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July 29, 2007

Voyager FPS And ANN Bring YOU The Weather In Oshkosh For 07.29.07

As Provided By Seattle Avionics And ANN!

We're gonna help you get to the fabled land of Oshkosh... with a little help from our friends!

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Vintage Grumman Amphib Wins People's Choice Award

Lucky Duck!

It's a fitting end to a tough competition. The Grumman J2-4F Duck won the People's Choice award at AirVenture 2007.

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ANN Lead Sponsor, Eclipse Aviation, Soars into AirVenture 2007

ANN LOVES Traveling In Fast Company....

Eclipse Aviation, manufacturer of the world's first very light jet (VLJ), returns to Oshkosh, WI with a full FAA Type certificate and production certificate in hand. The company is delivering Eclipse 500s and has opened two Eclipse Service Centers (ESCs).  FMI:

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Cirrus Design Steps Up As ANN 2007 AirVenture Special Coverage Major Sponsor

ANN Announces One Of Our Favorite 2007 AirVenture Special Coverage Major Sponsors: Cirrus Design

Visit the CIRRUS booth located at the EAA AirVenture Main Gate Main Aircraft Display Area 15-22, Combo P FMI:

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AirVenture Forum Offers Insight Into Av-Management At US Interior Department

DOI Oversees Extensive Fleet Of Gov't, Private Aircraft

When thinking about aviation activities of the federal government, most people would probably think first of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or branches of the military which operate large fleet of aircraft, such as the Navy or Air Force. What may be less familiar, are the aviation activities of the US Department of the Interior (DOI).

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Sport Pilot School Shares Experiences With Oshkosh Aviators, Part Two

Lessons Learned Include Funding, Aircraft Variety

Yesterday, ANN reported on Chesapeake Sport Pilot's start-up experience, as well as the background of the owners, Tim and Al Adelman. Today, we continue the story with more on the wisdom the owners gained in forming an LSA flight school.

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Dornier Unveils Swing Wing LSA

No, It's Not A Small B-1B

While it's true no more F-14 Tomcats will grace the skies over AirVenture, a new swing-wing design debuted this year. Only, this one is different -- we're talking LSA, and the wing swings on the ground for storage.

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ANN Welcomes Avidyne As A Returning Oshkosh 2007 Special Coverage Sponsor!

See Avidyne at Oshkosh Booths 2098-2101, Hgr B

First appearing on the Cirrus SR20 and SR22, Avidyne's Entegra LCD panels quickly set the standard by which all other glass cockpits are judged. This is some classy glass, folks... featuring large displays with SHARP text and graphics, and more options than even Jim can fiddle with on a long cross-country. Visit The Avidyne Display In Oshkosh Booths 2098-2101, Combo E FMI:

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Taking Risks In Privatized Spaceflight

NASA's Jim Van Laak Speaks At Oshkosh

Jim Van Laak, of the NASA Langley Systems Management Office, spoke at Oshkosh this week about the important of risk management in the privatized spaceflight sector. Laak, who has been a pilot for 37 years and owned 30 airplanes, knows risk well.

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AeroLEDs Launches Recognition Lights For LSA, Experimental Markets

Ruggedness, High Visibility, Low Power Consumption

Boise, ID-based AeroLEDs, LLC launched its new AeroSUN product at AirVenture, with the intention of targeting the Experimental and LSA marketplaces.

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Vari-Prop Announces New Variable-Pitch Prop At AirVenture

Company Says Universal Prop Is Easy To Install, Cheap To Maintain

Vari-Prop has announced a new variable pitch propeller which is scalable to fit a variety of engines. The propeller system has been on the market for the past six months and the company has already taken 20 orders.

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The Devil Is In The Details When Camping At AirVenture

Take One Pristine Bonanza, Add Luxurious Tent And Friends Aplenty

When Jeff Deaton comes to camp at AirVenture, he doesn't touch down, taxi in and throw a sleeping bag under the wing. He makes a statement.

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ANN Welcomes Oshkosh 2007 Major Sponsor: Piper Aircraft

Piper Helps Bring ANN's Special Coverage of AirVenture 2007 To YOU!

AirVenture Main Aircraft Display Area 72-75, 79-82 From Cubs to Meridians... Piper makes each and every aircraft they build their own. From the Arrow-inspired Warrior trainer... to the Cherokee Six... to the Seminole and Aztec twins... Pipers are easy to spot on the ramp, and even easier to find pilots simply raving about their planes. And then there's Piper's business-class singles -- available in piston form (Mirage) or turbine (Meridian) that are two of the sweetest singles to fly out there. And what's this? Talk of even more...? FMI: OSHKOSH Booth #72-75 / 79-82,

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Detector Dogs: CBP's High Performance Canines

Watch Out For Spidey, Ne'er-Do-Wells...

Watch out you high-rolling Tri-Pacer owners, a curious black Labrador may be sniffing around your aircraft for piles of cash the next time you fly into Tamiami Airport from Nassau, Bahamas.

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Aviation Trading Cards Take Off At AirVenture

'Maiden Flight' Series Made Up Of 121 Cards

"I'll trade you three Han Solo's, four Pokemon's and a whole stack of baseball cards for one of your Blue Angels cards." A statement like this would be music to Todd Trainor's ears.

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ANN Major Sponsor, Garmin, Helps Show The World Oshkosh 2007

NO ONE Can Get You Where You Want To Go Like Garmin

When ANN partners up with a major sponsor for something as important as Oshkosh, we like to make sure we're dealing with nothing but the best... like Garmin. So... as you peruse the wonders of Wittman Field, don't forget to stop by Garmin's 2007 Oshkosh exhibit at Hangar D. They have something for everyone -- from kitbuilders to airline pilots. Booth Location 4035 A, B, C (Hangar D) FMI:

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(Outlet) MallVenture 2007

EAA'ers Do Best To Support Local Economy

By ANN Associate Editor Annette Kurman It's like Christmas in July, in terms of retail sales, for many outlet stores this week in Oshkosh.

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ANN Major Sponsor L-3 Avionics Systems Helps Bring Oshkosh 2007 To You!

L-3 Has YOUR Safety In Mind...

L-3 Avionics Systems is a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced cockpit avionics for general aviation, business jet, air transport and military markets. The company provides a wide array of avionics safety technologies such as the GH-3000 electronic and J.E.T.® standby instruments, SkyWatch® Collision Avoidance Systems, Landmark™ Terrain Awareness Warning Systems (TAWS), Stormscope® weather mapping systems and the new IRIS™ Infrared Imaging System. L-3 Avionics is known for making advanced technologies affordable for General Aviation pilots. FMI:

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NAFI, IAC Announce Aerobatic Instructor Designation Program

New MCFI-A Designation Highest Possible Level

The National Association of Flight Instructors and the International Aerobatic Club announced Saturday at Oshkosh they have partnered to establish and administer a designation program setting professional standards for individuals teaching aerobatics.

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Diamond A/C Makes It Possible For ANN To Offer Daily Coverage of Oshkosh '07

Diamond Aircraft Is A Major Sponsor of ANN's Oshkosh 2007 Coverage Main Aircraft Display Area Combo L Each Diamond Aircraft is a testimony to efficiency in design. Not a line is wasted; not a curve is out of place. From the elegant DA20, and its roots in gliders... to the larger DA40 four-place birds... and the gorgeous, Thielert diesel-powered DA42, these planes live up to their 'Diamond' moniker.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (07.29.07)


An inside look at the adventures of a female US Forest Service and news helicopter pilot.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (07.29.07): Fence


A stationary vane that extends from the leading edge to the trailing edge on the upper surface of the wing. Fences prevent the air from flowing spanwise along the wing.

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (07.29.07)

"Most of the people you see camping here are very successful people who could stay in a very nice hotel, if they wanted to. You couldn't pay me to stay in a hotel. I'm here for the airshow and to have my airplane judged, but I love the 11-day tailgate party that comes with it."

Source: AirVenture 2007 camper Jeff Deaton.

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Marion Blakey Talks About The Washington ADIZ

FAA Administrator, Marion Blakey, has ordered that the Washington ADIZ be modified... after years of controversy, confusion and political games... is this the long-awaited improvement we've been hoping for?


FSS: Lockheed Martin Talks About Their Growing Pains

There's no question that Lockheed Martin has had a tough time with FSS operations over the last few months, but the worst may well be behind us.

Hey Buddy... Want A 100HP, 150 Pound Aero-Diesel Engine?

Tim Archer is back... this time with a 100HP, 150 pound diesel for aviation applications... check it out!





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