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March 13, 2012

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels Declares March 'GA Appreciation Month'

Letter Groups Applaud Another State For Recognizing The Value Of GA

National aviation organizations applauded Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels for signing a proclamation declaring the month of March "General Aviation Appreciation Month" in a news release issued by the AAAA Monday. According to the Indiana Department of Transportation, general aviation contributes over $4.9 billion in economic activity to the state, supporting over 18,000 jobs.

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Tecnam Runs P2010 Engine For The First Time

New Four-Place Single Introduced To The U.S. At Oshkosh 2011

Tecnam has released a video showing the first engine start on its new four-place single, the P2010. The 75 second video shows the first engine run from startup to shut down.

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New ECU Boosts Efficiency In Rotax 912 iS Engine

Rockwell Collins Component Automatically Controls Fuel-Air Mixture

A new electronic dual-channel Engine Control Unit (ECU) is a key component of the Rotax 912 iS piston engine for Light Sport Aircraft (LSA). This ECU, developed by Rockwell Collins, is the first that meets aerospace design assurance standards for certification in the LSA market.

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WAI International Conference 2012 Sets New Record Attendance

More Than 3,300 Attend, Up Almost Eight Percent

With its largest attendance in a decade, the 23rd annual WAI Conference, held in Dallas, from March 8-10, 2012, could best be described as big and upbeat. In addition to a new record attendance, dozens of companies and organizations were actively recruiting new employees, producing a positive and encouraging attitude for all participants.

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Continental To Appeal Manslaughter Verdict In Concorde Accident

Calls Decision In The 12-Year-Old-Case 'Absurd'

Continental Airlines, which is now part of United Continental Holdings, says it will ask a French appeals court to overturn the manslaughter verdict finding the airline liable for the deaths of 113 people aboard the the Concorde 12  years ago.

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Cincinnati Blue Ash Airport Officially Gets The Axe

City Informs FAA That The Facility Will Close

Pilots in the greater Cincinnati, OH, area are about to lose an airport. Cincinnati City Manager Milton Dohoney Jr. has sent a letter to the FAA expressing the city's intention to close Blue Ash Airport no earlier than June 8th.

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Cobham Withdraws Proposal To Acquire Shares Of Thrane & Thrane A/S

Board Would Not Support Cobham's Offer

Cobham confirms that it has been in discussion over the last year with the Board of Thrane & Thrane with a view to making a recommended offer for the Company. Its proposal, submitted to Thrane & Thrane February 8th, 2012, was at a price of $74 per share in cash valuing the entire currently issued share capital of the Company on a fully diluted basis at approximately $427 million.

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NetJets Sued For Back Taxes

IRS Says Company Owned By Warren Buffett Owes Over $366 Million

NetJets, a fractional jet company owned by Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway corporation, is reportedly being sued by the IRS for $366 million in back taxes.

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Photographer's Air Puffer Confiscated By TSA In Newark

Said It Looked Too Much Like A 'Cartoon Bomb'

While it may be true that TSA agents need some discretionary authority to confiscate items at security checkpoints, this one seems to be pretty high on the common sense scale.

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Model Airplane Missing From UK Airport

Model Builder Given The Equivalent Of About $156

Bernard Newman says he had spent about 60 hours building a model of a Bleriot XI monoplane, and had loaned it to the Lydd airport in Kent, UK. The model was on display at hanging above an airport bar with several others.

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Four Airliners Reportedly Struck By Lightning During Texas Thunderstorms

All Aircraft Were In Flight. No Injuries Were Reported

Four commercial airliners were reportedly struck by lightning during a bout of severe weather in Houston Friday. The FAA reports that no one on board any of the aircraft was injured by the strikes.

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Aero-TV: Comet FK-12 -- An LSA Bi-Plane with Great Potential

A Bipe With Folding Wings, Convertible Cockpit and Aerobatic Goodness! 
Sometimes it enough just to be cute... but it doesn't hurt to have a whole lot of other attributes to with one's cuteness... and the Comet FK-12 has that game down pat. A two seat tandem bird, the FK-12 is distributed in the USA by Hansen Air Group. 


Aero-TV: Comet FK-12 -- An LSA Bi-Plane with Great Potential

A Bipe With Folding Wings, Convertible Cockpit and Aerobatic Goodness!

Sometimes it enough just to be cute... but it doesn't hurt to have a whole lot of other attributes to with one's cuteness... and the Comet FK-12 has that game down pat. A two seat tandem bird, the FK-12 is distributed in the USA by Hansen Air Group. The aircraft is currently available, as a non-aerobatic mount with a Rotax 912S, while an aerobatic version, using a Lycoming AEIO-233 is in development. A taildragger, the aircraft boasts conventional stick and rudder controls and cruise speeds in the 90-100 knot range. A magnificently designed convertible enclosure system allows one to choose a two pil

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U.S. Government, Airbus Disagree On WTO Ruling

Both Sides Say The Body Ruled In Their Favor ... Again

Here we go again. In the ongoing public relations battle between the U.S. and Europe over subsidies to airline manufacturers, both sides are again claiming victory.

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Florida Legislature Concludes Aviation-Friendly Session

FATA Partners With AOPA And FAC To Get Passage Of Significant Legislation For Aviation In The State

The Florida Aviation Trades Association (FATA) is pleased to announce the passage of legislation that benefits aviation businesses in Florida and also the aircraft owner. The changes in language to the current state statute clearly defines the exemption of FBOs from the state intangible tax. Working to reduce the weight of aircraft now eligible for the sales tax exemption on parts and maintenance to 2,000 pounds not only benefits the aircraft owner but provides new opportunities for repair and maintenance facilities in the State.

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Russia May Be Only Option For ISS Crews For At Least 5 Years

House Committee Question Administrator Bolden On Slow-Rolling SLS Development, Planetary Science Cuts

In a hearing of the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee held last week to review the fiscal year 2013 (FY13) budget proposal for NASA, members expressed several concerns to Administrator Charles Bolden over funding priorities.

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New Rotax 912 iS Offered In Pipistrel Virus

Double NASA Challenge Winner Was Test Bed For The New Engine

The Double NASA Challenge winner Pipistrel Virus SW is now available with the all new Rotax 912 iS fuel injected engine. The 912 iS engine is an evolution from the proven and reliable 912 series, but brings the pilots and operators dramatically improved fuel efficiency, multiple system redundancy and smoother operation, thanks to the long awaited fuel injection system.

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AEI Calls For Aviation Regulatory Rethink

Cites Government Response To Airbus Wing Crack Issue For The Move

The ongoing hesitancy from regulators to deal promptly and effectively with the Airbus A380 wing crack issue is not only potentially damaging for the manufacturer, Airbus but also increases the risks faced by fare paying passengers from an industry that is fast losing sight of its primary responsibility, namely safety.

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NBAA, GAMA Laud Senators' Letter Opposing User Fees

Twenty-Eight Senators Sign Letter To President Obama

The NBAA and GAMA on Monday thanked a group of U.S. senators for reminding President Obama that they oppose the $100-per-flight user fee proposed in the president's fiscal year 2013 federal budget. In a recent letter, 28 senators told the president that bipartisan passage of the comprehensive, multi-year FAA reauthorization bill was "in part because it did not assess new user fees on general aviation (GA)."

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Gone West: Capt Carroll 'Lex' LeFon (RET) 1960-2012

Pilot Killed In F-21 Mishap Supporting US Navy 'TOPGUN' School in Fallon, Nevada

Carroll "Lex" LeFon, ATAC F-21 pilot, retired Naval Aviator, TOPGUN Graduate and prominent military blogger known as Neptunus Lex , was killed in a plane crash on the morning of March 6th, 2012 when his F-21 Kfir crashed at Naval Air Station Fallon, Nevada; he was 51.

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Mitsubishi 300 Involved In Runway Excursion Incident

Overran Ruston, LA, Airport Runway In Emergency Landing

A Mitsubishi 300 which suffered electrical problems on a flight from Shreveport, LA to Destin, FL was involved in a runway excursion Saturday at Ruston, LA. The airplane ran off the end of the runway during an emergency landing following what the pilot described as an electrical failure.

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Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (03.13.12)

“It is now clear that European subsidies to Airbus are far larger" Source: United States Trade Representative Ron Kirk. “The system of loans to Airbus by European governments is legal and may continue." Source: Rainer Ohler, Airbus’ Head of Public Affairs and Communications.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (03.13.12): Known Traffic

With respect to ATC clearances, means aircraft whose altitude, position, and intentions are known to ATC.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (03.13.12)

National Association For Search And Rescue

NASAR is an education association comprised of thousands of dedicated paid and nonpaid personnel - all active or interested in search and rescue, disaster aid, emergency medicine and awareness education.

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