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Aero-TV: An Avidyne AirVenture17 Update - IFD550, ADS-B, and SO MUCH More

Wed, 10 18, 2017
Avidyne Hints At New Roles For Existing Products…
Avidyne has always been known for higher-end avionics for higher-performance airplanes ... a niche that has been very successful for them. But speaking with Aero-News CEO and Editor in Chief Jim Campbell at AirVenture in July, Avidyne CEO Dan Schwinn said that recent developments with a "relieve certification" may open up new markets for the company.

Airborne-Unmanned 10.17.17: Eagles v Drones, DJI AeroScope, Drone Policy

Tue, 10 17, 2017

Also: AeroVironment Award, Washington State Patrol, Altavian Nova UAS, Robotaxis

The French Military is training four Golden Eagles to attack drones in flight as a way to defend against potential spying or attacks from the unmanned aircraft. The idea came up after several drones were flown over the French Presidential Palace. But they were not the first to consider such a plan. The Dutch National Police recently released a video showing an eagle taking down a DJI drone. That bird was

Airborne 10.17.17: Waco YMF-5F Flies!, SpaceX Streak, BBJs Rule

Tue, 10 17, 2017

Also: Embraer, Aero-Calendar, AeroVironment, Sikorsky Heli's, EASA Singapore, FireFighting UAV, WestJet 

The amazing craftsman of the Waco Classic Aircraft operation in Michigan have just started test flying their new YMF-5F -- the amphibious float equipped version of the rugged classic Waco YMF-5 biplane series. Most important; this bird looks even better than we expected.  This is the first amphib Waco built... though a straight float version flew long ago -- with a few pe

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