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March 12, 2012

NTSB Prelim: Ice Obscuration Results In Lear Landing Accident

Results In Wingtip Strike and Off-Runway Excursion

We aviators have the benefits of amazing technologies... but as good as these technologies are, we still need to see what's happening in the real world, when we get close up to what the real word is made of... terra firma. A Lear 35 wound up with severe windshield icing... and prevented sufficient viz to avoid a wingtip strike and subsequent off-runway excursion. Ouch...

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NASA Takes Angry Birds To Zero-G Environment

The Epic Struggle Between Birds And Pigs Moves To Space With A Science Twist

For nearly three years, millions of gamers have used physics in the battle between birds and pigs in the video game Angry Birds. In cooperation with NASA, Finland-based Rovio Entertainment, creator of the Angry Birds franchise, announced its newest game, "Angry Birds Space," on Thursday, March 8. NASA and Rovio are working together to teach people about physics and space exploration through the internationally successful puzzle game.

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'Fly Like An Eagle', 'Jet Airliner' Come To Oshkosh 2012

Steve Miller Band Booked For Opening Night Concert

The Steve Miller Band, which has been rocking audiences for two generations, will bring its high-energy show to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh on Monday, July 23, for the popular opening night concert. The concert is scheduled to begin at 1900 CDT, following the opening day’s air show, and is included with AirVenture admission for that day. The 60th annual edition of EAA AirVenture is set for July 23-29.

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ESA Continues Testing On Lunar Lander

Touchdown Planned For Moon's South Pole By 2018

Europe’s ambition of touching down at the Moon’s south pole by 2018 has been boosted by recent test firings of the craft’s thrusters. The robot lander will prove new techniques for sending humans to the Moon and assess lunar hazards. With no atmosphere on the Moon, Lunar Lander cannot rely on parachutes to slow its descent. Instead, the craft will need to fire its engines in a rather unconventional way.

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NASA Launches International Competition To Develop Space Apps

Competition Designed To Exploit Available Data Collected By Space Agencies Worldwide

NASA, governments around the world and civil society organizations will co-host the International Space Apps Challenge on April 21-22 with events across seven continents and in space. The apps competition will bring people together to exploit openly available data collected by space agencies around the world to create innovative solutions to longstanding global challenges.

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HAI's Gebhart Elected To WAI Board Of Directors

Private Pilot Leads Heli-Expo, Other Areas At Helicopter Association

Karen Gebhart, vice president of business development and expositions for HAI, was elected to the Board of Directors for Women in Aviation, International (WAI) during that association’s annual meeting in Dallas. “I have long admired the work WAI has done over the years to build a dynamic and growing aviation organization focused on women, and I am honored to become a part of the direction for the future.”

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Space Fence Radar Prototype Tracking Orbiting Objects

Allows For Better Accuracy And Increased Coverage

A prototype of a new radar system is now tracking orbiting space objects, bringing the U.S. Air Force's Space Fence program one step closer to revolutionizing our nation's space situational awareness.

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NASA Signs Agreement With Bermuda For Tracking Station

Will Help Facilitate Partnerships With Commercial Space Companies

NASA and the government of Bermuda have signed an agreement to establish a temporary mobile tracking station on Cooper's Island to support launches from the agency's Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia including future commercial missions. Deputy Premier and Transport Minister Derrick Burgess and NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver signed the agreement.

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Airborne 03.09.12: Coyne Stepping Down, Ryan BK, AmEagle Furloughs

Also: Kfir Down, AEA 2012, ASF Glass Panel Study, USAF Embarrassed, UPS Pilots, Another Downed Cirrus, UAL Assimilates Continental...

Yes... another week and another collection of intriguing news. This week's report starts with the sad news that long-time NATA Boss Jim Coyne will retire this year, Ryan Airlines announced its long-rumored bankruptcy. Fifty pilots are about to get unemployment as they get laid off by American Eagle and a former Navy jock is lost in a tragic Kfir accident at NAS Fallon. We have more details of our upcoming coverage of AEA 2012 as well as some info on the ASF report that suggests that glass panel cockpits are not influencing safety --

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2012 Vicki Cruse Memorial Scholarship Winners Announced

Two Amazing Women Are The Latest To Follow Their Dreams -- In Memory Of Vicki

By Jim Campbell, ANN CEO/Editor-In-Chief Nearly three years after the worst event in my life, the memory of an amazing lady is as strong as ever. As such, that memory drives me to make sure that the things that she loved and the example of her life be remembered as long as I can help that happen. I have the great honor to announce that two exceptional fliers, with an indisputable love for aviation, have been awarded the 2012 scholarships we have established in Vicki's honor and withthe help and assistance of Women in Aviation, International. And

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NTSB Files Final Report On Airplane-to-Heli Airshow Accident

The Loss Of Todd Green Was One Of Three Airshow Accidents Over The Course Of A Tragic Weekend

It was one of the worst weekends, airshow-wise, that we can recall for some time. Though there was nothing common in any of the horrific events that transpired that weekend, three amazing aerial performers, dedicated to entertaining people all over the world with the excitment and thrills inherent in aviation, lost their lives in airshow demonstrations in three unique airshows and airshow acts. One of those lost was wing walker Todd Green -- who was engaged in a plane to helicopter transfer and fell from a height estimated at 150 feet. The accident occurred at the Selfridge Air National Guard Base during the airshow. Green was the son of legendary wing walker, Eddie "The Grip" G

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Klyde Morris (03.12.12)

Some Things Never Change, Klyde...


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First He Targets Us... Then He Loves Us -- Obama Praises Aero-Manufacturer

Praises Rolls-Royce for Creating New Jobs in America and 'Investing in the Future' During Media Event

Among the aero-industry's various pundits and editorial staffers, there is little disagreement that the current Administration has not exactly been kind to the aviation and aerospace communities. So... it comes, again, as a bit of a surprise to see this same Administration trying to use one of the companies that has survived this economy, and the less supportive efforts of this Administration, as a political tool. Last Friday, President Barack Obama praised Rolls-Royce for 'investing in its American workforce and creating 240 new, advanced-manufacturing jobs in Virginia and Indiana.' The President delivered his remarks at the Rolls-Royce Crosspointe facility in Virginia,

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Confirmed: FAA Discontinuing Use Of Paper Applications For Medical Certificates

Issues Notice Of Intent To Switch To An Online Form

The FAA is providing public notice regarding its intent to discontinue use of the paper version of FAA Form 8500-8, the application form used to apply for FAA medical certification. Maintaining FAA Form 8500-8 for applicants to complete manually is burdensome not only in terms of the cost involved, but also in terms of the complex logistics and use of Agency resources involved.

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Rare ME163B Komet Offered In Online Auction

Airplane Salvaged From Nazi Germany

An extremely rare aviation artifact popped up on an online auction site earlier this week: an ME163b Komet salvaged from Nazi Germany. According to Wikipedia, the Komet was the only rocket-powered fighter aircraft ever to be operational.

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US FAA Grants 330-Minute ETOPS Approval To GEnx-1B PIP Engine

Composite Design Adds To Dreamliner Fuel Efficency Projections

The FAA has granted 330-minute extended-range, twin-engine operations (ETOPS) Approval to 14 CFR Part 33.201 for the GEnx-1B Performance Improvement Program (PIP) engine, which will power the Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft. This follows the 330-minute ETOPS approval that was granted to the GEnx-1B baseline engine late last year.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (03.12.12): Ground Communication Outlet (GCO)

Ground Communication Outlet An unstaffed, remotely controlled, ground/ground communications facility. Pilots at uncontrolled airports may contact ATC and FSS via VHF to a telephone connection to obtain an instrument clearance or close a VFR or IFR flight plan. They may also get an updated weather briefing prior to takeoff. Pilots will use four "key clicks" on the VHF radio to contact the appropriate ATC facility or six "key clicks" to contact the FSS. The GCO system is intended to be used only on the ground.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (03.12.12)

Aero Linx: Forum Committee on Air and Space Law The Forum on Air and Space Law is a collection of truly outstanding attorneys, focusing on all aspects of aviation and space law. The Forum is known for two signature events, an Annual meeting in the fall of each year and a Washington Update Conference in the winter. Our meetings and conferences address all aspects of domestic and international air and space law, including topics important to Airlines, Airports, Aircraft and Aviation-related manufacturers, Consumer groups, Space experts, and Passengers. Legal topics frequently touch on labor, finance, litigation, environment and antitrust matters, as well as regulatory issues arising from governmental entities such as FAA, DO

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Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (03.12.12)

"The workers... They have created a culture of leadership, of learning and of high performance. It is this culture that has allowed us to be successful. The message of Crosspointe is that America can compete.” Source: James M. Guyette, Rolls-Royce North America Chairman, President & CEO, putting the emphasis for recent successes on his workers, while President Obama stoipped by to use the occasion to partake in a media event. 

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