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January 31, 2005

British C-130 Down: Iraq

Blair Says There Were Casualties

"This country and the wider world will never forget them." Those words from a sadden British Prime Minister Tony Blair, after word that an RAF C-130 had gone down about 25 miles northwest of Baghdad Sunday, as people all over the Middle Eastern country went to the polls to elect a national assembly.

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The Story Behind STS-300

NASA Makes Ready For Future Rescue Missions

If NASA astronaut Steve Lindsey and his crew have their way, the mission for which they've so vigorously trained will never get off the ground.

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Another Close Call At LAX

Officials Demand Change

It was just the sort of near-accident that would make almost any experienced pilot wish for a case of adult diapers. A helicopter flying over the San Diego Freeway in Los Angeles was out of position according to controllers at LAX. The pilot had wandered into the approach path of an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737. The two aircraft came within 400 vertical feet and .25 horizontal miles of colliding when a controller spotted the conflict at the last second and successfully separated the two. It was indeed a near-tragedy and it's now prompted the FAA to make some changes in air traffic management around LAX.

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Desert Storm Commander In Near Miss

Retired General Schwarzkopf's G3 Almost Collides With Cessna

The man generally acclaimed as being responsible for the Hail Mary military victory in the 1991 Desert Storm operation has cheated death again -- this time as a passenger aboard a Gulfstream G3 headed into the Lake Tahoe Airport in Nevada.

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A Bleg For GA News

This Is Where You Can Help

OK, we're not a blog, so we can't bleg (which is what happens when a blog begs -- get it?) But we are a news site, and we strive mightily to bring you news that's balanced not only with respect to the viewpoints we present (in part by extending an open offer of the Aero-Views soap box to anyone with something to get off his chest), but also balanced across a wide range of aviation interests.

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Fuel Management For A 'Round-The-World Record Flight

It's A Delicate Matter -- Requiring Careful Planning And Just A Little Chutzpah

When folks like us hop into our Cessnas or Pipers or Grummans for a jaunt, fuel management is, of course, a major consideration. How far, how high, with what winds and at what temperatures -- these are all things we have to consider before we undertake a flight of as little as an hour. But imagine being on an around-the-world record attempt that will last more than 70 hours without the prospect of refueling. Can you imagine the nightmare fuel management would become on that flight?

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Big FROG For Sale Across The Big Pond Soviet

Launcher And (Briefly) Rocket Show Up On eBay In the small pond of Soviet weapons collectors, the big frog has got to be Richard Moore of Cambridgeshire, England -- because of his big FROG. FROG in capitals, for "Free Rocket Over Ground," was the NATO codename of the obsolete Luna-M Russian missile and launcher that got Moore into the newspapers -- after he briefly listed the weapon on eBay. Moore calls it "the mother of all toys" -- presumably, for the boy that outgrew model rockets without quite growing up.

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FSS Outsourcing Announcement Expected This Week

No Fees, But Then Again, Briefers To Be Bid Out

Sometime next week, the FAA is expected to announce the winning contender in the government's bidding process (called an A-76 study) to operate the 58 flight service stations (FSSs) located in the continental United States.

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Aero-Views: Congressmen + Pricey Resort = TFR

TFRs Continue To Be Exploited For Corrupt, Non-Security Reasons

By ANN Senior Correspondent Kevin R.C. "Hognose" O'Brien To hear the TSA (referred to herein as the security mafia) tell it, Temporary Flight Restrictions are vital to national security. Security-based TFRs (as opposed to those sensible TFRs around, say, wildfires, to let the firefighters work) have a long and sordid history. Two might-as-well-be-permanent TFRs over Disney theme parks illustrate something everybody understands: American legislators are for sale, it's only the price that is in question.

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Big Cocaine Stash Found On Plane

MIA-Bound Aircraft From Venezuela Was Diverted To TUL For Maintenance

The US Attorney's office in Tulsa, OK, isn't saying whose airplane it was, but ramp workers at Tulsa International found $250,000 worth of cocaine hidden inside an Airbus A300. The 15 kilos of coke were found in neatly-wrapped plastic packages, along with at least one other package of marijuana.

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What's So Great About Eight?

Why Boeing Really Changed The 7E7 To 787

By ANN Senior Correspondent Kevin R.C. "Hognose" O'Brien The Boeing suits will tell you that the 787 Dreamliner's nomenclature change was all about Boeing tradition. Tradition, from the company that told engineers in Seattle "move to Long Beach or you're fired?" The airplane company that moved its headquarters to a city that doesn't even have a decent airport, or a clue about how to operate one if they did? The outfit that has consolidated a hundred years of American aviation know-how, in order to get beaten like Mike Tyson's ex by a ponderous European government operation, Airbus?

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International Science Team Measures Arctic's Atmosphere

PAVE To Validate NASA Data

An international team of scientists has embarked on a journey this week to improve modeling of global scale air quality and climate change predictions by conducting high quality measurements of the arctic region's atmosphere.

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Cassini Flying High And All Is Well

State Of Health: Excellent

The most recent spacecraft telemetry was acquired today from the Goldstone tracking station. The Cassini spacecraft is in an excellent state of health and is operating normally.

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NASA Research Balloon Makes Record-Breaking Flight

Flying On The Very Edge Of Space

Flying near the edge of space, a NASA scientific balloon broke the flight record for duration and distance. It soared for nearly 42 days, making three orbits around the South Pole.

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Klyde Morris 01.31.05

The Little Ant V. Big Airplane Grudge Match Continues!

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UPS Secures 11 Boeing MD-11 Freighters

15 Of 28 MD-11s Now In Service For Big Brown

UPS says it will acquire 11 pre-owned Boeing MD-11 aircraft to expand the capacity of its air network.

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Upgraded: Gregory Bowles

GAMA Hires Him As Manager Of Engineering & Maintenance

GAMA says it's hired Gregory J. Bowles as Manager of Engineering & Maintenance. Bowles assumes responsibility for activities related to regulatory safety standards and continued airworthiness. He will also support technical policy and certification process issues.

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2005 US Astronaut Hall of Fame Honorees Announced

Fourth Class of Space Shuttle Astronauts to be Inducted into Hall of Fame

The world's first untethered spacewalker, an astronaut who snared two crippled satellites on the first space salvage mission, and a Space Shuttle Commander who overcame an engine failure to reach orbit have been chosen for 2005 induction into the US Astronaut Hall of Fame.

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Aero-News Quote Of The Day (01.31.05)

"We didn't hear anything from the Cessna. Ever since the control tower shut down we've had a lot of confused pilots who don't know which frequency to communicate on. I've seen a lot of near misses." Source: Mindy Johnke, manager of Superior Aviation at the Lake Tahoe Airport, after a near miss Thursday involving an aircraft that carried retired Army General Norman Schwarzkopf. The tower at Lake Tahoe was shut down in October in the midst of a funding dispute between the city of South Lake Tahoe and the FAA.

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