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July 30, 2004

From Ground Level to Flight Level in One Year

CAPT Program at Embry-Riddle Marks Successful First Year

The CAPT (Commercial Airline Pilot Training) Program at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University has had a successful first year, with more than 50 students enrolled heading toward jobs, and Diamond Aircraft's innovative new DA42 Twin Star due to join the CAPT fleet.

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Fairly Good News From GAMA: GA Recovery Continues

In the midst of a torrent of Oshkosh news, GAMA has announced that billings for general aviation airplanes rose significantly in the first half of 2004—up 16.6 percent compared to the same period last year. Shipments, however, were down 1.7 percent.

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NASA: Scholarships for Service

Space Agency Looks For Science, Math Students

Dr. J. Victor Lebacqz is a tall, patrician-looking man with a challenging name ("Lebask" is close; his father was from Belgium). He also has a very significant job. As Associate Administrator for Aeronautics, he is NASA's top guy for the "aeronautical" part of what many Americans think of as "the SPACE agency." Despite that public perception, NASA has a wide-ranging field of programs that Dr. Lebacqz administers, plus a new one that is just about to kick off: Scholarships for Service.

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NATA: No Pictures, Please

NATA Speaks Up At NTSB Hearing On Cockpit Video Recorders

The camera wars are heating up. NATA's manager of flight operations, Jacqueline Rosser, expressed her concern over the NTSB's continued support cockpit cameras into turbine-powered aircraft operating under Parts 135 and 91.

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How To Unsnarl O'Hare

FAA Trying To Cut Down On Chicago Flight Delays

"Unacceptable." That's how Transportation Secretary Norm Mineta described the snarled air traffic situation at Chicago's O'Hare Airport as he called for a meeting between the FAA and the airlines.

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Mooney: Business Is Booming!

Mooney Sells First Plane Minutes After Opening Of 2004 Oshkosh

Within minutes of the official opening at Oshkosh this week, Mooney Airplane Company sold its first plane –- an Ovation 2 GX, featuring the Garmin G1000. Mooney team representative, Mark Woods, successfully sold the top-of-the-line airplane to Gary Gongola on Tuesday.

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CAPPS Cahuna's Criminal Conduct Concealed?

The latest scandal from the Transportation Security Administration centers on the embattled Computer-Assisted Passenger Prescreening System (CAPPS II) airline-passenger-data-mining unit. Unlike previous CAPPS scandals, which centered on wholesale leaks of sensitive personal information to unsupervised outside firms, or GAOs scathing charge that CAPPS II fell short of seven of eight inportant measures, this one centers on Deputy Chief of the TSA's Office of National Risk Assessment, W. Stephen Thayer III.

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Arpey To AAL Board: No Thanks

American CEO Turns Down Big Raise

Thanks, but no thanks. That's the message from AMR Corp's CEO Gerald Arpey to his board of directors. He doesn't want a 22-percent pay raise.

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Heavy-Breathing: A First Look At Lancair’s Columbia 400 (Part Four)

233 Kts, FL230, 26 Minutes From Brake Release... Wow! Part Four

Time for launch… uh, takeoff. There is a throaty and reassuring nature to the TCM that defies precise description… but it’s a good feeling… and it only gets better as you put the hammer down on that critter. There are 310 ponies up front and ain’t nary a one that’s bashful about it. 

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Mistral Flies

Rotary-Powered Piper Arrow Flies To Oshkosh Airventure 2004

You might say it's the airplane with an engine that goes hmmmmmmm. Mistral is showing off its test bed aircraft, a Piper Turbo Arrow III, which flew into Oshkosh from the company's plant in Daytona (FL), powered by a 230 HP turbo charged to the AirVenture airshow in Oshkosh (WI). The company says it plans to certify the engines for use in production aircraft, but will also enter the experimental sport aviation market early next year.

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Carter Copter's Little Brother

Monarch Butterfly Stands In For CCTD

What do you do when you're a technology inventor and your one technology demonstrator is tied up in a series of projects for various government contracts? Oh, and no hope of just throwing together a duplicate of your technology demonstrator, because it's so loaded with advanced technology it took a lot of time and resources to get together in the first place.

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Lancair Adds XM Wx To Columbia Options List

Lancair’s certified aircraft are made for fast and comfortable cross-country travel and accurate, up-to-date weather information is imperative to making this happen. The Lancair Company announced today that it is now offering the new XM WX Satellite Weather system as an option on all new Lancair Columbia 350 and 400 models.

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Wanted: Female Astronauts

Fluency In Chinese Required

Remember that routine by Bill Dana, "My name Jose Jimenez. I want to be an astronaut"? How might you say that in Chinese?

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Socata Delivers 300th TBM 700

First In North America Equipped With RVSM

On Wednesday, EADS invited -- in the words of CEO Stephane Mayer -- "media, customers, our partners for US distribution, supporters, partners, and aviation authorities," including a couple dozen of its favorite journalists, to celebrate a milestone and hear the latest from the GA branch of the aviation conglomerate based in Tarbes, France.

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Aero-News Plane of the Day (07.30.04)


Billed by its web site as the world's first sport-utility helicopter, the LAF-01 cuts a unique picture here at Oshkosh AirVenture.  Made of molded and composite materials allows rigid body construction and weight savings. The twin blades are also composite materials.

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Blue Mountain Announces Gen 3 EFIS/Sport, EFIS/Lite

Today at AirVenture 2004, Greg Richter, founder of Blue Mountain Avionics, held a press conference to announce news related to his company's EFIS product line and efforts to certify the EFIS/Lite.

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Oshkosh By The Numbers

Things you Never Knew About The World's Biggest Fly-In

Ever wonder how many hot dogs are sold at Oshkosh EAA AirVenture? How many volunteers donate their time? Wonder no more, here are some little know facts about the air show, some are from 2002, some from 2003.

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Air China Cargo Orders Two Boeing 747-400 Freighters

Deal Worth $400 Million At List

Boeing Thursday confirmed an order by Air China Cargo Co. for two Boeing 747-400 Freighters, valued at approximately $400 million at list prices

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Aero-News Quote Of The Day (07.30.04)

"It is a little like the Clinton era's, 'Don't ask don't tell.' If the FAA knows somebody has a medical condition, they won't let them fly. But if FAA doesn't know about someone's medical problem, FAA will let them fly a Light Sport Aircraft." Source: FAA Administrator Marion Blakey responding to a question Thursday at Oshkosh. Pilot Mimi Steel told Blakey, "Take two pilots. One has the 20 hours minimum training required by Sport Pilot] and has never been to an FAA doctor. The other is a one-thousand hour pilot who had a medical denied, but has a valid driver's license. The rule will prevent the one-thousand hour pilot from flying a Light Sport Aircraft. That doesn't seem fair."

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Urgent CASA AD: Reims

Reims Aviation F406 Series Aeroplanes

AD/F406/11 Fuselage to Center Wing Connection 10/2004 DM Applicability: Model F406 series aircraft, serial numbers 001 through 089, and 091. Requirement: Action in accordance with Reims Aviation Industries Service Bulletin No. F406-54, dated 16 March 2004. Note: DGAC AD F-2004-114 refers. Compliance: At the next scheduled 600 hour or 12 month inspection after 7 August 2004, whichever occurs first. This Airworthiness Directive becomes effective on 4 August 2004.

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Urgent CASA AD-Eurocopter

Eurocopter SA 360 and SA 365 (Dauphin) Series Helicopters

AD/DAUPHIN/27  Amdt 6  Tail Rotor Blades 10/2004  DM Applicability: Model SA 365 N1 helicopters, and AS 365 N2, and N3 helicopters, equipped with tail rotor blade part numbers: 365A33-2131-all dash numbers, 365A12-0010-all dash numbers, 365A12-0020-all dash numbers.

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Emergency CAA-NZ AD: Kawasaki BK-117

DCA/BK117/14 — Emergency Airworthiness Directive Kawasaki BK117 Series

This AD is prompted by continuing airworthiness information received from the manufacturer and the state of design regulatory authority. Investigation of an incident overseas revealed a fault may occur in the winch controls, which causes it to continue raising or lowering the cable uncontrollably.

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