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November 12, 2006

Boyer, Staff Deliver Message On Where GA Stands

The State Of AOPA

In contrast to AOPA Expo General Session meetings over the previous two days, Saturday's opening meeting was much less a rallying cry to arms... and more an update on the state of your Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.

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ANN Welcomes AOPA Expo 2006 Major Sponsor: Piper Aircraft

See Piper At AOPA Expo Display Area 1120 and Static Display Piper BLEW THE DOORS OFF NBAA 2006 with the announcement of their innovative new PiperJet. We've known about this for a while, but we'll admit to having been quite pleasantly surprised at how nice it seems to be turning out. What we're speaking of, of course, is Piper's massive NBAA announcement... their long-awaited, if unconventional, entry into the jet business.

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AOPA Salutes Kentucky Congressman For Contribution To Aviation

Representative Hal Rogers Honored With Hartranft Award

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association paid tribute to US Congressman Harold ‘Hal’ Rogers (R-Ken.) for his dedication to general aviation (GA), awarding him the prestigious J.B. Doc” Hartranft Award for 2006 at the AOPA Expo closing banquet Saturday night.

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Alaskan Pilot Honored With AOPA's Laurence P. Sharples Perpetual Award

Given Annually To Individuals Who Contribute To Aviation

Felix Maguire is the 2006 recipient of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association’s (AOPA) Laurence P. Sharples Perpetual Award, given annually to a private citizen for the greatest selfless commitment to general aviation (GA) by a private individual.

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It's A Record! Nearly 13,000 People Visited AOPA Expo 2006

Attendance Tops Even 2002's Record Total

ANN was among the first to hear that attendance at this year's Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Expo in Palm Springs had set a record, with over 12,000 people in attendance over the past three days. But AOPA President Phil Boyer kept the final numbers under his hat until Saturday night's closing banquet.

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Nexaer Brings A New Look To Light Sport

And It’s A Neat Little Buggy!

It is a radical departure from most of the other light sport aircraft on display at AOPA Expo... and the Nexaer prototype was drawing a crowd in Palm Springs.

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ANN Welcomes Avidyne As AOPA Expo 2006 Special Coverage Sponsor!

See The Amazing Avidyne Advantage at AOPA Expo Booths 1511! Avidyne and S-TEC are showing off the first certified large-screen integrated flight deck for retrofit installation in GA aircraft. The new Alliant flight deck transforms the proven King Air 200 into an aircraft with the state-of-the-art Envision integrated flight deck and S-TEC’s IntelliFlight 2100 digital autopilot.

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Aviat Updates Audience On Latest Upgrades At Expo

Improvements Include Optional Airbags

Aviat Aircraft President Stuart Horn reported on the state of his sport utility aircraft, the Husky A-1B, whose 2005 model boasts numerous design changes and enhanced performance.

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Rod Machado Speaks At AOPA Expo 2006

Presents 'Yoke And Pedal: Secrets To Better Pilot Proficiency'

Rod Machado's presentations are almost always well attended -- AOPA Expo 2006 was no exception.

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SoCal A Great Place For SportCruising

A Sleek Czech Design With A Remarkably Low Stall Speed

A relatively new entry in the Light Sport arena, the Czech Aircraft Works SportCruiser was on display at AOPA Expo 2006.

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US Navy To Rescue Intrepid

Service To Help Free Carrier From Harbor Mud

The aircraft carrier USS Intrepid, stuck in the mud at pier 86 in New York Harbor, will soon be free -- that is if the US Navy has anything to say about it.

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ANN Names AOPA Expo 2006 Major Sponsor: Diamond Aircraft

Visit Diamond Aircraft (and See The D-Jet Mockup!) At AOPA Expo Booth 810, and Aircraft Display Area Diamond Aircraft is hosting its largest AOPA EXPO display ever, at the Palm Springs Convention Center this week. At 10:00am Thursday, November 9, Diamond’s lineup will participate in the Parade of Planes, taxiing through the streets of Palm Springs.

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ASA Debuts Flight Sim Training Book At AOPA Expo

The Book For The Software

He's a man with a passion for flying... as well as experience working on six versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator during a 15-year career at Microsoft.

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FBO Revolution To Offer New Management Software

Simplify, Integrate Billing And Record Keeping

There is a new software package coming soon for FBO managers... and FBO Revolution is promising to do just that... revolutionize the way aviation businesses utilize technology to automate their day-to-day operations.

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ANN Thanks AOPA Expo 2006 Special Coverage Sponsors: Cirrus Design!

ANN Thanks One Of Our Favorite AOPA Expo 2006 Special Coverage Sponsors: Cirrus Design (Display Areas #600, 800) It is tremendousl

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ANN's Daily Aero-Tips (11.12.06): Choosing Your Instructor -- Actual Conditions


Generally we want to choose a flight instructor who will get us through the requirements of a certificate or rating in the least amount of time... to reach our goal, and to save some money. There's one instance I feel, however, where we should insist on just a little more time than the bare minimum needed to qualify for the checkride.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (11.12.06)


This seems like it should be on David Letterman’s Stupid Pet Tricks... but let’s face it, if you’re talking your four-legged buddy flying with you and the sound annoys you (and is damaging)... imagine how your buddy feels.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (11.12.06): Waverider


A hypersonic aircraft design that improves its supersonic lift-to-drag ratio by producing a lifting surface built out of the shock waves being generated by its own flight, a technique known as compression lift.

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (11.12.06)

“The bottom line is that we are going for a paradigm shift by creating a whole new sub-category of LSA.”

Source: Scott Belliveau, a member of the design team at Nexaer. The company's prototype entry into the light sport aircraft segment turned plenty of heads at AOPA Expo 2006, with its distinctive fuselage shape and automotive-influenced cockpit design.

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