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June 27, 2012

FAA Publishes Final Report From UAT ARC

Stakeholder Committee Recommends Collaborative Industry-Government Initiative To Facilitate Unleaded Avgas Transition

The FAA has published the final report and recommendations from the Unleaded Avgas Transition Aviation Rulemaking Committee (UAT ARC), a collaborative industry-government task force of key stakeholders representing aircraft and engine manufacturers, fuel producers and distributors, operator groups, aviation associations, the FAA and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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Piper Plans Parties For 75th Birthday

Will Show Current Aircraft Line At EAA AirVenture

Piper Aircraft plans to celebrate the company's and the Piper Cub's 75th Anniversary during EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2012, July 23-29. In addition, the company will exhibit its single-engine M-Class lineup and several twin-engine aircraft along with the famed Piper Cub, which launched the company in 1937.

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FL Political Leaders, Industry Rally Against Additional Budget Cuts

Florida Leaders, AAR, Space Coast Business Community Say Over 39-Thousand Florida Jobs At Stake

Rep. Bill Posey (R-FL), AAR Chairman and CEO David P. Storch, leaders from the Space Coast business community and more than 250 local workers rallied Monday at the AAR Airlift facility in Melbourne to warn about the threat to U.S. economic and military strength posed by $500 billion in sequestration budget cuts scheduled for January 2013.  A study commissioned by AIA last year found that Florida could lose as many as 39,246 jobs if Congress does not act to stop these cuts.

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Hartzell Propeller Receives Another Top Prop STC Approval

Greenlights Conversions For Cessna Skylane RG And Turbo Skylane

The FAA has granted STC approval for a new Hartzell Propeller 3-blade Top Prop conversion kit for Cessna Skylane R182, FR182, TR182 and T182 (Lycoming O-540-J3C5D or O-540-L3C5D powered) models. These turbocharged and / or retractable Skylanes were last built in 1986 in both the USA and France.

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Buck Roetman Out Of July Fourth Airshow

Neither His Ankle Or His Airplane Will Be Ready To Fly

Air show performer Buck Roetman was to have been the headline act at an air show in Breckenridge, CO, held as part of the city's 4th of July celebration. Roetman and fellow performer Gary Rower were planning to set a record for the "highest airshow ever performed over land and water" during the festivities.

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Embry-Riddle Student Teams Triumph In FAA Design Competition

Three Groups Take Top Honors In Various Categories

Three student teams from Embry-Riddle’s Daytona Beach campus recently won first place, third place and honorable mention for their design proposals submitted to various categories in the 2011-2012 Design Competition for Universities sponsored by the FAA.

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Pilot Fatally Injured When His Stinson Went Down In Water

Rare Stinson S108 Ditched In Casco Bay Off The Coast Of Maine

The pilot of an airplane that was one of the first to feature an airframe parachute died after the plane went down in Casco Bay only 100 yards from shore on Sunday. The pilot reportedly got clear of the airplane and started swimming towards shore, but faltered in the water, and rescuers were unable to revive him with CPR.

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Airport Cracks Down On Casual Mechanics

Some Airplane Owners Say Large FBOs Want All The Business

Owners of airplanes based at Eugene Airport (KEUG) in Eugene, OR, say they are losing the option of having the certified mechanic of their choice work on their airplanes ... at least at the airport. A rule which has been in place for many years restricts the performance of maintenance work to only mechanics who have obtained a permit from the airport administration ... or from Atlantic Aviation ... an FBO at the airport.

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FAA Contractor Guilty Of $1 Million Health Fraud

Filed Fake Reimbursement Claims With His Wife's Healthcare Provider

A Spanish national in the U.S. on a work visa and employed by the FAA has plead guilty to a $1 Million dollar health care fraud scheme. Luis Rodriguez, 46, of Bethesda, could face up to 10 years in prison.

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Unplugged Metal Detector Causes Evacuation At JFK

Hundreds Of Passengers Had To Be Rescreened

A simple oversight on the part of a Transportation Security Administration agent forced the evacuation of a terminal at JFK International Airport, causing hours of delays and forcing hundreds of passengers to be rescreened for security.

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Riggs' Probation Revoked By A California Court

Had Been Ordered To Perform 60 Days Of Beach Cleanup, Now 20 More

You probably recall that David Riggs, who has had more than one run-in with the FAA, had been found guilty of a stunt in which he buzzed the Santa Monica Pier in an L-39 Albatros on November 6, 2008. A judge found him guilty of recklessly operating an aircraft under the California Public Utilities Code, and sentenced him to a $900 fine, 60 days in jail, of which he served a day due to overcrowding, and three years probation.

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AD: Airbus Airplanes

AD NUMBER: 2012-12-12

PRODUCT: All Airbus Model A330-200 series airplanes; Airbus Model A330-200 Freighter series airplanes; Airbus Model A330-300 series airplanes; Airbus Model A340-200 series airplanes; and Airbus Model A340-300 series airplanes.

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AD: Boeing Company Airplanes

AD NUMBER: 2012-12-14

PRODUCT: Certain The Boeing Company Model 767-200 and -300 series airplanes.

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Aero-TV: Scott's Bell 47 -- Re-Introducing an Iconic Helicopter

The Bell 47 Was To Rotorcraft What The J-3 Has been To Fixed Wing GA

Talk about an iconic airframe... outside of the Piper Cub, few aircraft are as stereotypical of a breed of flying machines as is the Bell 47 in the rotorcraft world.

Dogfight! Legal Skirmish Starts Over Failed American Champion A/C Sale

Current Owner Decides Not To Abide by Sales Agreement

As tough as GA is these days, it comes as a mild shock to hear that there are people, smart people even, who actually still want to get into the GA airplane manufacturing business. Over the last three or so years, the GA industry has shrunk to a fraction of what it was in more glorious times -- and when combined with a tough economy, unfavorable politics, and ongoing scandals like the Cirrus Aircraft debacle; one wonders whether any sane person should have any interest in the GA game at all... Over the past few months, former Eclipse Boss, Vern Raburn and his wife Susan have investigated the potential purchase of a small GA manufacturer. They looked at two companies and eventually entered into negotiations with A

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Aero-TV: Scott's Bell 47 -- Re-Introducing an Iconic Helicopter

The Bell 47 Was To Rotorcraft What The J-3 Has Been To Fixed Wing GA

Talk about an iconic airframe... outside of the Piper Cub, few aircraft are as stereotypical of a breed of flying machines as is the Bell 47 in the rotorcraft world. Scott’s – Bell 47, Inc. was formed in 2009 when President and Owner, Scott Churchill, acquired the Type Certificates for Bell’s Model 47 helicopter. Since then, Scott’s – Bell 47 has established itself as the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for this extremely viable aircraft. The company's goal is 'to provide affordable, quality spare parts for the 1000+ Model 47s that are still flying

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American Offers To Drop Pilot Furlough Plan

Airline Making Concessions As It Works To Rebuild During Bankruptcy

American Airlines executives say they are willing to drop a pilot furlough plan in an effort to work out a deal with its pilot's union while it restructures under Chapter 11 bankruptcy laws. The airline is also reportedly offering a slight pay increase to pilots.

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Huerta Confirmation Hearings On Hold

Senators Had To Stop Process To Vote On A Farm Bill

Acting FAA Administrator Michael Huerta was in the middle of answering questions from the Senate Commerce Committee last week when the session was put on hold so that Senators could return to the floor to vote of a farm bill. It's still on hold.

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Thirty Years Ago Today: STS 4 - The Launch

Part 1: KSC Security Does Not Have A Sense Of Humor

On the 27th day of June, 1982 the Space Shuttle program was slightly more than 14 months old. For those of us who were there to see first Shuttle launches, we were sure that we were witnessing flights of what NASA called “the primary space vehicle for the foreseeable future.” None of us, however, ever imagined that "the foreseeable future" would come and go in just three short decades.

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FAA Requires Oxygen To Be Returned To Airliner Lavs

But Gives Airlines Four Years To Comply With The AD

The FAA issued an Airworthiness Directive published in the Federal Register Tuesday which will require airlines to re-install emergency oxygen systems in their airplane's lavatories.

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Most Governors Recognize Positive Impact Of Aviation In Their States

Forty State Chief Executives Have Signed Proclamations Extolling Aviation, 29 Single Out GA

Advertisers learned long ago that to be able to say "four out of five" in almost any venue shows pretty strong support for a product or service, so when the Alliance for Aviation Across America on Tuesday announced that four out of every five US governors, 40 in total, have signed proclamations recognizing the value of aviation to the national and their local and state economies, it would certainly be considered pretty good news for the industry.

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SpaceX’s Merlin 1D Engine Achieves Full Mission Duration Firing

Nine Of The Engines Power The Falcon 9 Rocket

Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) announces that its Merlin 1D engine has achieved a full mission duration firing and multiple restarts at target thrust and specific impulse (Isp). The engine firing was for 185 seconds with 147,000 pounds of thrust, the full duration and power required for a Falcon 9 rocket launch. The tests took place at SpaceX's rocket development facility in McGregor, Texas.

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Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (06.27.12)

"You can look long and hard in Washington to find anyone who thinks sequestration is a good idea. Mostly you hear worlds like 'catastrophic' and 'devastating.'" Source: AIA President and CEO Marion Blakey.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (06.27.12): Ident

A request for a pilot to activate the aircraft transponder identification feature.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (06.27.12)

Flight School Association of North America

The Flight School Association of North America is a membership-based association which represents flight schools, firms that provide products or services to the fight training or aviation industry, and supporting partners.

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