia TFR: TFN

NOTAM: 4/4647 Issued: 05/25/2004 23:20 Effective: Immediately - Until Further Notice State: GA Facility: ZTL - ATLANTA (ARTCC),HAMPTON,GA. Type: HAZARDS Description: CONYERS, GEORGIA,

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Minnesota TFR: TFN

NOTAM: 4/4645 Issued: 05/25/2004 23:15 Effective: 05/26/2004 16:30 - 05/26/2004 17:45 State: MN Facility: ZMP - MINNEAPOLIS (ARTCC),MN. Type: HAZARDS Description: ELY, MN.

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California TFR: TFN

NOTAM: 4/4631 Issued: 05/25/2004 18:16 Effective: Immediately - Until Further Notice State: CA Facility: ZOA - OAKLAND (ARTCC),CA. Type: HAZARDS Description: FORESTHILL, CA.

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Tennessee TFR: 05/27/2004 - 05/28/2004

NOTAM:  4/4719  Issued:  05/26/2004 19:42  Effective:  05/27/2004 17:35 - 05/28/2004 01:20  State:  TN  Facility:  ZME - MEMPHIS (ARTCC),TN.  Type:  VIP  Description:  NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, MAY 27, 2004. 

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Idaho TFR: TFN

NOTAM:  4/4717  Issued:  05/26/2004 19:20  Effective:  05/26/2004 19:00 - 05/26/2004 21:00  State:  ID  Facility:  ZSE - SEATTLE (ARTCC),AUBURN,WA.  Type:  HAZARDS  Description:  SAND POINT, ID. 

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Attaboy, Ted

United Spinoff Makes First Trip From Chicago

The signs in the terminal at O'Hare made it clear something big was going on. "Welcome Ted" banners adorned the arrival area as United Airline's three-month old low-cost carrier, Ted, debuted in United's hometown of Chicago Monday, with its inaugural flight from O'Hare to Tampa.

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US Sport Aviation Expo Finds A Sponsor

Show In Sebring Set For Late October

The US Sport Aviation Expo says Chrysler has signed on as the even'ts official lead sponsor The show gets underway at the Sebring Regional Airport, Sebring (FL) October 28-31.

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Another California Highway Landing

"Kudos To The Pilot"

A mistake a lot of reporters make is becoming too involved in a story -- making themselves, instead of events, the focus of their reportage. But you know, sometimes, it just can't be helped.

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The Changes Are Blowin' In The Wind

Boeing 7E7 Wind Tunnel Testing Refines Configuration

Boeing is proceeding with the second round of wind tunnel tests for its all-new 7E7 Dreamliner at four locations around the world as it works toward finalizing the passenger airplane's configuration early next year.

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Aero-News Quote Of The Day (05.27.04)`

"This time, the FAA got it right. They held a true dialog and listened to the people who know the aircraft best. Now they are choosing to work with the owners to find alternate solutions to what they determined was an unsafe condition." Source: AOPA Director of Certification and Regulatory Policy Luis Gutierrez, reacting to news that the FAA has abandoned an attempt to create an AD covering Cessna 400 series aircraft. The proposed rulemaking (NPRM) would have ADs that would have grounded most models in the 400 series while they underwent inspection and installation of a wing spar strap kit at an estimated cost of $75,000 per aircraft.

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