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May 25, 2004

A New Day At EBACE

US Manufacturers Head For Switzerland Full Of New Hope

A year ago, they were smarting from deep cuts in the labor force and even deeper cuts in orders for aircraft. Now, representatives of Raytheon, Cessna and Eclipse are among those who've flocked to Geneva, Switzerland, hoping to interest Europeans in business jet aviation.

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Mojave Spaceport On Final Approach

Certification Expected Next Month

The FAA is expected to issue full certification next month to Mojave Airport (CA) -- as the world's first commercial spaceport.

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Over The Top!

Microlight Flies Over Everest

One of two European microlight enthusiasts has made it -- he's become the first person ever to fly a microlight over the top of Mt. Everest in Nepal.

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Alaskans Sue TSA Over Privacy

The Plaintiffs Want Nothing To Do With CAPPS II

In a land where there are few roads, airplanes are the de facto means of transportation. And perhaps that's why four Alaskans are suing the TSA, hoping to gut the electronic passenger screening system known as CAPPS II.

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Sam Johnson Dies At 76

"Longtime Friend, A Great Supporter Of Aviation And EAA"

Samuel C. Johnson, the chairman emeritus of SC Johnson Wax who helped launch the EAA Young Eagles program, died of cancer at his Racine, Wisconsin, home Saturday, May 22, at the age of 76. During his 34-year tenure, Johnson led his family's company to become a multi-billion-dollar worldwide conglomerate.

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Ibis Aerospace Goes WIth Honeywell APEX Integrated Cockpit

Will Be Upgrade For Ae270 Propjet

Ibis Aerospace announced that it has selected Honeywell’s APEX Integrated Avionics System for its Ae270 Propjet. The APEX system will be offered as an avionics upgrade for future deliveries of Ibis’ Ae270 single-engine turboprop.

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Certified: Citation CJ3 Wins EASA Approval

Cessna's First-Ever EASA Certification

Cessna's Citation CJ3 is targeted to be Cessna's first airplane certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The Citation CJ3 program has completed well over half of the required FAA certification conditions, and logged over 900 flight hours in 540 flights.

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What Do You Mean, I Didn't Pass?

Taking That Little Blue Pill? Keep Your Feet On The Ground

By Dr. Erwin Samuelson, AME and Jon Thornburgh, CFI Some types of flying do not require a medical examination. A pilot does not need to have a medical certificate to fly an ultralight, a glider (including a motorglider) or a balloon. However, the FAA expects pilots to use good judgment and stay out of the air if he knows that he has a medical problem that would make flying dangerous. This rule also goes for pilots who have passed a flight physical. Just because one has a current medical certificate in his wallet does not mean that he should fly if he is fatigued or has the flu.

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The Results Are In On Our Latest Caption Contest

...You Folks Are Crazy!

Well, the captions are in and once again, ANN readers have shown the true colors of their twisted (but well-appreciated) senses of humor. Here's the picture... ...and here are the captions you sent us

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Gear 'IN'

Eclipse Take Delivery Of Landing Gear For Test Aircraft

Eclipse Aviation says it's received the landing gear assembly from Mecaer for Aircraft N502EA, Eclipse's first certification flight test aircraft. Aircraft N502EA, which will feature Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) PW610F engines, is on schedule to make its first flight in Q4 2004.

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Missouri TFR: 05/28/2004 - 05/30/2004

NOTAM: 4/4556 Issued: 05/24/2004 11:18 Effective: 05/28/2004 15:30 - 05/30/2004 21:00 State: MO Facility: ZKC - KANSAS CITY (ARTCC),MO. Type: AIR SHOWS/SPORTS Description: COLUMBIA REGIONAL AIRPORT, COLUMBIA, MO. DUE THE SALUTE TO VETERANS AIR SHOW  

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New Mexico TFR: TFN

NOTAM: 4/4552 Issued: 05/24/2004 01:47 Effective: Immediately - Until Further Notice State: NM Facility: ZAB - ALBUQUERQUE (ARTCC),NM. Type: HAZARDS Description: CAPITAN,NM.

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Missouri TFR: 05/31/04

NOTAM: 4/4557 Issued: 05/24/2004 11:29 Effective: 05/31/2004 14:30 - 05/31/2004 15:30 State: MO Facility: ZKC - KANSAS CITY (ARTCC),MO. Type: AIR SHOWS/SPORTS Description: COLUMBIA, MO.

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Ohio TFR: 05/25/04

NOTAM:  4/4596  Issued:  05/24/2004 21:05  Effective:  05/25/2004 16:55 - 05/25/2004 20:00  State:  OH  Facility:  ZOB - CLEVELAND (ARTCC),OH.  Type:  VIP  Description:  YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO, MAY 25, 2004 LOCAL. 

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Minnesota TFR: TFN

NOTAM: 4/4536 Issued: 05/23/2004 17:00 Effective: Immediately - Until Further Notice State: NM Facility: ZAB - ALBUQUERQUE (ARTCC),NM. Type: HAZARDS Description: MOUNTAINAIR,NM.

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Aero-News Quote Of The Day (05.25.04)

"These clients have become my friends. This isn't about security, this is about a violation of our rights. And if they think they are going to set my customer base up for some bizarre thing like this, they are nuts. For someone up here to be flagged red and to live in Barrow or Nome, it's a jail sentence. Everybody here flies." Source: Sally Huntley, who runs a travel agency in Alaska and is now a co-plaintiff in what could be a landmark lawsuit filed against the government. She and her fellow plaintiffs, with the backing of a civil liberties organization, say the TSA's CAPPS II program could ground Alaskans who simply have no other way of traveling... anywhere.

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NextGen Carrier Contract Awarded

Northrop Grumman Will Build CVN-21

The Navy and Northrop Grumman Newport News (NGNN) have successfully negotiated the construction preparation (CP) contract for CVN 21, the next generation aircraft carrier.

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EAA Air Academy Slots Going Fast

Get Your Kid In While You Can!

The EAA says response for this year's Air Resident Summer Youth Camps has been "outstanding!" Aviation enthusiasts and their families know that there's no better place to experience aviation than in Oshkosh (WI) - home of EAA. The EAA Air Academy's Resident Summer Youth Camp is an accredited program geared for aviation-minded boys and girls age 10-18. Professional educators, Certified Flight Instructors, and students from the nation's leading aviation colleges conduct an array of hands-on aviation and leadership activities.

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simTrain Buys 3 Cirrus Simulators

Include CAPS Chute Modules

SimTrain, a new company specializing in supporting flight training for Cirrus aircraft, is buying three Cirrus specific, full motion simulators from Fidelity Flight Simulation. SimTrain will place these Fidelity MOTUS simulators in Cirrus Certified Training Centers around the country, providing Cirrus pilots with the finest training support of any general aviation aircraft.

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University Aviation Association Releases Collegiate Guide

Third Edition Ready For School!

The University Aviation Association released the third edition of the Collegiate Aviation Guide, a directory of 114 post secondary institutions offering aviation programs in the United States and Canada. The comprehensive listings include information on the institutional contact, program and degree offerings, tuition, enrollment, certification and transfer credit, and much more.

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