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December 09, 2011

ANN Daily Aero-Briefing: 12.09.11

The Iranians may actually have that missing US drone.
The Opportunity Rover has found "slam-dunk" evidence of water on Mars.
And unions continue to strike out at the post-me

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Klyde Morris 12.09.2011

Alas, Randy, We Barely Knew Ye ...


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Veteran Space Shuttle Commander Chris Ferguson To Leave Agency

Served As Commander For NASA's Last Shuttle Mission

Astronaut Chris Ferguson, the last commander of a space shuttle mission, has announced his plans to retire from NASA on Dec. 9. He will leave for a new job in the private sector. Ferguson, a retired U.S. Navy captain, served as the commander for STS-135, the final flight of space shuttle Atlantis and the 135th and final mission of America's 30-year Space Shuttle Program.

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United Launch Alliance Celebrates Five Years of Mission Success

56 Launches Completed In 60 Months

After being formed five years ago by bringing together two experienced launch teams and two highly reliable launch systems, Atlas and Delta, United Launch Alliance has compiled a record of 56 successful launches in just 60 months.

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NASA Explores Sonic Boom Tolerance

Edwards AFB Residents Volunteer To Be Guinea Pigs

Generally speaking, it's against the law to make supersonic flights over populated areas, where the resulting sonic booms annoy residents and, in severe cases, can break windows. But NASA and the aviation industry are studying technology that will reduce the impact of sonic booms, which could one day clear the way for supersonic coast-to-coast airline flights.

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Swiss Government Goes With Gripen

Swedish Fighter To Be The SAF's Multi-Role Combat Aircraft

The Swiss government has selected Saab's Gripen as its future multirole fighter aircraft for the Swiss Air Force. The Gripen program will create a long-term partnership between Switzerland and Sweden. Saab assures Switzerland a long-term strategic industrial co-operation aimed at creating sustainable high tech jobs, transferring technology and generating export business.

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NASA Mars Rover Finds Mineral Vein Deposited By Water

Project Leader Calls Finding A 'Slam Dunk' Proving A Once-Wet Martian Environment

NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity has found bright veins of a mineral, apparently gypsum, deposited by water. Analysis of the vein will help improve understanding of the history of wet environments on Mars. "This tells a slam-dunk story that water flowed through underground fractures in the rock," said Steve Squyres of Cornell University, principal investigator for Opportunity.

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Bombardier Appoints Sales VPs In Three Key Areas

One Will Work With Aircraft Leasing Companies, The Others Will Represent Growth Regions

Bombardier Aerospace has tapped Three sales VPs with an eye towards aircraft leasing companies as well as the Asia-Pacific and mid-east regions.

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Canadian Firm Sued By Sierra Nevada Corp.

AeroMechanical Services Was Already Seeking Arbitration In Canada

AeroMechanical Services ... a Canadian provider of proprietary technology to the airline industry under the brand name FLYHT ... said Friday it has learned that it has been named as a defendant in an action brought by Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) in the state of Utah, seeking damages for the non-payment of invoices totaling approximately $2,042,000 along with interest and costs. The claims are breach of contract, debt and unjust enrichment.

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Former Space Shuttle Tech Spearheads Mercury Restoration Effort

But Finds That Loving An Idea Sometimes Just Isn't Enough

Nearly two years ago, Jen Scheer, former Space Shuttle Program technician, toured the launch complexes at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, adjacent to Kennedy Space Center (KSC). She visited a number of sites, but one in particular stuck in her mind. The site was Launch Complex 14, best known as the place where John Glenn lifted off in his Mercury capsule, Friendship 7, to become the first American to orbit the Earth in 1962.

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Weststar Signs Contract For 10 AgustaWestland Helicopters

Order Spread Among Much Of The AW Product Line

Weststar Aviation Services of Malaysia has signed a contract for 10 AgustaWestland helicopters at this week's Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace (LIMA) exhibition. The contract is valued at approximately $150 million (US), is made up of five AW139s configured for offshore transport, one AW139 for VIP transport, two AW169s and two AW189s.

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DFW International Airport Allies With Taiwan's Taoyuan International

New 'Sister Airport Alliance' Pact Outlines Collaborative Cooperation And Information Sharing Between Major Airports

Dallas/Fort Worth (KDFW) International Airport officials joined with leaders of Taoyuan International Airport (TPE), the largest airport in Taiwan, in signing an alliance agreement designed to allow the two airports to work in close cooperation. The DFW-TIA Airport Alliance outlines the principles on which the two airports will work collaboratively on business and operational projects.

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Airborne 12.09.11: Babbitt's Out, NTSB Examines Airshows, and the Air Force Cutbacks

Also: BARR, F35, Cessna, GEnx-1B, Eagle v Paraglider, Apollo 13, Pipistrel and MORE!!!!

For over a decade, one of the most tumultuous in aviation history, and encompassing some 150,000 stories, 5000 Aero-Casts as well as over 1100 Aero-TV videos, the Aero-News Network has been the premier source for ground-breaking, honest, real-time aviation news. Airborne is ANN's newest and most exciting effort to bring you aviation news in an innovative way, with the evolving concepts espoused n every episode of Airborne. Airborne programing is scheduled to be presented, through the rest of 2011, as a Weekly Newscast covering the top stories in aviation from the prior week, brought to you on in a high-def web/broadcast format. The program is scheduled to evolve rapidly and ser

NTSB Launches Team To Investigate Tour Helicopter Accident In Nevada

Sightseeing Helo Went Down In Rugged Terrain, Five Fatally Injured

The National Transportation Safety Board has launched a 12-member Go-Team to investigate the crash of a helicopter on a sight-seeing tour that occurred near Las Vegas at about 1700 PT on Wednesday. Preliminary reports indicate that all five persons on board the helicopter were fatally injured. 

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Delta Fleet Service Representation Election Results Upheld

National Mediation Board Denies IAM's Interference Claims

Delta Air Lines received notification Wednesday from the National Mediation Board (NMB) that the Board has rejected claims of interference filed by the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) following the November 2010 Delta fleet service representation election.

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Iran Displays What It Says Is A Captured U.S. Drone

Tehran Releases Video Showing Alleged RQ-170 UAV

The government of Iran has released a two minute video of what it says is the U.S. RQ-170 UAV it claims to have captured earlier this week, but some are questioning the video's authenticity.

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Bill Introduced In The U.S. Senate Opposes EU ETS

Similar To Legislation Passed Last Month By The U.S. House

A bill introduced in the United States Senate on Wednesday would prohibit U.S. aircraft operators from participating in the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) . The bill was introduced by Senator John Thune (R-SD), ranking member of the Commerce Committee's Aviation Operations, Safety and Security Subcommittee. The "European Union Emissions Trading Scheme Prohibition Act of 2011" would prevent the European Union (E.U.) from adding a tax on flights traveling through U.S. airspace.

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Boeing 787 Dreamliner Sets Speed, Distance Records

Marks Came On Round-Trip Flight From Seattle To Bangladesh

The 787 Dreamliner has established two world records with the 787 Dreamliner, setting new marks for both speed and distance for the airplane's weight class. "Speed and distance capabilities are fundamental to the value the 787 brings to the market," said Scott Fancher, vice president and general manager of the 787 program.

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Industry Group Urges Acting FAA Administrator Huerta To 'Stay The Course'

Airlines For America Leadership Says Consistency Is Important In NextGen Deployment

The vice president of Airlines for America says Michael Huerta is taking the reins of the FAA at a "crucial time," and that "FAA leadership is the difference between success and failure in realizing the benefits of NextGen for all stakeholders."

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Analyst: Middle Eastern Bizjet Fleet Shrinkage Isn’t All Bad News

Industry Seems To Be Stabilizing Its Self, According To Brian Foley

Since the conclusion of last month’s Dubai Air Show, market analyst Brian Foley has called attention to the 6% shrinkage of the region's business jet fleet over the last year and what it means.

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Aviation Partners Addresses Airbus Lawsuit

European Planemaker Has Challenged Company's Patent On Winglets

The founder of Seatle, WA-based Aviation Partners says he will vigerously defend his company's patents for blended winglet technology being challenged by giant planemaker Airbus. The European company has made "Sharklets" one of the primary selling points for its A320neo, which it markets as being a more fuel-efficient airplane than the existing A320.

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Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (12.09.11)

"The idea that the European Union has the right to tax American air passengers and carriers flies in the face of our country's sovereignty." Source: South Dakota Republican Senator John Thune.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (12.09.11): Attitude Indicator

The foundation for all instrument flight, this instrument reflects the airplane s attitude in relation to the horizon.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (12.09.11)

Things You Don't Want To Hear In The Cockpit

Cockpit warning sounds like an excessive rate of descent, windshear warning, or below glide slope. Listen to them all with your MP3 player!

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