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Airborne 12.04.17

Airborne-Unmanned 12.05.17

Airborne 12.06.17

AMA Drone Report 12.07.17

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Mon, Jan 26, 2004

The Greatest Aviation Conference Nobody Ever Heard Of

Great Lakes International Aviation Conference To Focus On New Cockpit Technology

The "glass cockpit revolution" will be one of the main topics for the Great Lakes International Aviation Conference at the Lansing Center in Lansing (MI). The conference takes place February 6-8.

"The Garmin G-1000 is coming out," says conference organizer Philip Tartalone, with the Michigan Department of Transportation. "It's going in the Diamond, it's going in the Cessnas, and that is the big deal in aviation."

Both Cessna and Diamond will be among the vendors at the conference. Cirrus, Piper and Mooney will also be represented at the conference, where one of the featured speakers will be AOPA President Phil Boyer.

Seminars at the conference will feature cross-border aviation between the US and Canada, a timely topic indeed, considering how many Canadian pilots are considering a trek to Oshkosh (WI) for the EAA fly-in this year. Tartalone says other topics will include the way general aviation has been portrayed in the media lately.

"Andrew Thomas is going to be here," says Tartalone. "He's a noted author on aviation security. He's going to be there to give us his views on aviation security."

Although Tartalone calls the Great Lakes Interntational Aviation Conference the "greatest aviation conference nobody ever heard of." But word is certainly getting out. This year, the conference is in the Lansing Center rather than at a local hotel. "This year, we have several venues for food. We're able to offer a day rate to the conference. So the whole complexion of the conference has changed."

The day rate issue has been smoldering for the past three years, says Tartalone. But with that issue solved, he expects 1500-2000 people will show up for the conference. "That fact alone -- that we can offer a day-rate -- and people can come in and check out the exhibits and attend a few sessions for a relatively small price is going to help our attendance considerably."

With a new venue, new vendors and a lot to talk about, Tartalone says this is going to be one of the best conferences ever.

  • Phil Boyer, President
    Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, AOPA
    Fredrick, MD
  • Pat Duggins, Human Factors for Mechanics
    President, Consulting Services, Inc.
    Tulsa, OK
  • Brian Finnegan, President
    Professional Aviation Maintenance Association (PAMA)
    Washington, DC
  • Cathe’ Fish, New Technologies
    Aviation Speakers Bureau
    Orofino, ID
  • Jack Lousma
    NASA Astronaut
    Ann Arbor, MI
  • Lane Wallace, West Coast Editor
    Flying Magazine
    Palo Alto, CA
  • Dr. John Wood, Optics Lead Engineer
    NASA Hubble Space Telescope
    Goddard Space Flight Center
    Greenbelt, MD
  • Buying a New Aircraft Seminar
    Pat Redmond, Sales Manager
    Suburban Aviation
    Ottawa Lake, MI
  • Now is a Great Tax-Time to Buy an Airplane
    Lew Meiners, President
    Advocate Aircraft Taxation Company
    Naples, FL
  • Aviation Insurance
    Rick Turner and Shaun Johnson
    Aviation Insurance Agency
    DeWitt, MI
  • How to Make Maintenance Logbook Entries
    Owner/Operator Responsibilities
    Aircraft Record Keeping
    Gary Knaggs and Mike McKinley
  • Volunteer Flying for the Wings of Mercy
    Chuck Binder
    Saginaw, MI
  • Partnerships and LLCs
    Rick Durden, Attorney
    Grand Rapids, MI
  • Aircraft Preheating: The Big Debate
    Gary Schmidt, President
    Tanis Aircraft Services
    Glenwood, MI

Airports and FBOs
  • The Care and Feeding of Airports: The Behind the Scenes Bureaucracy
    Panel from MDOT Aeronautics
  • Economic Value of Your Airport
    Zoe Lorca, Aviation Planner
    MDOT Aeronautics
  • Small Airports: Where the Money is and How to Write a Grant
    Jenny Yung, MDOT Aeronautics
  • Environmental Issues at Airports
    Eric Shepardson, Market Sales Manager
    Safety Kleen
    Romulus, MI
  • Risk Management for Airports
    Pat Duggins, President
    Consulting Services, Inc.
    Tulsa, OK
  • Marketing Your Airport
    Jim Lampe
    Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis

Five great sessions for Balloonists to run on Saturday.

Flight Instructors
  • Adult Learning Styles
    Mary Lou Leigh and Kata Street
    Macomb Community College
    Clinton Township, MI
  • FAA/Industry Training Standards (FITS) Program
    Thomas K. Glista, Aviation Safety Inspector-Operations
    National Resource Manager for General Aviation Training Standards
    Federal Aviation Administration, Washington, DC
  • Practice Talking to ATC on Your Computer
    Carol Dodds, General Manager
    Comm1 Radio Simulator
    Frederick, MD
  • Using Microsoft Flight Simulator as a Teaching Tool
    Bruce Williams, Business Development Manager
    Microsoft Corporation
    Redmond, WA
General Safety and Interest
  • IFR Refresher
    Cathe' Fish
    Tulsa, OK
    Cathe' Fish
    Tulsa, OK
  • Flying On The Gages
    Brian Jacobson, IFR Refresher
    White Lake, MI
  • Water Survival
    Robert T. Shafer, District Staff Officer-Aviation
    U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
    Grosse Ile, MI
  • Tips and Techniques for the GA Pilot from the Airline Cockpit
    Paul J. Preidecker, President
    Flight Training Solutions, LLC
    Broadview Heights, WI
  • The Strategic Evaluation of Aviation Safety and Security Measures
    Andrew Thomas, Author/Analyst
    Global Market Strategies, Ltd.
    Broadview Heights, OH
  • High Altitude Operations
    Rogers Shaw, CAMI
    Oklahoma City, OK
  • TFRs: The Legal Trap
    Mike McKinley, FAA Regional Counsel
    Chicago, IL
  • Handling In-flight Emergencies, Part One and Part Two
    (Part 1 on Friday and Part 2 on Saturday)
    Mike Stock
    Northwestern Michigan College
  • The Over-technical Side of Tailwheel Landings
    Robert Mahieu
    St. Clair Shores, MI
  • What Did You Say?  Memory Lapses in Flight Operations
    Anthony Adamski, Ph,D.
    Eastern Michigan University
    Ypsilanti, MI
  • Little Known Facts about Aeronautical Charts
    Dick Neher, FAA
    Washington, D.C.
  • Airport Hot Spot Charts: Runway Incursion Prevention
    Ron Bazman, Willow Run Tower
    Belleville, MI
  • Pilot Getaways in Ontario
    Conrad Hatcher, Airport Manager
    Niagara District Airport (CYSN)
    St. Catharines, ON
  • Accident Investigations
    Kelly Teague, Air Safety Investigator
    Transportation Safety Institute
    Oklahoma City, OK
  • Establishing a "Safety Culture"
    Brain Dillman, Safety Officer
    Purdue University
    Lafayette, IN
  • Aviation Jeopardy
    Bill Benhoff, FAA
    Oklahoma City, OK
  • Did That Really Happen?
    Bill Benhoff, FAA
    Oklahoma City, OK
  • Lasik Surgery
    Mark Swan
    Ferris State University
    Big Rapids, MI
  • High Blood Pressure and Cardiac Concerns
    Dr. Bob Gordon
    Plymouth, MI
  • OASIS-The New Flight Service Station System
  • WAAS: What Does It Mean for You?
    Randy Kenagy, Senior Director, Advanced Technology
    Aircraft Owners and  Pilots Association (AOPA)
    Frederick, MD
  • Transition from Paper to Electronic Charts
    Mark Ruger and Dale Odernheimer
    Englewood, CO
  • Small Aircraft Transportation System: Putting "Wings on America"
    Ken Hesbe, Manager, Outreach and External Affairs
    National Consortium for Aviation Mobility
    Hampton, VA
  • Large Droplet Icing
    Dr. Judy VanZante
    NASA Glenn Research Center
    Cleveland, OH

  • The WSI System: Total Integration from the Ground to the Air
    Keith D. Hoffler, Director, Business Development-Aviation
    Weather Services International (WSI)
    Newport News, VA
  • Cold Weather Aircraft Operations
    Gary Schmidt, President
    Tanis Aircraft Services
    Glenwood, MN
  • Forecasting the Weather Out Your Window
    Steve Considine
    National Weather Service
    White Lake, MI
  • Aviation Law Forum
    Aviation Section of the Michigan Bar
    Steven Chait, Waterford, MI
    Richard Durden, Grand Rapids, MI
    Robert Hoschner, Corunna, MI
    Michael McKinley, Chicago, IL
  • Adventurers with a Cause: Missionary Pilots
    Dave Kepple, FAA
    South Bend, IN
  • Living with Your Airplane
    Paul Sullivan, Harbor Springs Airpark
    Dave Sclair, Living with Your Airplane Association
  • Stupid Things People do on Check Rides Panel
    Dave Frazier, Jackson Community College Aviation Department
    Tom Krashen, MDOT Aeronautics
  • The Establishment, and Subsequent Care and Feeding of Flying Clubs
    Bill Purosky
    Spartan Wings
    Mason, MI
  • Stupid Pilot Tricks (From the Mechanics View)
    Frank Napolitano
    Les Ojala
    Dave Pratt
    John Russman
Hands-On Area
  • The Vertigon
    Rogers Shaw, CAMI
    Oklahoma City, OK
  • Parachute Packing
    Ron Pawlowski, Skydive Tecumseh
    Tecumseh, MI
  • Mechanical Seminar for Non-Mechanics
    Worn Parts: Preflight
    Lisa Whittaker, Western Michigan University
    Battle Creek, MI
  • Land Survival
    Rogers Shaw, CAMI
    Oklahoma City, OK
  • Aircraft Sheet Metal Construction
    Richard Whiteside, Assistant Director of Training
    Michigan Institute of Aeronautics
    Belleville, MI
  • Aviation Safety Counselor Meeting
    FAA-Grand Rapids and Detroit FSDOs
    Saturday, 5:10 to 6:00 p.m.
  • CFI Meeting
    FAA-Grand Rapids and Detroit FSDOs
    Friday, 6:00 to 6:50 p.m.
  • Michigan Helicopter Association Meeting
    Kelly Teague, Air Safety Investigator
    Transportation Safety Institute
    Oklahoma City, OK
    Sunday, 9:00 to 11:00 a.m.
  • Michigan Aviation Association Meeting
    Bob Shafer
    Sunday, 1:00 to 2:00 p.m.


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