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August 30, 2004

Two 'Eagles' Down at ERAU Prescott

ERAU Prescott Suffers Tremendous Loss

Mike Corradi and Bob Sweginnis were best friends. They worked together at the Prescott, Arizona campus of Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. They played together in the sky. On Saturday, August 28, 2004, they died together just before eight-thirty in the morning, when an aerobatic routine they were preparing for the upcoming Prescott Air Show went wrong.

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Two ERAU Instructors Lost In Arizona Mid-Air

They Were Practicing Air Show Maneuvers

Two Embry-Riddle flight instructors were lost Saturday when their aircraft collided while they were practicing an aerobatic routine. Both aircraft went down about two miles south of the Yavapai County Fairgrounds (AZ).

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Florida Helo School Called Danger To Neighbors

Local Officials Cite Two Accidents Within One Month

Bruce Pelly thinks Palm Beach Helicopter is a danger to people who live near the Lantana (FL) airport and he's said so in a letter to the FAA. Pelly, the Director of Airports in Palm Beach County, wants the school moved to a less populated area.

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Honey, Guess What I Got For Our Anniversary?

Couple Celebrates Six Decades Of Wedded Bliss By Jumping Out Of Plane

Esther McDaniel says, one morning she and her husband Albert woke up and he said, "We're boring. We don't do anything exciting anymore."  

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Klyde Morris 08.30.04

Klyde's Has A Few things To Say About TSA's New Security Program

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Joy Ride Turns To Disaster

Passenger Lost On Charity Fundraiser Flight

It started out as a fundraiser for the Chidren's Miracle Network. It ended in tragedy. A 39-year old Michigan woman was killed when the Stearman PT-13 in which she was a passenger went down in the Wisconsin River.

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Drive, Park, Fly. All In The Same Vehicle

After 45 Years, Witness Another Push For The Venerable Flying Car

Critics have said pigs would fly before cars. Not long ago, at the Flugtag Festival in Portland (OR), an aircraft (sort of) called a flying pig merrily crashed into the Willamette River. Does that mean it's time to resurrect the idea of cars that can fly?

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It Was An Accident

Wisconsin Sheriff Rules Death Of Minnesota Mayor Wasn't Suicide

When the mayor of St. Anthony Village (MN) went down in his Cessna 172 earlier this month, Burnett County (WI) Sheriff Dean Roland wondered if it was suicide. Roland says, on the day of the fatal crash, he had charged Mayor Randy Hodson of faking the theft of an expensive sports car in order to collect the insurance.

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Action On FAA Labor Shortage

FAA Ordered To Immediately Correct Staffing Shortage In Safety-Related Positions

The Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) last week unanimously upheld an arbitrator's decision ordering the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to immediately bring systems specialist staffing to a minimum of 6,100 nationwide. The arbitrator's decision upheld by the FLRA was the result of a grievance filed by Professional Airways Systems Specialists (PASS), the union that represents FAA systems specialists.

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Recognition Long Overdue

Keck's Helicycle Wins Again

(Note: With all the hubbub surrounding the first commercial flight into space, Oshkosh and the political conventions, I overlooked a submission that definitely deserves your attention. Please... read on --ed.) It was a Thursday morning, July 16th. The still air over Hillsboro (OH) was filled with the sounds of rotor blades and arriving motor homes. During the course of the weekend over 500 people and 56 helicopters converged at the Bell-Air Ranch.

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FAA Says No To Illinois Landfill

It's Too Close To Williamson County Regional Airport

The FAA and proponents of a new landfill near Williamson County Regional Airport (IL) are talking trash these days. Literally.

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FAA, NATCA Duke It Out Over RNC Flight Restrictions

Union Says Staff Shortages Could Cause Flight Delays

If this week's Republican National Convention in New York causes flight delays at the three major airports serving the Big Apple, don't blame NATCA controllers. The ATC union says it's the FAA's fault. The reason? Staffing shortages.

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Survey: Gillette's Air Service Stinks

Reason: It's Too &!%# Expensive!

Ask just about anyone in Gillette (WY) what they think of commercial air service into and out of Gillette-Campbell County Airport and you're liable to get an earful. In a survey conducted last May by the Campbell County Economic Development Corporation, Gillette's citizens gave local air service a 2.3 rating on a scale of 1-5.

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Aero-Views: Save FSS

by NAATS President Wally Pike In this month's issue of AOPA Pilot, AOPA President Phil Boyer addresses the modernization of flight service (FSS). This is in response to that article and is written from the perspective of the union that represents the air traffic controllers in the flight service stations. I won’t go into our inherently governmental arguments on why this workforce should remain federal as I believe the AOPA membership already understands that issue. Instead I’ll confine my comments to the points made in the article.

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FAA: O'Hare Expansion Would Ease Flight Delays, BUT...

Congestion Would Still Be A Problem

Sure, the $15 billion runway expansion plan for O'Hare Airport in Chicago (IL) would ease the record number of flight delays in the short run. But an FAA report released Friday said that would be a temporary fix -- in the long-run, the airport would become more and more congested as the number of flights inched back up.

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Oil Cap Missing From Down C-210

Accident Killed Couple, Granddaughter

The NTSB has a good indication of why Richard Dunham's Cessna T-210 went down. Now the question is, how did it happen?

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FAA Grants $10 Million To Overhaul New Orleans Runway

Renovations To Begin Week After Mardis Gras 2005

Officials at Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans (LA) plan to shut down their longest runway just after Mardis Gras next year. The reason? A $50 million construction project to rebuild the east-west runway -- the first major renovation on that runway in more than 20 years -- shore up the runway near a traffic tunnel and install a new floodgate in the hurricane levee.

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Well, It Works For Rutan

Backers Propose X-Prize Style Contest To Develop Space Elevator

Going up? Taking its lead from the successful Ansari X-Prize, folks who'd very much like to see an elevator extended as high as 62,000 miles plan a little competition of their own. It's called "Elevator: 2010" and its designed to provoke interest and generate prototypes of a technology that could revolutionize the commercialization of space.

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ANN Free Classifieds Featured Ad: Cessna 172

For Sale: Cessna 172 Skyhawk, Fixed Gear

1958 straight tail C-172, 4434 TT, 430SMOH, COM810, KT-76A w/C, Mk12A, Flybuddy. Flies nice. See details at Straight tails fly faster than sweptback, and are an economical way to fly with four seats.  Exterior Quality: 7, Interior Quality: 7 New, will sell for $29,000.00

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Aero-News Quote Of The Day (08.30.04)

"The issue of repetitive operations is not a noise or access issue, but an in-flight safety issue. For this reason, the Department goes on record declaring that continued repetitive helicopter flight operations over the communities surrounding the Lantana airport pose a safety concern." Source: Bruce Pelly, Director of Airports in Florida's Palm Beach County, in a letter written to the FAA. Pelly contends Palm Beach Helicopters is a hazard to the community surrounding Lantana Airport and wants the FAA to do something about it. He wrote the letter after a Palm Beach helicopter suffered an accident -- the company's second inside a month.

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Utah TFR: Until Further Notice

NOTAM: 4/9120 Issued: 08/29/2004 00:00 Effective: Immediately - Until Further Notice State: UT Facility: ZLC - SALT LAKE CITY (ARTCC),UT. Type: HAZARDS Description: CEDAR CITY, UT.

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