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July 26, 2007

Marion Blakey Gives Her Spin On User Fees

"It Don't Think It Will Break Anybody's Piggy Bank"

By Annette Kurman You gotta give Ms. Blakey credit. It must have taken courage to speak before a crowd of more than 850 general aviation enthusiasts, most of whom were wearing "NO! on user fees" buttons and stickers.

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Traffic Control Due To Return To New Orleans Lakefront Airport

Service Limited To Capabilities Of Cell Phones, Radio To Start

The New Orleans Lakefront Airport (NEW) has lacked tower operations since August 2005... when Hurricane Katrina knocked the service out. Still, the little general aviation airport, long preferred by executives, politicians and even celebrities because of its lack of commercial crowds and easy access to downtown, saw the highest number of flights since the hurricane in April -- 4,000, according to the Associated Press.

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FAA's Blakey Announces ADIZ Revisions At 'Meet The Administrator' Forum

A July Surprise At AirVenture 2007

ANN REALTIME REPORTING 07.26.07 1305 OSHKOSH (CDT) TIME: The ADIZ isn't gone, but it is smaller. In what will be her last "Meet The Administrator" forum as the head of the FAA, Marion Blakey sought to placate general aviation pilots -- smarting over the past several months from her apparent position reversal on user fees -- by dropping a bombshell: the Washington Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) will soon be a lot smaller.

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Wings 2.0 -- The New FAA Pilot Proficiency Program

Most Ambitious Agency Pilot Safety Program To Date

Pilots who understand the importance of staying proficient are likely to be familiar with the FAA Pilot Proficiency Award Program, or "Wings" as it is more commonly known. For decades, this program and others like it have aimed to increase General Aviation safety by recognizing and rewarding pilots who undergo regular recurrent training.

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Speed And Angels: 'The Real Top Gun Story'

Filmmaker Drew On Navy Experience

If Speed and Angels had been released to the general public, it may very well have given Top Gun a run for its money as favorite aviation film.

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Avidyne Announces Release 7.0 Upgrade For Entegra

Enables WAAS Data Display On PFDs

Avidyne Corporation announced this week at AirVenture 2007 the Release 7.0 software upgrade for Entegra EXP5000 Primary Flight Displays (PFDs) and EX5000 Multi-Function Displays (MFDs) that will add support for WAAS instrument approach procedures.

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EU Tells Airlines They Must Accommodate Elderly, Disabled

Penalties For Non-Compliance Up To Member Countries

As of Thursday, airlines operating within the European Union will only be able to ban the elderly and disabled from their flights for "duly justified" safety reasons.

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Voyager FPS And ANN Bring YOU The Weather In Oshkosh For 07.26.07

As Provided By Seattle Avionics And ANN!

We're gonna help you get to the fabled land of Oshkosh... with a little help from our friends!

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Aero-News Featured Aero-Casts For Thursday 07.26.07

The Alphabet Groups Discuss User Fees, Part One

ANN Daily Touch N Go: 07.26.07 (ANN's Short-Form Daily News Program) ANN Daily Aero-Briefing: 07.26.07 (ANN's Long-Form Daily News Program) ANN Special Feature: AirVenture User Fee Forum, Part One -- 07.26.07 (ANN Special Feature, with Part One of Wednesday's Alphabet-Group Forum on User Fees.)

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ANN Daily Aero-Briefing: 07.26.07

Lancair announces a new 385-knot homebuilt.
Columbia high-performance singles earn lower insurance rates.
And Eclipse Aviation is getting back on track.

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ANN Daily Touch-And-Go: 07.26.07

Lancair announces a new 385-knot homebuilt.
Columbia high-performance singles earn lower insurance rates.
And Eclipse Aviation is getting back on track.

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ANN Special Feature: AirVenture User Fee Panel Part 1 - 07.26.07

Today...we'll hear Tom Poberezny of EAA, Ed Bolen of NBAA, Pete Bunce of GAMA, and Phil Boyer of AOPA discuss user fees, and look at the specific FAA bills going through the House and Senate.

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Lancair's High-Speed Evolution... Continues!

Lancair has finally taken the wraps off a successor to their high-speed sport aircraft line... The Lancair Evolution! 338 KNots, anyone?

Medical Issues A Hot Topic At Oshkosh 2007

FAA Air Surgeon Sets Crowd Straight

Aeromedical factors are often glossed over by most pilots studying for their checkrides. While usually not the most exciting topic, medical factors will eventually be incredibly important to each of us, especially as we grow older.

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Diamond Aircraft Owners Group Launches At Oshkosh

DAA Invites Diamond Flyers, Aficionados To Join

The Diamond Aviators Association (the DAA), a new aircraft owners group endorsed by Diamond Aircraft Industries, will celebrate its official launch on Friday evening, July 27, during the 2007 EAA AirVenture Exhibition in Oshkosh, WI.

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From The Odd Airplane File, Part Three: Anderson Greenwood Model AG-14

The Last One Built, And One of Two Still In The Air

At the close of World War II, three young Boeing aeronautical engineers decided to pool their resources and talents, and strike out on their own. Ben Anderson, Marvin Greenwood, and Lomis Slaughter, all originally from Houston, set out to build the perfect small airplane. They returned to Houston to set up shop, and located their operation at Sam Houston Airport, hoping to take advantage of the anticipated post-war surge in private aviation.

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Oshkosh Memories... King Schools Co-Founder Martha King

“What A Special Place To Get Introduced To Any Kind Of Aviation"

Almost everyone in the world of flying has invited John and Martha King into their living room. For over 30 years the King’s have held pilots hand through learning and flight tests.

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Syria Buys MiG from Russia With Iranian Financing

Purchase Said To Be "The Start Of A New Era"

In an apparent effort to improve its air combat capabilities, Syria has ordered and will soon take delivery of five Russian MiG-31E fighter-interceptors.

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Pilot Suspended Without Pay For Critical Decal

Carrier Says Sticker Stuck On MD-80 Violates FAA Rules

An American Airlines pilot was upset about a remark made by the company's vice president of human resources, Jeff Brundage. To show his displeasure, he put a little sticker on his MD-80 in May that was critical of the airline's executive bonuses.

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GE Honda Aero Engines Gives An Oshkosh Update

Honda And GE Promise Efficiency

This week at AirVenture, GE Honda Aero Engines announced short-term and long-term plans for their HF120 engine. GE and Honda are working together on the project, and are using the best resources each company has to offer in order to engineer a game-changing turbine.

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Lindbergh-Lycoming Grant Awarded To Thomas Ehresman

Project To Focus on Eliminating Leaded Aviation Fuel With Direct Injection Igniter Fuel Nozzle

A bevy of "names that you know" were on hand for the announcement Wednesday of Thomas Ehresman as the winner for the 2007 Lindbergh-Lycoming Grant for his research  into a new direct injection igniter fuel nozzle that would eliminate the need for leaded aviation fuel.

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Performer Profile: Gary Ward And His MX-2

'I Didn't Realize An Airplane Would Do That'

If you looked up to see an odd blue and green blur over AirVenture, don't worry. It's new to the whole event. It's called the MX-2, and Gary Ward is at the controls.

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Couple Hires Helicopter, Psychic To Find Lost Pet

The Days Of Signs On Telephone Poles Are Over

If a helicopter can perform an aerial search for missing humans... why not a missing canine? As it turns out, it's definitely an option if you have the means.

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Woman Dies Following Rotor Blade Strike

Hit By Main Rotor On Takeoff

A woman from Italy has died from injuries she received from being struck in the back of the head by a helicopter's main rotor blades Tuesday.

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TSA Warns Of 'Dry Runs' For Potential Terrorist Attacks

Memo Indicates Recent Incidents Might Be "Pre-Attack Security Probes"

Law enforcement officials nationwide are being advised by the Transportation Safety Administration to watch out for what has been termed "dry runs" for a terrorist attack, in apparent response to several recent suspicious incidents that have occurred at several US airports.

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What's Next For General Aviation Security?

Upcoming Security Training Presented At AirVenture

Approximately two years ago, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) solicited proposals for the development of a training program for improving security awareness and preparedness at general aviation airports. Via competitive proposals, in 2005, a $750,000 grant was awarded to Waukesha County Technical College (WCTC) in Pewaukee, WI.

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Avemco Announces More Underwriting Changes

Rates Lowered On TAAs, Homebuilts

This week at Oshkosh 2007, Avemco's Executive Vice President Jim Lauerman announced changes with the company's underwriting standards and risk management approach. He provided updates on previous announcements made at Lakeland earlier this year, and also announced new changes.

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Piper Provides AirVenture 2007 Attendees Update On The PiperJet

Initial Wind Tunnel Testing Complete, Something New Waiting In The Wings...

Piper Aircraft held a Wednesday afternoon press conference, as the rain began to fall at EAA AirVenture 2007. Focus was on the PiperJet, with mention given to Piper's other models, and hints toward a new product to be unveiled later this year.

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Five Lost In Alaskan Tour Plane Downing

Trip Was Part Of Alaskan Cruise

Four Sun Princess cruise ship passengers on a sightseeing tour as part of an Alaskan cruise were killed Tuesday when their plane went down in a mountainous area of southeast Alaska.

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Boeing's Second Quarter Beats Analyst Estimates

Stock Price Increased 28 Percent Over Past Year

Boeing Co. released its second quarter financial report Wednesday... and the results are quite positive for the world's number-two planemaker.

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LAMA Announces New Board Members, Talks About Industry Self-Auditing

Light Aircraft Association Flying High

 The Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association (LAMA) announced the expansion of its board of directors Tuesday from five to seven, with the appointments of Jack Pelton and Jo Konrad to its board.

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Rotor Leasing Makes First Appearance At Oshkosh

Restored Dauphin Is One Of Several To Come

Rotor Leasing, a company that restores ex-military Gazelle and Dauphin helicopters, made its first public appearance at AirVenture this week. The company, which just purchased four Dauphins, plans to sell three of the four helicopters. Rotor Leasing's first completely restored Dauphin is at their display.

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Shuttle Will Carry BioSTAR-HMC Research

Crustaceans May Play A Role In Wound Healing

BioSTAR West and Harvey Mudd College (HMC) are collaborating on science experiments to be launched on the STS-118 Space Shuttle Endeavour mission scheduled for August 7, 2007.

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Vans RV Owners Share Oshkosh Adventure

Successful Homebuilts Foster Community Atmosphere

The AirVenture experience is already one where strong bonds are formed between complete strangers.

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Author's Corner With Bob Richards

"Secrets From The Tower"

AirVenture is the place for new product releases in aircraft... and the Experimental Aircraft Association Museum was the location for a new book release.

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EAA Recreates Prize-Winning 1909 Blériot XI... While You Watch!

Will It Fly On the 100th Anniversary?

Will it fly in 2009... and just how high? Some say it will be finished "when it is finished" and just fly in ground effect. Others suggest that the 100 year anniversary -- two years from now -- is an alluring goal, and 22 miles (40 km) over water is a proper re-enactment.

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Car Engine For Aircraft Debuts At Oshkosh 2007

Munro & Associates Display Ducted-Fan System

The future of General Aviation may very well be at Oshkosh next year... and if Sandy Munro and his company -- Munro & Associates -- has anything to say about it, they'll point to their concept of a ducted-fan aircraft powered by an automotive engine.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (07.26.07)


The Clear Sky Alarm Clock serves astronomy aficionados by providing emails informing them when conditions are predicted to be right for telescope viewing of the heavens.   Formats are available for devices ranging from pager or cell phone to your regular email.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (07.26.07): Dry Sump Engine


An engine in which the lubricating oil supply is carried in a reservoir that is not part of the engine.

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (07.26.07)

"When I was a law enforcement official, I barely knew where the entrance to the airport was. In our research, we found that this was a common issue in many communities."

Source: Brian Dorow, Associate Dean, Department of Criminal Justice Center for Law Enforcement Homeland Security and Counter-Terrorism Initiatives at Waukesha County Technical College (WCTC) in Pewaukee, WI.

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A Lockheed 12: The N2072 Story

Aircraft restorations are a labor of love... but a Lockheed 12 restoration is not for the faint of heart.... 





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