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May 11, 2004

Flight Attendant's Warning Probably Saved Lives

12 People Hurt, But PAX Say It Could Have Been Much Worse

"Brace position, please. This is an emergency." Those were the last words passenger Luis Ramirez Alicea remembers hearing before American Eagle Flight 5401 blew a tire, ran off the runway at San Juan's Luis Munoz Marin International Airport Sunday. The aircraft's wing struck the ground, causing the flight to depart the runway.

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A Dream Becomes A Nightmare

New Hampshire Pilot Buys Dream Floatplane, Crashes, Dies

It was to be a red-letter day for 37-year old Daren Banfield. An avid fan of antique aircraft and aviation from days gone by, Banfield (below) bought a 1942 Cessna T-50 Friday and decided to fly it home. He never made it.

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A Chance (And Near Disastrous) Meeting At Georgetown

GA Aircraft, Experimental Collide On Approach To Texas Runway

It's not often that two aircraft chance to meet in mid-air and the people inside live to tell the tale. But such is (thankfully) the case in Georgetown (TX), after a Diamond DA-40 and a Giles 202 bumped into each other while both were on short final to Runway 18.

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A Kick In The Glass: A First Look at the Cirrus Design SR22-G2 (Part One)

An Evolutionary Step Forward For A Revolutionary Airplane

Some years ago, a well-known automotive magazine compared a highly-regarded GA single engine aircraft against a world-renowned luxury sports car. In terms of fit, finish and bang for the buck, it was not GA's greatest moment and the aircraft's automotive competition cleaned its clock in terms of quality and perceived value -- for the amount of money invested. This was several years ago… when the GA world hadn't learned the hard lessons it has since learned from several decades of lean times… lessons that have not been lost on a number of the current leaders in the GA market -- most especially the folks  of Cirrus Design.

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Aluminum Overcast Update

EAA's B-17 Could Fly Home

Damage assessment of EAA's B-17 Aluminum Overcast continues at the Van Nuys Airport in California, where the vintage World War II aircraft suffered a landing gear failure after safely landing there last Wednesday, May 5. The immediate goal is to determine what repairs are necessary to the B-17, which is currently on the Van Nuys ramp awaiting available hangar space.

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Shut Up And Show The Pictures!

Words Just Get In The Way When Tyson Has A Camera

When we grow up (or enter our second childhood, we're not sure which), I want to be Tyson Rininger. He gets to fly in really cool airplanes and he gets to take pictures of even more cool airplanes. Here's his latest series of stills shot at the Paraiso Vineyards Air Show (And Haircut Party).

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Back To Bankruptcy?

US Airways Tells SEC It Might Re-Enter Chapter 11

US Airways, which just emerged from bankruptcy little more than a year ago, may be headed back to federal court for a repeat performance. The company filed notice with the Securities and Exchange Commission Friday, saying it's trying to figure out how to cut costs by 25-percent, $1.5 billion a year.

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Bye-Bye, Buzz

Richard "Buzz" Nelson Heads For The Hangar

If you were to look at Richard "Buzz" Nelson's resume, you'd see a lot of numbers: 737, 757, 767, 777. You'd also see that he was senior pilot on the Boeing 307 restoration project. He ditched the Stratoliner in Elliot Bay (WA) two years ago and, after it was restored, he flew it to Dulles International Airport (VA), where the aircraft now resides at the Udvar-Hazey Museum. Buzz is heavy-duty. Buzz is retired.

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'Barnstorming' Returns!

A Little Bit of Aero-History Returns...

For nearly two decades (and spanning a number of publications), ANN Editor-In-Chief, Jim Campbell, wrote an off the cuff column called "Barnstorming." Outside of the many requests he gets for MORE flight tests, the return of "Barnstorming" is one of the most popular requests he continues to see. Barnstorming was often political, frequently funny, usually weird, often  outrageous or a combination of all of the above. But -- they did get read... a lot.

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CDF Bronco Downed By Engine Failure

One of the California Department of Forestry's OV-10A Broncos made a forced landing in a wheat field, Friday. The aircraft had just departed Hemet-Ryan and chose to abort the flight, landing in a field with light damage. CDF uses the OV-10A to coordinate firefighting airtankers and helicopters.

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PSSSST... Wanna Buy A Helicopter Engine?

Koreans Accused Of Illegally Trafficking In S-70 Powerplants

Two South Koreans have been indicted by a federal court in Bridgeport (CT) on charges of illegally shipping -- get this -- two S-70 turbine engines for a Black Hawk helicopter to China.

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NBAA Keeping The Pressure Up On TSA

Baldwin Presents NBAA Member Security Concerns to TSA's Stone

Despite recent turmoil back at the office, NBAA is staying active on critical political issues facing aviation. On May 7, NBAA Interim President Don Baldwin and NBAA's new Director, Security Dick Doubrava represented NBAA at a meeting between the GA Coalition and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Acting Administrator David M. Stone. The meeting touched on a number of security issues, including nationwide temporary flight restrictions (TFRs) and GA access to Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA).

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Navy Raises Stray Cat

F-14 Downed In March

It could have been much worse. The F-14 that went down off the coast of San Diego (CA) more than a month ago could have taken its pilot and RIO down as well. But they were able to eject safely. Still, investigators are keen to find out why the Tomcat went down March 29. Now, they'll have their chance. Using an unmanned mini-sub, the Navy was able to snag the twisted fuselage of the fighter and bring it to the surface. The empennage, cockpit and engines had been recovered earlier.

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Montana TFR: TFN

NOTAM:  4/4044  Issued:  05/09/2004 23:52  Effective:  Immediately - Until Further Notice  State:  MT  Facility:  ZLC - SALT LAKE CITY (ARTCC),UT.  Type:  HAZARDS  Description:  MILES CITY, MT. 

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After A Million Kids, What Do You Do Next?

Go To The Young Eagles Building At Oshkosh And Find Out

Having reached its initial goal of flying a million kids, the EAA Young Eagles program is now focused on the future and flying 100,000 young people a year and creating ways to sustain the youngsters' interest in aviation. Young Eagle participants of all ages can learn more at the Young Eagles building, which is directly south of the control tower.

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First Cobra arrives for H-1 upgrade

Say Hello To The "Z" Model

A Marine helicopter arrived at the NAVAIR Depot in Cherry Point (NC) recently, heavily armed with a new mission for depot artisans. An AH-1W Super Cobra arrived on the depot flight line April 8 as the first of many that are scheduled for transition into the new AH-1Z. The "Z" model is the attack helicopter component of the U.S. Marine Corps’ H-1 upgrade program to remanufacture the existing AH-1W Super Cobra and the UH-1N twin-engine Huey into the AH-1Z and UH-1Y configurations.

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But With 31 We Could've Gotten A Toaster!

Arianespace, EADS, Ink Deal For 30 Launches

As German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder and French Minister of Research Francois d'Aubert looked on, Arianespace and EADS signed a contract at the Berlin Air Show Monday for the production of 30 Ariane-5 launchers.

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A Dark And Stormy Night...

And An Amazing Aerial Rescue

The Federal Aviation Administration recently commended a medical helicopter crew for their extraordinary efforts in saving the lives of two snowmobilers who plunged into the frigid bay waters near Green Bay, Wisconsin, according to Jimmy Szajkovics, Safety Programs Manager of the Milwaukee FAA Flight Standards District Office.

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Eyes Over The Ocean

And Now They Can See Better Than Ever

Raytheon Company has successfully integrated and demonstrated its SeaVue maritime surveillance radar and AAS-52 Multi-spectral Targeting System (MTS-A) aboard a General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Mariner unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), a derivative of the Generals Atomics Predator B UAV.

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Robotic Mission To Save Hubble Becomes More Likely

NASA: It Could Happen

Edward Weiler, NASA associate administrator for space science, puts it like this: "I'm not saying it's a done deal. A lot of water needs to go under the bridge, but it's looking a lot better than it did two months ago." He's talking about the possibility of a rescue mission to the Hubble Space Telescope -- one that wouldn't involve the space shuttles or human beings, for that matter. But by his statement, it seems pretty clear that NASA is quickly warming up to the idea of a robotic mission to the space telescope.

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