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August 28, 2010

Go-Fast Bizjet: G650 Reaches Mach 0.995 In Flutter Testing

Accomplishment Establishes G650 As World's Fastest Civil Aircraft

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. announced Friday that a Gulfstream G650 recently reached Mach 0.995 as part of its 1,800-hour flight-test program. The aircraft achieved this speed during flutter testing, which evaluates the aircraft's damping responses following an input from an external test device.

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Lee Bottom Fly-In Is 'The Most Nothing You'll Ever Do'

Who Else Can Hold A Fly-In In Their Own Back Yard?

The annual Lee Bottom Fly-In is just about a month away, and the organizers say the event, appropriately called "Wood, Fabric, & Tailwheels" and featuring such iconic aircraft as the Staggerwing, Great Lakes, Stearman, Swallow, and Tiger Moth, is sure to please every enthusiast. Based on our own experience, we know that they're speaking the truth.

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One Word ('Our') Costs Oregon Mercy Flights At Least $15,000

Use Of The Personal Pronoun In Advertising Deemed Deceptive

The nation's oldest air ambulance operators may be out as much as $30,000 for using the word "our" in advertising documents referring to a helicopter.

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Sikorsky Targeted In Lawsuit Stemming From 2009 Crash

Plaintiffs Seeking Nearly $27 Million In Damages

A lawsuit filed in the Supreme Court of Newfoundland is seeking nearly $27 million in damages from Sikorsky, which has been charged with "reckless behavior and willful misconduct" following an accident off the Canadian coast which killed 17 people.

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Bradley International Debuts Commercially-Designed Instrument Approach

No Issues Reported With First Landing Using New GE-Developed RNP Flight Path

An American Airlines flight arriving at Bradley International Airport in Connecticut Thursday afternoon became the first-ever U.S. flight to use a publicly available, commercially designed instrument flight path.

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Jeppesen 'Honors' Sullenberger, Skiles

Presents US Airways 1549 Crew With Commemorative Approach Chart ... To The Hudson River

With tongue placed firmly in cheek, Jeppesen recently presented “Miracle on the Hudson” pilots captain Chesley Sullenberger and first-officer Jeffrey Skiles with a specially designed approach chart and engraved Jeppesen chart binders to commemorate the remarkable ditching of US Airways flight 1549.

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Insect Control Company Readies King Air Fleet To Fight Post-Hurricane Mosquitoes

Dynamic Aviation Prepares Aerial Spray Team For The Peak Of Hurricane Season

 Virginia-based Dynamic Aviation says its aerial application division is preparing a special fleet of insect-control planes to be ready to provide fast response to local, state and federal governments to fight mosquito population surges that may result from a hurricane.

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Fifteen Slightly Injured During JetBlue Emergency Evacuation

A320 Apparently Suffered Brake Problems, Tire Caught Fire On Landing

Passengers on a JetBlue flight arriving at Sacramento from Long Beach Thursday night exited via the planes emergency evacuation slides after a hard landing caused one of the planes tires to catch fire.

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Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (08.28.10)

"(W)e put it on for any and all pilots who want a good old fashioned fly-in to visit. We like to say it's the most nothing you'll ever do. There's no agenda, no schedules, and no paid performers." Source: Lee Bottom Flying Field Owner Rich Davidson.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (08.28.10): Safety Alert

A safety alert issued by ATC to aircraft under their control if ATC is aware the aircraft is at an altitude which, in the controller's judgment, places the aircraft in unsafe proximity to terrain, obstructions, or other aircraft.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (08.28.10)

US Airways 1549 Approach Chart During AirVenture, Jeppesen presented a special approach chart to the crew of US Airways Flight 1549, which has gone down in aviation lore as "The Miracle On The Hudson."

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