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April 01, 2011

TSA Mandates GA 'Self-Pat-Down' Program

GA Associations In Quandary As To How To Respond To TSA's Latest Security Mis-Step

ANN April 1st Special Edition: ANN is monitoring the confusion and disbelief expressed by virtually every major GA a association and personality over the TSA's recent mandate to "eliminate a gaping hole in America's Transportation Security programs."

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Wouters To Re-Direct Tap Dancing Skills

Selected For New Dance-Reality Show "Tap Dancin' With The Stars"

ANN April 1st Special Edition: After showing amazing verbal dexterity in trying to convince investors, owners, the media, and others that Cirrus was NOT being shopped to China, CEO Brent Wouters has been approached to star in the inaugural season of a new dance-themed reality show.

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TFRs To Be Posted For Obama Golf Outings

Expect Temporary No Fly Zones To "Pop Up Like Mushrooms" All Around The Country

ANN April 1st Special Edition:  A white house official said Friday that the Obama administration has mandated that the FAA post TFRs over any golf course on which the President would be playing.

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Garmin Discontinues GPS496, GPS696 Family

Introduces iPhone 496 And iPad 696 Aps As Replacements

ANN April 1st Special Edition: Garmin said Friday that it would be transitioning from its proprietary portable navigation devices and focus on building apps for the iOS phones and tablets.

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Babbitt Mulls Fees For Low-Time Pilots

Money Collected Would Offset Fuel Taxes Not Paid By Pilots Who Don't Fly Regularly

ANN April 1st Special Edition: FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt is reportedly considering tacking a surcharge onto renewal fees paid by pilots. The surcharges would be based on the number of hours a pilot flies in any given year.

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China To Establish Wichita Embassy

"Washington Is Not Where The Action Is," Says One Chinese Official

ANN April 1st Special Edition: A senior diplomat said Friday that the Chinese Government is scouting locations for an embassy in Wichita, a rumor that city government there will not confirm or deny.

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Security Tightened At AirVenture 2011

TSA Will Man The Main Gates With Scanners, Enhanced Pat-Downs

ANN April 1st Special Edition:  The TSA said Friday it would be setting up shop at the main gates at Oshkosh with full-body scanners and latex-gloved TSOs to assure security at what becomes the world's busiest airport for the week of AirVenture.

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Cessna Unveils Roadable Amphib

High-Performance Twin Can Handle, Air, Land, Or Sea

ANN April 1st Special Edition: Cessna has introduced the world's first amphibious, roadable aircraft. Cessna President and CEO Jack Pelton said this cutting edge design came out of a series of customer focus groups.

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CA-Developed Biofuel Could Reduce Productivity On Airport Ramps

But Sales Of $100 Hamburgers Could Soar

ANN April 1st Special Edition: Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley have introduced a biofuel that they believe can be a suitable replacement for avgas, made from the seeds and stems of the cannabis sativa plant.

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AOPA Flips Again on Wine Club

Plan Reportedly Calls For Renaming, Repurposing

ANN April 1st Special Edition: The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association has changed position again on the future of the AOPA Wine Club, according to an organization insider who has requested anonymity.

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