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June 29, 2005

Just Before The Launch: NASA Fails To Meet Safety Goals

Stafford-Covey Group Finding Probably Won't Cause Launch Delay

Just three weeks before the space shuttles' Return to Flight, a NASA advisory group says the space agency has failed to address three critical safety issues: eliminating critical launch debris, harden the shuttle against debris impact and figure out a way to repair the orbiter's heat shield in orbit.

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NASA's Deep Impact Craft Observes Major Comet 'Outburst'


NASA's Deep Impact spacecraft observed a massive, short-lived outburst of ice or other particles from comet Tempel 1 that temporarily expanded the size and reflectivity of the cloud of dust and gas (coma) that surrounds the comet nucleus.

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NASA's Cassini Reveals Lake-Like Feature on Titan

Posted -- No Swimming

Scientists are fascinated by a dark, lake-like feature recently observed on Saturn's moon Titan. NASA's Cassini spacecraft captured a series of images showing a marking, darker than anything else around it. It is remarkably lake-like, with smooth, shore-like boundaries unlike any seen previously on Titan.

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