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August 20, 2004

ARSA: Drug And Alcohol Proposal Flawed

Led by the Aeronautical Repair Station Association (ARSA), a broad-based aviation industry coalition submitted comments in response to the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) proposed rule to drastically expand the scope of its Antidrug and Alcohol Prevention Program.

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The Kings Take A Little Trip...

John and Martha King Take Off On An Around-The-World GA Exploration

"Flying ourselves around the world is a wonderful way to explore the future of general aviation in Russia and throughout the world," said John King as he and his co-captain, Martha, took off in N10F, their Falcon 10, on a 13-day flight around the world.

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GA Pilots Get The Boot At CRQ

Say They're Being Punted For Bigger, More Expensive Jet Customers

Pilots at McClellan-Palomar Airport have filed an FAA complaint against the field, saying they're being unjustly evicted so the airport can bring in better-paying tenants.

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Florida's Aviation Corridor Cleans Up After Hurricane Charley

Mother Nature's Fury Continues To Astound Survivors

The Corridor of Classic Aviation in Central Florida was hit hard by Hurricane Charley on Friday August 13, 2004. Airplanes from history, as well as new general aviation aircraft, were destroyed in record numbers from the west coast to the east coast of Florida.

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United May Terminate Pension Plan

Bankruptcy Filing Terms Possibility "Likely"

It's what United employees have feared all along. The world's second-largest airline says it may terminate its employee pension fund as it struggles to emerge from bankruptcy.

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Klyde Morris 08.20.04

Klyde Keeps Doing A Number On Those Creeps At NBC...

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John Thorp Was Ready for Sport Pilots in 1944

T-211 Sky Skooter

The advent of FAA's Light Sport Aircraft has some looking back in time for light, simple to fly aircraft of olden days.  A time-proven, FAA certificated design comes from a well-known aviation designer, John Thorp. Thorp designed a two-seat, all-metal, low wing aircraft in 1944 named the T-211 "Sky Skooter."

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Delta Looks At Restructuring

Job Cuts Could Be In Store

Financially troubled Delta Airlines appears ready to make good on its promise of a major restructuring that could leave a lot of its workers out in the cold.

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A Rotary-Winged Milestone: Rotorway Sells 800th Exec 162F

That's A LOT of Sport Helos!

For those of you who have followed the rotary-winged aspect of sport aviation, here is a milestone that can't but help to impress you. RotorWay International has just sold the 800th Exec 162F helicopter kit. The aircraft went to RotorWay International South Africa, the newest representative for the company.

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Guess Who Showed Up On The No-Fly List?

Massachusetts Senator Gripes To Judiciary Committee Colleagues

Saaay... could this be right? Could Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) really be on the government's no-fly list?

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Last Buffalo Lands At Pensacola

Gary Villiard's Quest Pays Off

It's supposedly the only Brewster Buffalo left -- and now, it's in Pensacola (FL), being primped for display.

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A Homebuilding Pilot's Dream?

New CAD Program Allows You To Design Part, Then Send It To Manufacturer

On this side of the table, we have computer-assisted drawing programs. Over here, we have manufacturers who use CAD renderings to... well, make things. So what would happen if the two were brought together over the internet?

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A Friend From Above: A-10s Rescue Ambushed Ground Forces

When Army Staff Sgt. Jamie Osmon met Capt. Scott, whose last name is withheld for security reasons, for the second time Aug. 16, the reunion was much less hectic than the first. The first time, July 29, Sergeant Osmon and a group of ground forces were trapped in a canyon ambush, and Captain Scott was the lead pilot in a flight of A-10 Thunderbolt IIs that responded to provide close-air support.

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Big Bucks/Big Bang: Raytheon Snags Tomahawk Block IV Full-Rate Production

When You Care Enough To Send The Very Best....

Raytheon has been awarded $287 million in Fiscal Year 2004 as part of a full-rate production contract to supply the U.S. Navy with the next-generation Block IV Tomahawk cruise missile. The Navy and Raytheon have entered into a multi-year procurement contract to replenish the Tomahawk inventory. The value of this contract could reach $1.6 billion once all of the procurement orders are placed over the next five years.

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World's Smallest Flying Micro Robot Unveiled In Tokyo

Bigger Is Better? Not!

Seiko Epson has come up with what it calls the FR, or Micro Flying Robot, the world's smallest flying prototype microrobot. Epson developed the FR to demonstrate the micromechatronics technology that it has cultivated in-house over the years and to explore the possibilities for microrobots and the development of component technology applications. The company will display its latest offering at the 2003 International Robot Exhibition, which will be held at Tokyo Big Sight on November 19 - 22, 2004.

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Victims Identified In Tulsa Mishap

Couple Was Minding Young Granddaughter During Parents' Vacation

Richard and Debbie Dunham loved to travel in their Cessna 210 and they wanted their 15-month old granddaughter, Abby, to love it as well. Instead, all three were lost when the aircraft went down shortly after departing Tulsa's Riverside-Jones Airport (OK) Tuesday.

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Gadget Patrol: AvTimer Plus

AvTimer Plus is a little box that works as a timer that sounds in your headset, and it also incorporates a digital voice recorder and a cell phone interface.

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Looking For Alternatives

Could O'Hare Accord Be Boon To Feeder Strips?

This week's agreement between the FAA and airlines aimed at reducing congestion at Chicago's O'Hare Airport could very well be a godsend to surrounding feeder airports.

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More Evidence Of The Wet Stuff

Spirit Checks "Columbia Hills" On Mars

Now that NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit is finally examining bedrock in the "Columbia Hills," it is finding evidence that water thoroughly altered some rocks in Mars' Gusev Crater.

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Aero-News Quote Of The Day (08.20.04)

“I’m never going to crack another Air Force joke again.” Source: Army Staff Sergeant Osmon, who with a group of ground forces, were trapped in a canyon ambush. USAF Captain Scott was the lead pilot in a flight of A-10 Thunderbolt IIs that responded to provide close-air support and a welcome rescue.

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ANN Free Classifieds Featured Ad: RV-6A

For Sale: Van's Aircraft RV-6, 6A

454 TT 160hp F. Pitch Metal Prop 775 lbs useful load 190 MPH and 1800 fpm climb. Great Sport Aerobatic Performer. KLX135A GPS/COMM – Skyforce moving map - KT760 transponder, B. Encoder, Intercom, engine monitor & Autopilot. Exterior Quality: 9, Interior Quality: 9 Used, will sell for $75,000.00

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AD: Eurocopter

AD 2004-16-15: Eurocopter France Model AS-365N2, AS 365 N3, EC 155B, EC155B1, SA-365N and N1, and SA-366G1 Helicopters

SUMMARY: This amendment adopts a new airworthiness directive (AD) for the specified Eurocopter France (Eurocopter) helicopters. This action requires inspecting the main gearbox (MGB) baseplate for a crack and replacing the MGB if a crack is found in the MGB base plate.

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