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Airborne Unlimited-02.11.19

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Airborne Unlimited-02.13.19

AMA Drone Report-02.14.19

Airborne Unlimited-02.15.19

Thu, Oct 11, 2018

New Patent-Pending Analytic Solution Added To Popular Holding Pattern App

First App Of Its Kind Precisely Calculates Holding Pattern Outbound Heading And Time

Aviation Mobile Apps has updated its popular Holding Pattern Computer with patent-pending analytic solution enabling Pilots for the first time to roll out precisely onto the inbound leg and fly it for exactly the prescribed time or distance, regardless of wind direction and speed.

Whereas other holding pattern apps and devices simply suggest an appropriate entry procedure -- direct, parallel or teardrop -- Holding Pattern Computer provides turn-by-turn directions, including how long to fly a heading before initiating a turn.

Holding Pattern Computer uses a patent-pending analytic solution developed by 51-year Aerospace Industry veteran and FAA Safety Team Representative Les Glatt, PhD, ATP/CFI-AI, AGI/IGI.

"As a flight instructor for over 40 years, it became apparent that the FAA training guidelines of using a trial and error method for correcting the track of the aircraft for winds to meet a specified inbound time to the holding fix, was only valid under a limited set of conditions. The development of the exact analytic solution of the 'Generalized Holding Pattern Problem' not only allows the Pilot to nail the holding pattern on the first circuit, but it also explained why the FAA method fails as the wind speed increased. The results of this analysis can have a major impact on how we train IFR Pilots on flying holding patterns in the future," says Dr. Glatt.

Holding Pattern Computer automatically calculates ground track, wind correction angle, headings, and required timings, given the assigned fix, true airspeed, and virtually any wind direction and velocity up to 99.99% of TAS.  Additionally, since outbound time is measured from the point the aircraft turns to the outbound heading, it is no longer necessary to locate the abeam point, significantly reducing Pilot workload.

The app is ideal for less seasoned Pilots and those training for their instrument rating who need to quickly calculate wind correction angles, course, headings, and required timings. Holding Pattern Computer's detailed calculations also provide a great cross-check for more experienced Pilots who attempt to perform these calculations mentally.

(Image provided with Aviation Mobile Apps news release)



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