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August 10, 2010

Aero-TV At Oshkosh 2010: Avimech Aircraft's Dragonfly

There's More Than One Way To Turn A Rotor!

It was a site -- and sound to see/hear... Avimech Aircraft's Dragonfly, at first glance, looks like a bare bones single place helicopter. Then you look at the rotor blade tips and realize there is something different. The tips have small rocket nozzles on them! In fact this helicopter has no conventional engine! The tips are propelled by the rotor rocket nozzles, eliminating the need for a gearbox and conventional powerplant. The Dragonfly is lightweight at 220 lbs and can carry payloads of up to 800 lbs. Dragonfly's two fuel tanks are topped H2O2 (Hydrogen peroxide) an environmentally safe chemical that is commonly used to clean printing presses, and is available worldwide. The H2O2 reacts with a catalyst in the rotor nozzles, causing

Senate Keeps NASA Funded... Kinda

The US Space Agency Has Become A Political Football

We're not sure what to make of all of this... especially for those of us who grew up with a belief in the fundamental abilities of this country's space program... an agency peopled by folks who (once upon a time) could do the seemingly impossible and pushed our frontiers, literally, to other worlds... until Washington stepped in and took over.

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