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July 19, 2009

F-15E Crew Lost In Afghanistan Crash

Two Air Force officers were killed July 18th in the crash of an F-15E Strike Eagle. The aircraft, assigned to Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, N.C., was flying in support of coalition operations in eastern Afghanistan. The crash occurred at approximately 3:15 A.M. Kabul time.

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NTSB Publishes Initial Details On Miller SNJ Accident

Accomplished Warbird Pilot Lost In Aerobatic Practice

 The NTSB has filed the first concrete details in the investigation into the fatal accident that claimed SNJ pilot and airshow flyer, Gary Miller. Miller was an ATP who had been flying since 14 years of age and was taught to fly by his Dad.

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Four Flights Of Space Launch Vehicle Planned For AirVenture '09

Founder Sir Richard Branson Will Take His First-Ever Flight Aboard The Virgin Galactic Mothership

When Virgin Galactic Mothership "Eve" (formerly known as WhiteKnightTwo) arrives and executes several low passes on July 27 to kick off the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2009 week-long series of showcase flights and air shows, she'll be performing the first of four scheduled flight demonstrations.

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NTSB: Cessna/Columbia 400 Accident Apparent CFIT

Aircraft Struck Trees After Radar Report Of Climbing Through 2300 Feet

A 2005 Columbia 400 aircraft was felled by impact with terrain after an IFR departure on July 5th... the NTSB has furnished the initials details in its investigation of this tragedy.

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Hoffa Supports Continental Fleet Service Workers, Maintenance Techs

Teamsters General President Calls On Continental To Cease "Anti-Worker Activity"

Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa held a news conference and rally in Houston Friday in support of Continental Airlines aviation technicians and fleet service workers who are considering union membership.

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NTSB Releases Photos Of Depressurized 737

Two Pictures Of The Effected Area Released

In its continuing investigation of the Southwest Airlines 737-300 (N387SW) that experienced a rapid decompression during a flight from Nashville to Baltimore on July 13, 2009, NTSB Acting Chairman Mark V. Rosenker has authorized the release of two photographs showing the compromised section of the area of the fuselage that failed in flight.

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Shanghai Airlines Takes Delivery Of Its First Airbus, An A321

Airline Becomes Latest Airbus Operator

During a ceremony held at Hamburg, Germany, Shanghai Airlines has taken delivery of its first Airbus aircraft, an A321, becoming th latest new operator of Airbus aircraft. The aircraft is the first of 10 A321s ordered by the Shanghai-based carrier in 2006 and 2007.

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Airport Reaches Agreement With GA Pilots

Bay County Florida To Build New Facilities For Pilots Association

A group of about 26 pilots from the Panama City Beach area have been in negotiations with the Bay County Airport Authority over the county's move to a new airport. Bay Aircraft Owners Inc. hold a 30 year lease at the old airport, and about 14 years remain on that lease.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (07.19.09): Geostrophic Wind

Geostrophic Wind A steady horizontal motion of air along straight, parallel isobars or contours in an unchanging pressure or contour field. It is assumed that there is no friction, that the flow is straight with no curvature and there is no divergence or convergence with no vertical acceleration.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (07.19.09)

Aero-Linx: Google Lunar XPrize The Google Lunar X PRIZE is a $30 million competition for the first privately funded team to send a robot to the moon, travel 500 meters and transmit video, images and data back to the Earth.

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Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (07.19.09)

"Fleet service workers at Continental have made several attempts in the past to form a union, but their efforts have come up short... That's not going to happen this time. Continental fleet service workers are going to win this organizing campaign because they have the strength and power of the Teamsters union behind them." Source: Robert Rasch, President of Teamsters Local 19 in Houston, on the prospect of union organization among fleet service personnel at Continental Airlines.

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