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July 19, 2004

Schumer's Security Plan

NY Senator Wants To Track All GA Flights Over New York City

Perhaps Sen Charles Schumer (D-NY) just doesn't get it. Perhaps he knows something we don't. Schumer, still fretting over the possibility of a terror attack involving GA aircraft, now wants the FAA to shut down the Hudson River approach -- forever. He also wants tighter security at New York's many heliports.

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GAO: FAA Falling Down On Safety Enforcement

Report Cites Bad Violation Tracking, Reduced Fines

The General Accounting Office, the investigative arm of Congress, says the FAA isn't doing nearly enough to protect commercial aviation passengers.

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Former Swiss Aviation Official To Take Over Europe's JAA

Andre Auer Quit Switzerland's Civil Aviation Authority In Midst Of Safety Flap

The man who quit as head of Switzerland's civil aviation authority amid accusations that he let safety standards slip to a dangerous level is now the head of Europe's Joint Aviation Authorities.

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RIP: Charles W. Sweeney

Piloted Aircraft That Destroyed Nagasaki

Charles Sweeney was convinced he did the right thing. On August 9th, 1945, the 25-year old Sweeney piloted a B-29 he called "Bock's Car" on the second and last atomic bombing mission of World War II. The bomb his crew dropped over Nagasaki killed 70,000 people and hastened the end of the war. Sweeney died Thursday in Boston at the age of 84.

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Coalition Aircraft Strike Zarqawi Stronghold

When You Care Enough To (Keep) Sending The Very Best!

Coalition aircraft hit a stronghold of fugitive terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi outside Fallujah, Iraq, Sunday. Forces attacked the site using precision-guided munitions. News reports indicate 14 people were killed and three injured, but a coalition statement did not include casualty figures.

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Wichita Could Soon See A New Private Airport

Businessman Could Soon Build New 5,000 Ft. Runway Near Valley Center

Remember this name: Dan Claassen. He's the guy a lot of people in Sedgewick County (KS) believe will build the next local airport. The Wichita Eagle quotes anonymous sources as saying Claassen is looking into funding a private strip north of Wichita, near Valley Center.

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Klyde Morris 07.19.04

Aw C'mon, Klyde... Cheer Up!

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Goodbye, Aurora

Last Privately-Owned Airport In Colorado Shuts Down

The last private airport in Colorado has closed after almost 60 years of operation.

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Four Dead In Alaska Accident

Relative: "That Was My Whole Family"

It was Alaska's deadliest air accident of the year -- a Cessna 170 carrying three family members and a friend went down north of Willow, killing all on board.

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Stress Fractures: They're Not Just For Bonanzas Anymore

Special Military Team Searches For Aircraft Cracks

All combat aircraft go through extreme stresses when completing their missions. Those stresses can cause metal fatigue -- tiny cracks in the joints and welds of the frame or invisible fractures in the metal.

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Aluminum Overcast To Miss AirVenture

EAA Concedes Its B-17 Bomber Will Not Make Oshkosh

Despite its best efforts, EAA announced this week that there simply is not enough time to prepare its B-17 Aluminum Overcast for a planned ferrying flight from California to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. EAA had hoped it could pull off both readying the replacement B-17, Fuddy Duddy, and Aluminum Overcast so that both could appear at the annual aviation event, but now it's clear that available time and resources will only permit work on Fuddy Duddy to be completed.

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What A Difference A Year Makes

US Military At Farnborough In Force

As one of Europe's biggest air shows gets underway this week, one of the first things you'll notice is the huge US military presence. After pulling back from the Paris Air Show last year because of France's failure to support the war in Iraq, the Pentagon is putting on the dog at Farnborough.

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Pilot Warned About Weather Before Fatal Crash

NTSB: Helo Launched VFR In IMC

The NTSB says 27-year old Wyatt Zane Rodgers shouldn't have been flying VFR on June 27th. That's when Rodgers and two passengers, Kendall and Kelly Loudermilk, were killed when Rodgers' R-44 (file photo of type, below) went down near Barnesville (GA).

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On The Road To Oshkosh

ANN Headed To AirVenture 2004

Well, we're off. ANN Publisher Jim Campbell officially hit the road on Sunday, planning to be in Oshkosh (WI) plenty early for this year's AirVenture. He should be there Monday to set up the fabled work trailer (near the control tower) and put together a top-notch array of computers and computer networks in time for the rest of the staff to arrive.

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Arianespace 163 Is Finally Up There

Anik F2 Is The Largest Commercial Telecom Satellite Ever Launched

Arianespace successfully orbited Telesat's Anik F2 payload on an Ariane 5 Saturday night, placing the 12,118-lb. spacecraft into geostationary transfer orbit.

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Styrian Spirit Signs for a New Bombardier CRJ200

$24.3 Million Order

Bombardier Aerospace announced Sunday that Styrian Spirit, an airline based in Graz, Austria, has signed a contract to purchase one 50-seat Bombardier CRJ200 regional jet.

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Russia's Baltic Fleet Celebrates Naval Aviation Day

Celebrating July 1916 Air Victory Over Germans

The Russian Navy Saturday celebrated its proudest moment Saturday -- aerial combat between four seaborne Russian aircraft and four German fighters during World War I.

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Aero-News Quote Of The Day (07.19.04)

"We really busted our guts to get both airplanes ready in time. We just plain ran out of time for Aluminum Overcast. But we are very pleased to report that annual inspection work on Fuddy Duddy is complete, and pilot checkout flights are slated to begin early next week." Source: EAA Museum Director Adam Smith, in announcing the bad news -- Aluminum Overcast, the B-17 damaged when its landing gear collapsed in California last month, won't make it to this year's AirVenture. Another Flying Fortress, Fuddy Duddy, will fly at Oshkosh this year. The EAA says there are plenty of seats still available for those who want a ride.

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California TFR: TFN

NOTAM: 4/7051 Issued: 07/18/2004 01:19 Effective: Undetermined - Undetermined State: CA Facility: ZLA - LOS ANGELES (ARTCC)PALMDALE, CA. Type:  Description: NEWHALL,CA.

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Washington TFR: TFN

NOTAM: 4/7060 Issued: 07/18/2004 14:45 Effective: Immediately - Until Further Notice State: WA Facility: ZSE - SEATTLE (ARTCC),AUBURN,WA. Type: HAZARDS Description: WENATCHEE, WA. ICYCLE FIRE

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Aero-News Alert: Sport Pilot Driver's License Medical In Jeopardy?

ANN has also learned that a principal measure of the Sport Pilot rule, the much vaunted and overhyped driver's license medical provision, may have a catch. While the driver's license medical can apparently be used in absence of an FAA medical, it may only applicable to those who have not had an FAA medical certificate suspended or revoked, and/or replaced with a special issuance medical.

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