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August 18, 2012

Airborne 08.17.12: Sequestration Warning, AMR Rejected, Connected Panel Approved

Also: Kitfox Meets F15s, Aero-Medical Update, B-17 Moves To New Orleans, Skydivers Get Lost...

A study released Monday by the Aerospace Industries Association and Econsult Corporation estimates that budget cuts to FAA operations as a result of sequestration could cost up to 132,000 aviation jobs, cause an annual decrease of 37 to 73 million in passenger enplanements, see annual reductions of 1 to 2 billion pounds of transported air freight and would also have a devastating impact on the Next Generation Air Traffic Control System, delaying system implementation by a decade or more. US Bankruptcy Judge Sean Lane who is overseeing the AMR bankruptcy case,

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Marine Corps Investigation Cites Pilot Error In Morocco V-22 Accident

Corps Still Plans To Continue Deployment Of The Aircraft In Japan

The Marine Corps has concluded its investigation into an accident involving a V-22 Osprey in the Kingdom of Morocco which resulted in the fatal injury of two marines in April of this year. Two others were seriously injured.

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FAA Requests Comments On Decommissioning Alaska DFs

Agency Proposes To Take All 29 DF Transmitters Out Of Service

The FAA has posted a notice in the Federal Register seeking comments from pilots about a proposal to decommission all 29 Direction Finders in the state of Alaska and their associated approaches. In the notice, the FAA says that DF usage for pilot orientation has become almost non-existent.

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Citation Latitude Range Projection Increases To 2,500 Nautical Miles

First Flight Scheduled For Mid 2014

Cessna announced Thursday at the Latin American Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition (LBACE) that it has increased the projected range capability of its planned new midsize jet, the Citation Latitude, once again. The Latitude was originally announced to have an expected range of 2,000 nautical miles, but through customer input and quality design and engineering, the Latitude is now expected to have a maximum range of 2,500 nautical miles.

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US Forest Service to Resume Wildfire Night Flying In SoCal Next Year

Study Identified 130 Mitigation Measures That Need To Be Addressed

Beginning next year the U.S. Forest Service will contract a helicopter capable of fighting wildfire at night in a move to strengthen the agency’s capability to suppress fires and better protect firefighters and communities in Southern California. “We have made this important decision very carefully,” said Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell.  “We have studied night operations from every angle—risk management, business and operations—and we have concluded we can conduct night operations safely and effectively.”

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Police Chiefs' Association Approves UAS Use Guidelines

AUVSI Applauds The Move

The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) has guidelines for the use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). The guidelines provide law enforcement agencies an outline of how to use UAS safely and responsibly, and with respect to individuals’ privacy. The adoption of the IACP guidelines follows the recent adoption of AUVSI’s “Code of Conduct” for those who design, test and operate Unmanned Aerial Systems.

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Air Drop Resupply To USS Carr Prompts Drug Interdiction

Helicopter Flying In Support Of Retrieval Spotted Boat Carrying Cocaine

Norfolk-based frigate USS Carr (FFG 52) retrieved 1,250 pounds of cocaine while being resupplied by an air drop at sea during Operation Martillo, August 15.

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Musk Oxen A Growing Concern For Nome, AK, Pilots

Animals Have Been Seen Near The City's Airport

Most pilots are aware of the safety issues surrounding bird strike, but in Nome, Alaska, pilots are facing a growing concern about a different like of wildlife. Musk oxen have been seen near the city's airport, and are suspected of causing damage to some airplanes on the ground.

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Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (08.18.12)

“We have made this important decision very carefully ... and we have concluded we can conduct night operations safely and effectively.” Source: Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (08.18.12): Instrument Runway

A runway equipped with electronic and visual navigation aids for which a precision or nonprecision approach procedure having straight-in landing minimums has been approved.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (08.18.12)

Runway Incursions

It seems that we continue to hear about runway incursions, and they're a major safety focus for the FAA. Today's Aero-Linx is the FAA's basic documents on runway incursions, as well as other information on the topic.

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AD: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation Helicopters

AD NUMBER: 2012-15-08

PRODUCT: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation (Sikorsky) Model S-76A helicopters

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