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Airborne Unlimited-12.02.22

Sat, Apr 09, 2022

Basic Med Welcomed In The Dominican Republic

IDAC Responded To A Request From Caribbean Flying Adventures

Our Friend, Jim Parker, reports that one of the number one tourist destinations in the Caribbean, The Dominican Republic, formally announced at Sun n Fun that Basic Med Pilots are welcome. Hector Porcella, the Acting Director General of the Dominican Civil Aviation Authority, responded to a request from Caribbean Flying Adventures for a formal letter welcoming the 66,000 basic med plots in the U.S, but norting that, "Flights of such aircraft in Dominican airspace must abide by the regulations common to all aircraft, aecording to the provisions of the legislation."

The Dominican Republic has welcomed basic med pilots since 2017 as there was no basis for questioning the safety of an FAA authorized program. The Dominican Republic, and the majority of islands in the Caribbean, do not even ask to see a medical certificate upon arrival.

Director General Porcella will be attending Sun n Fun to inform private pilots that “the Dominican Republic is friendly for all pilots and all aircraft, including experimental aircraft. As of today, we are implementing new protocols to make procedures at Dominican airports the most affordable and hassle free of any airport in the Bahamas and Caribbean. We welcome you.”



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