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February 29, 2012

Aero-News Alert: Coast Guard Helicopter Down In Mobile Bay

One Confirmed Fatality, Three Missing

A Coast Guard MH-65C Dolphin helicopter on a training mission went down Tuesday evening in Mobile Bay. Officials have confirmed that one person has been fatally injured, and three others are missing.

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ANN Daily Aero-Briefing: 02.29.12

A partial gear-up landing at Newark turns out OK.
Engine trouble is suspected in the crash of a Mooney M20.
And the Boeing-Airbus subsidy spat may be getting serious.


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NASA Presents Safety Award To Teri Hamlin

QASAR Goes To Risk Assessment Leader For Commercial Crew Program

NASA has presented its Quality and Safety Achievement Recognition, or QASAR, award for 2011 to Teri L. Hamlin of Manvel, Texas. The QASAR award recognizes individual government and contractor employees who have demonstrated exemplary performance in contributing to the quality and/or safety of products, services, processes, or management programs and activities.

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Solar Electric Hybrid Airship UAV Development Advances

Four Months On-station Persistence Predicted

Global Near Space Services (GNSS) of Colorado Springs, CO, and Bye Aerospace of Denver, CO, jointly announced continued progress in the development of a unique solar-electric-powered airship named StarLight. Engineers project this cost-effective, unmanned high altitude airship will remain on-station in the stratosphere for a minimum of four months at a time.

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Boeing B-1 Bomber Completes 10,000th Combat Mission

Flexibility Is US Air Force Bomber’s Greatest Asset

The Boeing B-1 bomber aircraft has completed its 10,000th combat mission. The heavy bomber entered service with the U.S. Air Force on June 29, 1985, and has been in nearly continuous combat for the past 10 years. The milestone mission took off from a base in Southwest Asia and was flown in support of operations over Afghanistan before returning to base.

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ISU Holds International Space Station And Mars Conference

Primary Topic Is ISS Role In Sending Humans Beyond Low Earth Orbit

In partnership with the International Space University (ISU), Explore Mars, Inc. is presenting the International Space Station and Mars Conference at the Boeing Auditorium at the ISU Central Campus in Strasbourg, France on April 12-13, 2012. This conference will discuss how ISS can be utilized to advance the goal of sending humans beyond Low Earth Orbit - specifically to Mars.

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Marenco Swisshelicopter Pulls Down 23 Orders At Heli-Expo

Total Number Of SKYe SH09 Helicopters On The Books Stands At 34

After being introduced last year, Marenco Swisshelicopter Ltd. confirms that it took 23 orders for its SKYe SH09 at Heli-Expo held in Houston. The company says it now has firm orders for 34 aircraft on the books.

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Indian Military Modernization Paralyzed By Scandal

Scandals Have Officials Afraid To Take Responsibility For Acquisitions

Sometimes US military procurement is strangled by Congressional gridlock, or special interests fighting through their lawmakers to win contracts. But in India, new reports say procurement investigations over the last 30 years have so tainted the process that government officials are afraid to take responsibility for approving contracts, for fear they'll spend the rest of their careers under suspicion.

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Adventure Pilot Releases New iFly 720 GPS

Adds Premium Features Including Sunlight Readability, Automated Wi-Fi Updating

Adventure Pilot has started shipping its new premium GPS navigation device for GA pilots. The new iFly 720 builds on popular features from its little brother, the iFly 700. New features include sunlight readability, simple automated Wi-Fi Updating and iFly Streets, plus premium hardware enhancements like a faster processor, more efficient memory and internal power capacitor position the iFly 720 for future developments and enhancement possibilities.

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Airbus Supports Safer Aircraft Landings With ELISE

Offers New Consulting Service To Airport Operators

A new specialised consulting service offered by Airbus will help improve the safety of landing operations at airports around the world, leveraging the capabilities of its advanced ELISE (Exact Landing Interference Simulation Environment) software.

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Bell To Rely On Blue Sky For Fleet Tracking

Iridium-Based Tracking To Be Used Across Support And Serivces Divisions

A handheld, Iridium-based tracking and messaging solution called HawkEye-PT developed by Blue Sky Network has been selected by Bell Helicopter to track all aircraft en route from Bell's service center in Piney Flats, TN, to destinations across the globe.

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Dead Cessna Thief Was Long-Term Meth User

Toxicology Shows Levels Ten Times Those Of 'Normal Users'

There's an update on the case of a Cessna 172 stolen by a non-pilot from the Concord Airport in California earlier this month, then crashed into the bank of a canal after an apparent wire strike. The toxicology report reveals the thief had methamphetamine in his bloodstream at a concentration ten times that of a normal user, indicative of long-term use.

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NASA Extends Aircraft Maintenance Contract

Work To Be Performed by Computer Sciences Corporation For Over $46 Million

NASA has awarded a three-month extension with two three-month options, for a total of nine months, on a contract with Computer Sciences Corporation of Fort Worth, Texas, to provide aircraft maintenance and modification support. The extension, including all options, is valued at $46.6 million.

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Airline Passengers Hear 'Mom' As 'Bomb'

Pilot's Misunderstood Greeting Prompts Panic, Anger

To reverse an old saying, "Even people with real enemies can still be paranoid." The hair-trigger security environment which now characterizes airline travel may have a few people on edge. On Southwest Flight 155 from Baltimore to Long Island Friday, a friendly acknowledgment by the pilot over the PA system of the birthday of a "mom on board" was misheard by some passengers as "bomb on board," causing a brief panic.

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Aero-TV: WAI 2011 NextGen Panel -- NextGen Cockpit Equipage

From WAI2011: A Fascinating Look At The World Of NextGen and Our Future Cockpits

One of the high points of our year is our annual trek to the Women in Aviation gathering. Unfortunately; due to commitments overseas, we're going to miss most of the event this year but for those of you with the ability, we can't recommend a visit highly enough... no matter what gender you represent.

Aero-TV: WAI 2011 NextGen Panel -- NextGen Cockpit Equipage

From WAI2011: A Fascinating Look At The World Of NextGen and Our Future Cockpits

One of the high points of our year is our annual trek to the Women in Aviation gathering. Unfortunately; due to commitments overseas, we're going to miss most of the event this year but for those of you with the ability, we can't recommend a visit highly enough... no matter what gender you represent. This year's rendition takes place in Dallas (which we visited a few days ago for the 2012 HeliExpo). The 23rd Annual International Women in Aviation Conference will be held from Thursday, March 8 through Saturday, March 10, 2012. This year's Conference will take place at the Hilton Anatol

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Air Force Scraps $355 Million Super Tucano Deal

Says Questions About Documentation Caused The Abrupt Cancellation

The Air Force has cancelled its $355 million contract with Embraer for 20 Super Tucano aircraft that it had awarded December 31st effective Friday. The contract award, which is still being litigated, will be investigated.

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House Aviation Subcommittee, GA Caucus Leaders Oppose User Fee Threat

NBAA Has Prepared A Letter Members Can Send To Representatives In Washington

In the two weeks since President Obama called for a $100 per-flight user fee in his latest federal budget proposal, Congressional opposition to the idea has been building, including from four members of the U.S. House of Representatives who are urging their colleagues to sign a letter of protest to the White House.

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XCOR Aerospace Closes $5 Million Round Of Investment Capital

Should Fund The Company Through Production Of Lynx Suborbital Vehicle

XCOR Aerospace announced Monday that it recently closed a $5 million round of equity funding. The round, combined with cash on hand plus anticipated and existing contracts, should fund the company through production of its Lynx Mark I Suborbital vehicle.

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Southwest Delays Adding 'Hundreds' Of Planes

Rising Fuel Costs, AirTran Integration Blamed

Most commentary linking rising oil prices with suppression of an economic recovery relies on vague generalizations. But Southwest Airlines is blaming the upward march of fuel costs for a change in expansion plans which could delay the deployment of hundreds of additional planes, citing the need to reach a target of a 15 percent return on investment.

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GAMA Expands Membership With Four New Companies

Diverse Group Brings GAMA Membership To 77

GAMA's board of directors has approved Avfuel, Extant Components Group, ForeFlight and Thrush Aircraft as its newest members, bringing the international trade association’s membership to 77.

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CASA Issues 'Urgent' AD For Eurocopter AS350 B2

Fire Warning Light Did Not Activate During Function Test

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia has issued an "urgent" AD for AS 350 B2 helicopters, all serial numbers, if equipped with a Turbomeca ARRIEL 1D1 engine and incorporating Eurocopter modification (mod) 073273, except helicopters that incorporate mod 074346. The AD was first published by EASA.

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SAFE Welcomes New, Returning Sponsor

Cessna Re-Ups, Redbird Comes On Board At 'Gold' Level

SAFE, the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators, recently announced the addition of Redbird Flight Simulations as a Gold-Level Corporate Member. Simultaneously, Cessna has renewed its exclusive sponsorship of the SAFE website.

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Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (02.29.12)

“This fee would have a devastating impact on commercial and general aviation, as well as the aviation manufacturing industry.” Source: Letter from House GA Caucus and Transportation Committee leaders to President Obama.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (02.29.12): Airport Diagram

The section of an instrument approach procedure chart that shows a detailed diagram of the airport.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (02.29.12)

The Aerospace States Association

ASA is a bi-partisan representative of the grass roots of American Aerospace. It is an organization of Lieutenant Governors and state appointed delegates.

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