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Wed, Jun 09, 2004

Illinois TFR: 06/09/04 - 06/13/04

NOTAM: 4/5140
Issued: 06/08/2004 19:53
Effective: 06/09/2004 20:40 - 06/13/2004 20:20
State: IL
Type: VIP
Description: CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, JUNE 9-13, 2004.

FDC 4/5140 ZAU IL.. FLIGHT RESTRICTIONS CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, JUNE 9-13, 2004. PURSUANT TO TITLE 14, SECTION 91.141 OF THE CODE OF FEDERAL REGULATIONS, AIRCRAFT FLIGHT OPERATIONS ARE PROHIBITED WITHIN THE FOLLOWING AREA(S) UNLESS OTHERWISE AUTHORIZED BY ATC. 3.0 NMR BLW 3000 FEET AGL OF 415345N/0873731W OR THE ORD111013.6 FROM 0406092040 (1540 LOCAL 06/09/04) UNTIL 0406111840 (1340 LOCAL 06/11/04), 3.0 NMR BLW 3000 FEET AGL OF 415653N/0873919W OR THE ORD099011.3 FROM 0406111840 (1340 LOCAL 06/11/04) UNTIL 0406112150 (1650 LOCAL 06/11/04), 3.0 NMR BLW 3000 FEET AGL OF 415345N/0873731W OR THE ORD111013.6 FROM 0406112130 (1630 LOCAL 06/11/04) UNTIL 0406132020 (1520 LOCAL 06/13/04).



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