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Sat, Jan 28, 2023

Starlink Expands Reach to McMurdo

SpaceX Takes up Task of Internet Provision for Antarctic Research Station

The National Science Foundation has begun relying upon SpaceX's Starlink internet service, allowing far better connection to the country's most far-flung research sites. McMurdo Station, the epicenter of American Antarctic research, has been using the service since fall of last year, but expansions in uplink equipment has expanded Starlink's reach beyond the bounds of the large base camp.

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Sat, Jan 28, 2023

NASA Plays Clown Car with Crew Dragon Cargo Compartment

In Case of Emergency, Strap Copilot to Floor

The situation aboard the ISS has not abated just yet, with the leak on the Soyuz spacecraft forcing a shakeup in astronaut scheduling for the foreseeable future. Recent efforts to prep for any exigency have shown some of that old-fashioned NASA creativity, however, with both NASA and Roscosmos staff coming together to see just how they could finagle an escape should an evacuation be required before their scheduled departure. The solution? Jamming everyone in the only spacecraft that can (mostly) accommodate the full crew of astronauts and cosmonauts, the SpaceX Crew Dragon.

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Thu, Jan 26, 2023

Hidden Level Continues Work with FAA

Drone Strike Mitigation Tech Sees Continued Evaluation Under Safety Program

Hidden Level Incorporated has continued its work with the FAA and Saab, researching safety tech to mitigate UAV collisions near airports. The FAA's Airport Unmanned Aircraft Systems Detection and Mitigation Research Program has been evaluating Hidden Level's Airspace Monitoring Service (AMS) for evaluation since last year. The FAA has been gauged as a standalone solution as well as a complementary technology to Saab's SAFE Airport Event Management system.

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Wed, Jan 25, 2023

H3 Dynamics, Hylium Progress on Liquid H2

Hydrogen Powered Drones to Attempt Transatlantic Voyage on Hydrogen Power

H3 Dynamics has joined hands with Hylium Industries to boost the performance of their sustainable, hydrogen-electric hybrid tech with the latter's liquid hydrogen storage designs. Hylium's specialty in liquification for hydrogen fuels could be a great boost to H3 Dynamics' efforts, as they develop hydrogen propulsion in a world of battery-only competitors. The jump to liquid hydrogen is a promising one, given its increased energy density over compressed gas.

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