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January 07, 2004

Scandal Hits Old Rhinebeck... Again

Amid numerous reports of problems at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome, a new story hitting the wires further indicates that things are in some turmoil at the much vaunted aero-historical landmark. Christopher Rogine, 48, a volunteer at the Old Rhinebeck flight facility for many years, is being criminally charged with possession of stolen property after he attempted to sell an Apollo Command Module recovery parachute on eBay last month. The eBay description noted that, "The condition is in perfect (sic). No rips, tears or discoloring. Have packaging paperwork. It has been confirmed that this is the main parachute of that historic mission 30 years ago." Rogine claimed to have had legal possession of the chute for over 20 years, having allegedly been given the property by the

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Mars Rover 'Spirit" Phones Home... In Color!

First Color Photos Sent From Columbia Memorial Station in Gusev Crater The Mars Exploration Rover Spirit has captured its first color image of Mars. It is the highest resolution picture ever taken of another planet.

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Millions of Miles From Earth: Columbia Remembered

NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe has announced plans to name the landing site of the Mars Spirit Rover in honor of the astronauts who died in the tragic accident of the Space Shuttle Columbia in February. The area in the vast flatland of the Gusev Crater where Spirit landed this weekend will be called the Columbia Memorial Station. Since its historic landing, Spi

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