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September 29, 2011

ANN Daily Aero-Briefing: 09.29.11

The Reno Air Races could be saved by the recession.
For once, airline and GA lobbyists have found common ground.
And a novel multi-role airplane is coming from South Africa.


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Recession Could Save Reno Air Races

Insurers May Continue To Offer Coverage In Weak Market

In the aftermath of Jimmy Leeward's crash at the Reno Air Races on September 16, much of the speculation has focused on whether lawmakers or regulators will put an end to the event. But they may not have to. The tragedy's impact on the insurability of air races in general, and Reno in particular, may be a faster-acting force.

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Aerosud Touts New Multi-Role Aircraft

'Ahrlac' To Feature Interchangeable, Mission-Specific Belly Pods

South African aeronautical company Aerosud on Tuesday formally unveiled its first complete, manned aircraft design, called Ahrlac, for Advanced High-Performance Reconnaissance Light Aircraft. The company claims significant interest, and says it expects to fly the prototype next year.

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Piper Holding Recruiting Event In Wichita

Career Fair Set For October 7 For Jobs In Vero Beach, FL

It looks like there is some new activity around the Piper Altaire jet project, as Piper Aircraft will be holding a career fair at Century II in Wichita, KS for a number of positions open at the company's Vero Beach, FL manufacturing campus. The event is planned for 0800-1800 on Friday, October 7.

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European Airline Associations Outraged By EC's Latest Statement On EU ETS

Commission Says Airlines Will Benefit, Airlines Say 'Not So Much'

European airlines have hit back against the European Commission’s latest comments on aviation’s entry into the European Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS), arguing that the comments are grossly misleading. In a statement dated September 26th, Climate Action Commissioner Hedegaard claimed airlines will benefit from $27 billion (€20 billion) worth of free carbon permits during their first decade in the EU ETS, which aviation will join on January 1st, 2012. She refers to these free allowances as “revenues” and suggests airlines could channel these funds into fleet modernization. 

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Texas Airport Execs Meet To Discuss Mutual Challenges

Federal, State Regulations, Financial Sustainability On The Agenda

Texas airport executives gathered in Houston Tuesday to address common challenges, including the threat of less funding, airline mergers and a weak economy. The managers say the recent FAA partial shutdown created additional stress on airports' financial sustainability. Laws and regulations, both at the federal and state levels, can prevent Texas airports from operating efficiently and moving forward with economic development.

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The 2011 Sport Aircraft Tour Continues

Dallas Ft Worth Set For An LSA Invasion October 14-16

Addison, Denton & Dallas Executive airports in the Dallas Ft Worth area are hosting the 2011 Dallas Ft Worth Sport Plane Tour. Aircraft will be on display and demonstration flights available at each of the locations in mid-October.

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FAA Works To 'Optimize Airspace' Around 21 Major Airports

CSSI Wins Support Contract For Airspace Redesign

The FAA plans to optimizing the airspace around up to 21 of the nation’s busiest airports – including Washington, D.C., Dallas, Charlotte, Northern and Southern California, Houston, and Atlanta – through the FAA’s Optimization of Airspace and Procedures in the Metroplex (OAPM) program. Once completed, OAPM will help address major issues faced in today’s busy metro areas, including flow congestion, inefficient routing and altitudes, airports in closing proximity and other factors like environmental constraints.

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Boeing KC-46 Tanker Program Completes Integrated Baseline Review

Aerial Refueling Tanker Development On Schedule For Next Milestones

The KC-46 Tanker program successfully completed its Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) with the U.S. Air Force on August 24 at Boeing program headquarters in Mukilteo, WA. The assessment, attended by senior Air Force program officials, validated the program’s technical scope and finalized key milestones for the design and development phase of the Air Force's next-generation aerial refueling tanker.

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NASA Awards Contract For Work At KSC

Hunton Brady To Design New Central Campus Complex

NASA has selected Hunton Brady Architects, P.A. of Orlando, Florida to provide design, engineering, and other professional services required to develop a Central Campus Complex at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The complex will consolidate multiple facilities through new construction, the progressive deconstruction of targeted facilities and the potential renovation of existing facilities.

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JSSI 'Fly A P-51' Sweepstakes Winner To Be Announced At NBAA 2011

Winner Also Receives A Trip To Kissimmee, FL For Two

Probably any pilot who's seen a P-51 Mustang has wondered what it might be like to fly one. Well, at the NBAA convention in Las Vegas, Jet Support Services, Inc. (JSSI) will be announcing the winner of the 2nd annual Fly a P-51 sweepstakes at the NBAA 64th Annual Meeting and Convention in Las Vegas, NV. But it's not too late to get in on the contest, as entries will be accepted until 1200 PDT on Tuesday, October 11th.

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Fugitive Hijacker From The 1970s Arrested In Portugal

George Wright Had Escaped From Prison, Hijacked An Airplane, Sought Asylum In Algeria

Authorities have arrested a man described as a "1970s militant" for the hijacking of an airliner in 1972. He had apparently been living quietly in a small town in Portugal near a beach with a Portuguese wife and two children, now in their 20s.

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Classic Aero-TV: All Shapes 'n Sizes--The Many 'Faces' of the ABQ Balloon Fiesta

Balloons Are Crafted Using ALL Kinds Of Images Now... and Here's How They Do It!

The sight of a stereotypical balloon is immediately recognizable... and somewhat iconic... but what's happened to this sport over the last few decades would have shocked the folks who pioneered this industry... with balloons now crafted to take on all manner of topics, figures, faces and images. It's hard to imagine what it takes to make something as immediately recognizable as the Energizer Bunny

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Cirrus Is Again Behind On Its Rent In Grand Forks

Growth Fund Committee Debating What Action To Take

The good news is, Cirrus paid its back rent on its plant in the Grand Forks Industrial Park following its sale to CAIGA last summer. The bad news is, the company has again fallen behind in its lease payments. The Grand Forks, ND, Growth Fund Committee met recently to discuss options for Cirrus, which is reportedly  some $221,000 in lease and loan payments.

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Oral Argument Set For Dec. 2 In Legal Fight To Preserve BARR

Case To Be Heard In Federal Appeals Court In DC

A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit will hear arguments on December 2 in a case brought by the NBAA and  AOPA that seeks to overturn the restrictions that the government imposed on the Block Aircraft Registration Request (BARR) program.

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Barnstorming: ANN Has An Invitation For AOPA’s Craig Fuller...

Hey Craig… How About A "Wine Summit?"

There is no shortage of strong personalities in the world of aviation -- as a matter of fact, I think it's nearly a mandatory character trait for anybody who eventually goes through all the rigmarole to become a pilot. And of course, it's not uncommon among the rest of world of aviation, either. As a community filled with people with such strong personalities, occasionally some of those strong personalities tend to conflict… And THAT can occasionally result in some real fireworks. Big surprise, eh?

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Aviation Jobs Coming To Chanute, KS

Spirit AeroSystems Announces Site Selection For Manufacturing Facility

A new manufacturing facility is planned for Chanute, KS that will support sub-assembly work on underwing aircraft components as part of a multi-phased project by Spirit Aerosystems. An existing facility in Chanute was chosen in collaboration with the Kansas Department of Commerce, the City of Chanute and other community partners based on a number of priorities.

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Obama Visit Leaves $676K In Damages

Marlboro Airport Forced To Sue Feds For Compensation

If you've ever thought it would be neat to have the President of the US visit your city, you might also want to ponder the financial downside. The management of the Marlboro Airport in Massachusetts has filed a lawsuit against the federal government after it says President Obama's entourage caused $676,048 in damage to airport property on April 1, 2010, and is refusing to pay for it.

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Connecticut NIMBYs Fight Personal Helicopter Use

Burlington Residents Want New Neighbor's R44 Banned

A resident of Burlington, Connecticut is proving that old saying that forgiveness is easier to get than permission. Businessman Paul Blanchette wants to fly his Robinson R44 from a helipad at his new home on Ventres Way, just as he did from his previous home on Daniel Trace, but his neighbors are rallying against him.

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China Set To Launch Space Station Module

First Step Towards Building A Manned Outpost By 2020

China said it planned to launch the first component of its own space station Thursday, with the expectation of having an inhabited outpost by 2020. Chinese space authorities said the Tiangogn-1 ... or "Heavenly Palace" ... was expected to launch in the early afternoon GMT from the Gobi desert on Thursday. The launch vehicle is a Long March 2F rocket.

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Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (09.29.11)

"We remain on plan with the KC-46 development program from a technical, schedule and cost perspective." Source: Maureen Dougherty, Boeing vice president and KC-46 Tanker program manager.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (09.29.11): Hook Echo

A radar reflectivity pattern characterized by a hook-shaped extension of a thunderstorm echo, usually in the right-rear part of the storm (relative to its direction of motion).

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (09.29.11)

NEMSPA - The National EMS Pilots Association

The National EMS Pilots Association is a professional organization dedicated to serving pilots involved in the air-medical transport industry, and to improving the quality and safety of those services.

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