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August 03, 2013

Airborne at Oshkosh 2013-Day Five: FAA Cert Progress, Piper and 93 UL, MGL EFIS

Also: BRS for RV7/9, Sinus FLEX, Jack Pelton Intvw-Part 5

The FAA said in a statement posted on its website Thursday afternoon that it would be streamlining the aircraft certification and approval processes to keep pace with technological advancements in aviation products and to help the United States maintain global competitiveness. Piper has had the Archer that if flew from Florida to Oshkosh on 93 U-L automobile gasoline on display here at Oshkosh this week. Piper completed flight tests of the Archer powered by 93 octane premium unleaded automotive gasoline in July. Experimental and other non-certified airplanes don’t have to go without modern glass panels, and there are lots of them on display here at AirVenture. One that stands out is the MGL iEFIS Challenger Touchscr

Airborne at Oshkosh 2013-Day Five: FAA Cert Progress, Piper and 93 UL, MGL EFIS

Also: BRS for RV7/9, Great Lakes!, Sinus FLEX, Jack Pelton Intvw-Part 5

The FAA said in a statement posted on its website Thursday afternoon that it would be streamlining the aircraft certification and approval processes to keep pace with technological advancements in aviation products and to help the United States maintain global competitiveness. Piper has had the Archer that if flew from Florida to Oshkosh on 93 U-L automobile gasoline on display here at Oshkosh this week. Piper completed flight tests of the Archer powered by 93 octane premium unleaded automotive gasoline in July. Experimental and other non-certified airplanes don’t have to go

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Electrifying OSH2013 Sponsor: Concorde Batteries

Oshkosh 2013 Sponsor: Powerful Concorde Batteries

Concorde Battery Corporation has hand crafted safe and reliable batteries in West Covina, California for over 30 years. The company started with a focus on dry charged (wet) lead acid batteries and manufactured dry charged batteries to military specifications and for civilian aircraft. In the 1980’s, Concorde designed an efficient and reliable pressure relief valve in concert with a high performance and highly reliable sealed valve regulated lead acid (VRLA), absorbed glass mat RG® battery. The sealed technology made a huge impact on the aviation community because of its safe, maintenance free and reliable characteristics.   

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Sean D. Tucker Named Young Eagles Honorary Chairman

Tucker Says The Role Will Be A 'Second Full-Time Job'

At Thursday's Gathering of Eagles, Sean D. Tucker was named the new Young Eagles honorary chairman. Tucker will be the spokesman and help guide the agenda for the program that hopes to get youth hooked on flight by offering free flights with EAA volunteer pilots.

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Women In Aviation International (WAI) Brings Excitement To AirVenture 2013

New Scholarships For 2014 And National Aviation Hall Of Fame Award

WAI President, Dr. Peggy Chabrian, brought a number of new announcements to the WAI news conference held Thursday morning at AirVenture 2013, including nine new scholarships adding $16,850 to support different types of needs identified for women pursuing aviation, for both careers and personal interests.

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Redbird Flight Simulators Sponsors ANN OSH2013 Special Event Coverage

Redbird Flight Simulations - Join the Migration

Redbird Flight Simulations, Inc. is an Austin, Texas based company dedicated to revolutionizing aviation by designing, manufacturing and delivering affordable and innovative flight training technologies. Each of the Redbird devices is designed to enhance the training experience for pilots of all levels, from student to ATP. Redbird is quickly becoming the industry standard for flight training systems. Since Redbird introduced its line of training devices in 2007, which includes the highly successful FMX, an increasing number of flight training providers are integrating Redbird products into their curriculum. To email, schedule a test flight contact, or for more information please visit Read More


Greenwing Gets Certified

Unique Is As Yuneec Does

Greenwing International announced their partnership with Yuneec Inc. Greenwing has assumed the rights to the Flightstar line of ultralights. Greenwing has added electric propulsion with the Yuneec 24kw system to the e280 ESpyder  and has received German DULV certification allowing sales into the European market.

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Life-Saving OSH2013 Sponsor: BRS Parachutes

BRS Parachutes: Defining Aviation Safety

It's a simple idea, really. A parachute which will, when deployed, turn what could be a very bad situation into one in which not only the occupants, but in many cases the airplane, survive. That's the concept behind the full-airframe parachutes for the general aviation market manufactured by BRS Aviation. Prior to 1975, few had attempted to implement the idea to design a parachute for an aircraft, even though it had been talked about for nearly a century. In that year, Boris Popov of Saint Paul, Minnesota, survived a 400-foot fall in a collapsed hang glider. The event led Popov to invent the whole-aircraft parachute system and to found Ballistic Recovery Systems (BRS) in 1980.

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AirVenture Academy: Learning At The Highest Level

Old Pilots Need Not Apply

Going unnoticed by the majority of AirVenture visitors is the AirVenture Air Academy. The Air Academy lodge is located on the North side of the Pioneer runway, just north of the Pioneer hangars. The lodge houses campers from age 12 through 19 during the weeks between June 1 through August 18th, ho have an interest in the aviation sciences and come to Oshkosh for one week to learn.

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OSH2013 Sponsor: 'Super-App' ForeFlight

Oshkosh 2013 Sponsor: ForeFlight

ForeFlight builds Intelligent Apps for Pilots™. ForeFlight's critically acclaimed, highly-rated, and best-selling apps are used by individual pilots and professional flight operations to efficiently gather preflight weather information, plan flights, conduct preflight research, file flight plans, keep charts and terminal procedures up to date, and manage aviation documents.   FMI: Learn more about ForeFlight on the web at, Oshkosh Display Booth #Hangar A, Aisle A, 1147 and 1148.

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A Classic OSH2013 Sponsor: Waco Classic Aircraft

Live The Dream! Own and Fly A REAL Waco YMF-5D or A NEW Great Lakes!

WACO Classic Aircraft of Battle Creek, MI, is the world's only manufacturer of a brand new 1930's era open cockpit sport biplane, the WACO YMF. Since 1983, WACO Classic has been building new production aircraft under the original FAA type certificate. There are currently over 120 WACO YMF's flying around the world. An updated classic, the YMF-5D features modern safety equipment, materials, and avionics. Customers have their choice in custom paint scheme, interior and instrument packages to suit their taste. WACO now also offers a second aircraft, the Great Lakes 2T-1A-2, a fully aerobatic, 180 h.p. biplane with extraordinary handling attributes. With similar design and construction techniques, the Great

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Teresa Stokes' Wing Walking Beginnings

Gene Soucy's Partner Didn't Always Think of Wing Walking

In Huston, TX, 25 years ago, Teresa Stokes saw someone wing walking for the first time. Although it was never part of the young pilot's plan, she found herself filling in for Gene Soucy's cancelled wing walker just two weeks before an air show.

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Preheating For Your Safety

Why Do You Need To Preheat?

Talking with Mr. Doug Evink, CEO of Tanis Aircraft Products, a manufacturer of pre-heating products, he says everyone flying in cold weather needs to pre-heat their aircraft before flight. Failure to do so may diminish your battery capacity, create mechanical and electrical stress, and cold starts could even damage your engine.

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International OSH2013 Sponsor, Trig Avionics, Helps Bring You AirVenture!!!

Exquisitely Engineered, YOU DO Have Room In Your Panel For Trig!

Trig Avionics design and manufacture certified avionics for the Light and General Aviation sector. Trig are experts in producing compact and light weight avionics that are smart, affordable and future proof. Trig produces a retro-fit unit called the TT31 and compact transponders; the TT21 and TT22. These are popular, particularly where aircraft panel space is tight. The company is expanding and offering new products, such as our TY91 and TY92 VHF radios. Further new products will be introduced primarily aimed at the retro-fit market. FMI:, Oshkosh 2013 Exhibit Display#3132, Read More

'Disney's Planes' Previews At AirVenture

Special Preview Screening Held  At Fly-In Theater On Friday, August 2

Everyone knows that Oshkosh becomes the busiest airport in the world the week of EAA AirVenture Oshkosh (July 29-August 4), and that airplanes take off all the time … however this year “Disney’s Planes,” the animated comedy adventure from above the world of the popular 2006 film “Cars,” has the entire aviation community buzzing!

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Aspen Avionics, True Innovators, Present Oshkosh 2013 Special Event Coverage!

OSH2013 Sponsor: Aspen Avionics

We specialize in bringing the most advanced technology and capability into general aviation cockpits. Our products increase situational awareness and reduce pilot workload, making it even easier and safer to fly in both VFR and IFR conditions. Our philosophy is that getting the latest avionics technology shouldn’t always mean spending a lot of money—on equipment or on installation. Our flagship product line, the Evolution Flight Display system, continues to expand with the features and functions that make flying with glass panel technology so rewarding. Super-reliable solid-state AHRS technology, built-in emergency battery and GPS, intuitive digital HSI with GPS flight plan overlay, GPS steering, synthetic vision with built-in

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Cost-Effective OSH2013 Sponsor: Sandia Aerospace

Oshkosh 2013 Sponsor: Sandia Aerospace

Located in the high desert of Albuquerque, New Mexico, SANDIA Aerospace was founded in 1997 by a group of avionics professionals to provide high quality avionics products to General, Corporate and Regional airline markets. Major product offerings include the company's STX 165 Transponder with Built-in Encoder, SAE 5-35 Altitude Encoder, SAC 7-35 Airdata Computer, Avionics Cooling Fans, and MARC 70 interface modules. SANDIA products are offered worldwide by both avionics modification centers and aircraft manufacturers. FMI:, See The STX 165 At EAA AirVenture Booth #4132 

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A Bush Cat Anyone Can Ride

Low Altitude Plane Has A High Capacity

There is a small plane in Africa that has been used by the police to hunt for poachers, drug smugglers, and other criminal activists. That plane is the Bush Cat by SkyReach.

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Pipistrel USA Helps Provide ANN's 2013 Oshkosh Special Coverage!!!

ANN Is Proud to Partner With Pipistrel USA For Our Coverage Of Oshkosh 2013

Pipistrel has long been known for affordable flying fun... but their latest offering was meant to be a revolutionary aircraft to those looking for a truly affordable training aircraft. Seriously; the main differences from the "normal" Pipistrel aircraft and the new Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer aircraft is that the aircraft has been designed from the ground up for flying school operations. The aircraft has a reduced wingspan to make hangarage easier; there is a new more robust undercarriage and shorter nose leg offering improved visibility from the front of the aircraft. FMI:, Oshkosh Exhibit #374, 375

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CubCrafters Helps ANN Present 2013 Oshkosh Special Event Coverage

Sport Aviation's STOL Champion, CubCrafters, Helps ANN Bring You Oshkosh!!!

“The Carbon Cub SS is a thoroughly modern, high performance airplane that has taken the fundamentally superior design of the Piper Super Cub and reinvented it using 21st Century materials (such as carbon fiber) and computer-aided design technology. Superior engineering results in the Carbon Cub SS having 50 percent fewer parts and being 250 pounds lighter than a similarly equipped Super Cub. Mounting a lightweight 180 horsepower engine to this airframe results in a horsepower to weight ratio of just 7.33 pounds (compared, for example, to a Cessna 172R's 15.33 pounds). That results in a sea level climb rate of 2,100 feet per minute (compared to 650 fpm for a 172) - a deck angle that inspires

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ADS-B Pros, FreeFlight Systems, Transmit Oshkosh 2013 To You!!!

FreeFlight Systems: Your NextGen Avionics Leader

FreeFlight Systems designs and manufactures high-performance avionics systems that deliver substantial safety, cost, environmental and other benefits from the NextGen airspace transformation. Founded in 2001 and based in Texas, the company pioneered the first certified WAAS GPS receiver and today produces a range of high-quality, American-made, competitively priced ADS-B systems for installation in all aircraft types. FreeFlight Systems was the first company to certify a WAAS/GPS receiver and is pioneering avionics systems for the implantation of ADS-B in all aircraft types.   FMI: www.

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Powerful OSH2013 Sponsor: Ultra Electronics-Flightline Systems

OSH2013 Sponsor: Ultra Electronics-Flightline Systems

Ultra Electronics-Flightline Systems has designed and manufactured precision Engine Instrumentation for over four decades. Whether you are in search of a glass panel replacement for your general aviation piston or turbine aircraft, or you seek new or retrofit program solutions; Flightline is uniquely equipped to address your needs. We are dedicated to providing superior products and cost effective solutions while maintaining superior customer service and support. FMI: OSH2013 Booth #2137, AuRACLE Engine Monitors, or to find an authorized dealer please visit; or call (585) 742-5354  

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Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (08.03.13)

"I made this commitment to spread the word about aviation and make this program more successful." Source: Sean Tucker, who was named as the honorary chairman of EAA's Young Eagles program Thursday night.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (08.03.13): Leading-Edge Flap

Leading-edge flap. A portion of the leading edge of an airplane wing that folds downward to increase the camber, lift, and drag of the wing.

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Legendary OSH2013 Sponsor: Bendix-King by Honeywell

Oshkosh 2013 Sponsor: Bendix-King by Honeywell

The history of the Bendix name runs parallel to the development of King Radio until the mid-1980s, when the Allied Corporation purchased Bendix Aviation and King Radio and combined the two to create the now-renowned Bendix/King brand of avionics. In late 1985, the Allied Corporation merged with the Signal Companies to become Allied-Signal. The name was further modified to AlliedSignal in 1993 to reinforce a one-company image and signify the full integration of its business. In 1999, AlliedSignal merged with Honeywell and adopted the Honeywell name to take advantage of the company's universal recognition throughout the industries it serves as well as in households around the world. Shortly after the merger was completed, Hone

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (08.03.13)

Vintage Transports Surviving On Off-Airport Locations

Aviation enthusiasts find their bounty at airports; even aviation museums and salvaging companies are often at airports or close by. However, some aircraft survive on remote locations away from airports, as part of a restaurant, hotel or even a chicken coop.

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OSH2013 Sponsor: Eclipse Aerospace -- Back In Production!

Buy Today and Save: Eclipse Aerospace

Save time. Save energy. Save money now and every time you start the engines. Eclipse Aerospace brought together the most innovative minds in aviation and they have created an aircraft that truly delivers. It’s fast. It’s efficient. It’s quiet and comfortable. Most importantly, it’s safe and reliable. And it can be yours today. To purchase an Eclipse Jet: If you want to fly the most fuel-efficient twin-engine jet on the planet, all you need to do is contact Eclipse Aerospace’s Sales Team at 877.375.7978 or at Our representatives can schedule a demo flight and further explain the benefits of owning an Eclipse Jet.

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