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March 31, 2014

NASA Marks Major Programmatic Milestone For 'Spaceport Of The Future'

Kennedy Space Center Will Support Several Different Spacecraft And Rockets

NASA achieved a major milestone this month in its effort to transform the agency's Kennedy Space Center in Florida into a multi-user spaceport by successfully completing the initial design and technology development phase for the Ground Systems Development and Operations (GSDO) Program.

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Rolls-Royce Selected By ANA To Provide Trent Engines

Contract With The Japanese Carrier Worth $1.1 Billion

Rolls-Royce has been selected by All Nippon Airways (ANA) to provide Trent 1000 engines, worth $1.1 billion, to power 25 Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft.

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Boeing, Japan Transocean Air Announce Selection Of 12 Next-Generation 737s

Okinawa-Based JAL Group Airline To Replace 737-400 Fleet With Next-Generation 737-800S

Japan Transocean Air (JTA) has ordered a dozen Next-Generation 737-800 airplanes. The order, valued at $1.1 billion at list prices, will mark the start of the airline's fleet renewal program with the new airplanes scheduled to enter into service from 2016. As part of the agreement, JTA will have the flexibility to switch to the 737 MAX family of airplanes. 

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Navy's Most Advanced Command And Control Aircraft Joins The Fleet

Airplane A 'Revolutionary Jump In Capabilities', Navy Says

The E-2D Advanced Hawkeye officially became ready for tasking with Airborne Early Warning Squadron 125 (VAW-125) during a ceremony at Naval Station Norfolk Chambers Field, March 27. "This is a revolutionary jump in capabilities," said Capt. Todd Watkins, commander, Airborne Command Control and Logistics Wing. "The E-2D serves as the eyes of the fleet. If it's out there, we will see it."

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NASA Marks Tenth Anniversary Of Successful Mach 7 Hyper-X Flight

Record Set March 27, 2004

March 27 was the 10-year anniversary of NASA’s successful Mach 7 Hyper-X flight. During this flight, the 12-foot-long X-43A research vehicle set a world speed record for an “air breathing” (jet-powered) vehicle.

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NASA Seeks Suborbital Flight Services Proposals For Technology Demonstrations

The Selected Platforms May Include Suborbital Reusable Launch Vehicles, High-Altitude Balloons

NASA is seeking proposals from U.S. commercial suborbital reusable launch vehicle providers to integrate and fly technology payloads for the space agency.

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Air Canada rouge Expands To Western Canada

Leisure Carrier To Operate Select U.S. Routes From Vancouver And Calgary

Air Canada's leisure carrier subsidiary, Air Canada rouge is expanding to Western Canada to serve a number of predominantly leisure markets from Vancouver and Calgary to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Anchorage. Flights on these routes, currently operated by Air Canada, will be converted to Air Canada rouge service beginning this spring, as will flights to San Diego from Toronto.

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Rapid Growth Expected In Indonesian Commercial Aircraft Market

Some Segments Could See Over 14 Percent Growth From 2014-2018

Indonesia is one of the developing nations in the APAC region, which is characterized by a rapidly growing economy. There is an eminent growth in the Middle Class Population segment and its disposable income, which is making them increasingly prefer air travel for tourism, healthcare needs, education, and business purposes. The increased air travel has created a new surge in the demand for aircraft, which is a lucrative opportunity for the Commercial Aircraft market in Indonesia.

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As U.S. UAS Demand Falls: Suppliers Turn To Foreign Markets

Frost & Sullivan: As Competition Intensifies, Companies That Create Efficient, Persistent And Survivable Platforms Will Remain Competitive

Despite the withdrawal and reduction of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, unmanned aerial systems (UASs) remain essential for conducting intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and strike operations. As Department of Defense (DoD) budgets for UASs decline, however, domestic UAS manufacturers must exploit opportunities in foreign military and the global commercial UAS market to stay afloat.

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Gulf Helicopters' AW139 Fleet Achieves 50,000 Hour Milestone

Seventeen Aircraft Flying For The Qatar Helicopter Service

The AW139 intermediate twin engine helicopter fleet operated by Gulf Helicopters of Qatar has achieved the milestone of 50,000 flight hours.

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SkyTrac Uses Satellite Technology To Track Aircraft Position

Technology Widely Used In The Business Aviation Sector

Recent media focus on aircraft tracking technology underscores significant gaps in traditional approaches (radar, transponder, Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B), and radio communication). These technologies, or combinations of them, are typically used by the scheduled commercial air transport sector. The gaps are particularly relevant when tracking aircraft in remote areas where traditional tracking infrastructure can be limited, for instance outside radar coverage.

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Airborne 03.28.14: New Dynon, Inverted Spin Record, TBM 900 Delivers

Also: iFly GPS Goes Android, More Santa Monica NONSENSE, Wisconsin GA Tax Break, Trixy Aviation

It almost seems that modern instrumentation and avionics displays can’t get any better, but Dynon is here to say, there’s more to come! Dynon Avionics has unveiled The New SkyView integrated avionics system. This latest edition of SkyView includes SkyView Touch, two new control panels, and dozens of new features. We all know that flat spins are bad and inverted flat spins are terrible. But what would scare the heck out of most pilots is a lot of fun for airshow pilot Spencer Suderman. On March 13th, Suderman set a new record of 81 turns in an inv

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Klyde Morris (03.31.14)

Klyde Celebrates The Award Of Yet Another 'Golden Lorenzo'


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ConciAir Launches 'The Defender'

New ISR Platform Built On the Savannah S Airframe

ConciAir has launched "The Defender", a solution for airborne law enforcement. The aircraft is a derivative of I.C.P. Aviation’s Savannah S. In addition to announcing the launch of the Defender, I.C.P. Aviation North America (ICPANA) has agreed to become the exclusive supplier of ready to fly (RTF) aircraft for its advanced airborne surveillance program.

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Sierra Nevada, Lockheed Martin Expand Dream Chaser Orbital Vehicle Manufacturing

Spacecraft Currently In Early Stages Of Fabrication

In a press conference held today at the Michoud Assembly Facility (MAF) in Michoud, LA, Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) and Dream Chaser strategic partner Lockheed Martin announced the expansion of SNC Dream Chaser spacecraft orbital vehicle manufacturing operations.

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Aerial Firefighters Pressing Colorado Lawmakers To Consider Contracting

Bill In Colorado Senate Would Allow State Government To Lease Up To Four Large Aircraft From The Federal Government Or Other Sources

At the urging of the privately operated aerial firefighting industry, Colorado State Senator Steve King (R-Grand Junction) has inserted language into a bill which–if enacted–would give the Colorado Division Of Fire Prevention And Control the authority to lease or contract three Type 1 helicopters and up to “four large aircraft from the Federal government or other sources” for aerial firefighting.

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FAA Grants STC For 5-Blade Propeller On Cessna 425

MT-Propeller Says The New Prop Improves Takeoff, Climb, And Cruise Performance

The FAA has issued an STC to MT-Propeller Entwicklung for installation of its next generation 5-blade scimitar composite propeller on Cessna 425 aircraft powered by the P&WC PT6A-112 engines. The prop complies with strict German noise regulations for unrestricted airport operations in Germany and other European countries.

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Restored C-47 Headed Back To Normandy For D-Day Anniversary

Antique Transport Currently Resides At The National Warplane Museum In New York

The French government has requested the presence of a restored C-47 transport plane to reprise the role it played during the D-Day invasion of Normandy 70 years ago this summer.

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Moroccan Residents Arrested For Flying UAV Over Royal Residence

RC Helicopter Flight Led To Lengthy Discussion With Authorities

Two men were arrested in Casablanca recently after they reportedly piloted their RC Helicopter over the royal residence in Dar Bouazza.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (03.31.14)

Aero Linx: The Tailhook Association The Tailhook Association is an independent, fraternal, nonprofit organization internationally recognized as the premier supporter of the aircraft carrier and other sea-based aviation. The purposes of the Association are: to foster, encourage, develop, study, and support the aircraft carrier, sea-based aircraft, both fixed and rotary wing, and aircrews of the United States of America; and to educate and inform the public in the appropriate role of the aircraft carrier and carrier aviation in the nation's defense system.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (03.31.14): Discrete Frequency

Discrete Frequency A separate radio frequency for use in direct pilot-controller communications in air traffic control which reduces frequency congestion by controlling the number of aircraft operating on a particular frequency at one time. Discrete frequencies are normally designated for each control sector in en route/terminal ATC facilities. Discrete frequencies are listed in the Airport/Facility Directory and the DOD FLIP IFR En Route Supplement.

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Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (03.31.14)

“The market needed this. There are approximately 225 law enforcement aviation units in the United States. In contrast, there are over 3100 county level law enforcement agencies. As such, 92.8% of the market does not currently have any means of airborne law enforcement.” Source: Stan Pruitt, Director of Airborne Law Enforcement at ConciAir. ConciAir has just launched "The Defender", a solution for airborne law enforcement.

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