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September 24, 2012

ANN Daily Aero-Briefing: 09.24.12

American’s Pilot Raise Serious Maintenance Issues…

Air Canada Hangs Out the Help Wanted Sign…

The FAA Reaches a Major Next Gen Milestone&he

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Africa's First 777 Freighter Delivered To Ethiopian Airlines

Airline To Begin Replacing Older Freighters With More Efficient And Capable Fleet

The first Boeing 777 Freighter to be operated by an African carrier was delivered Thursday to Ethiopian Airlines. The airplane is being leased to Ethiopian Airlines from GECAS.

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NASA Selects Teachers To Fly Student Experiments In Reduced Gravity Aircraft

Flights To Take Place In April Of Next Year

Teachers from six NASA Explorer Schools (NES) have been selected to receive the 2012 School Recognition Award for their contributions to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education.

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Ball Aerospace Ships First James Webb Space Telescope Mirrors To NASA

Webb On Track For Launch In October, 2018

Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. began the process of shipping the finished NASA James Webb Space Telescope mirrors to Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD, on Friday, September 14. Ball Aerospace, under contract to Northrop Grumman, is responsible for the Webb's optical technology and lightweight mirror system.

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NASA's Dawn Spacecraft Sees Hydrated Minerals On Giant Asteroid

Vesta Has A Ring Around Its Equator

NASA's Dawn spacecraft has revealed the giant asteroid Vesta has its own version of ring around the collar. Two new papers, based on observations from the low-altitude mapping orbit of the Dawn mission, show volatile, or easily evaporated, materials have colored Vesta's surface in a broad swath around its equator.

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GE's CF34-3 Engines Mark 20 Years Of Regional Jet Service

First Engines Hung On CRJ100 Aircraft In 1992

In 1992, GE Aviation’s CF34-3 engines helped launch a new era in aviation when it entered service on Bombardier’s CRJ100 aircraft, spawning the beginning of regional jet segment in commercial aviation. Twenty years later, the CF34 engines continue to power regional jets around the world.

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Eznis Airways First To Operate Bombardier Q400 Aircraft In Mongolia

Aircraft Has Capabilities To Meet Performance Challenges Of Region Eznis Airways LLC has become the latest operator of Bombardier Q400. The largest private airline in Mongolia ... Eznis has acquired a previously owned Q400 aircraft and has started service in the country with the fast and fuel-efficient turboprop. Eznis acquired the Q400 aircraft through Nordic Aviation Capital, the Denmark-based leasing company.

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Some Members Of Congress Express 'Disappointment' In LAX Security Company

Letter Calls On Command Security Corporation To Comply With Federal & Local Labor Laws, Says Union

More than 20 Members of Congress sent a letter to Command Security Corporation to express their disappointment at the company's refusal to participate in a national mediation hearing with the National Mediation Board and SEIU's United Service Workers West, as well as the company's failure to comply with the City of Los Angeles' Living Wage Ordinance.

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BAE APKWS To Be Integrated On Unmanned Aircraft

Precision Kill Weapons System Being Integrated Onto The Fire Scout

For the first time, the Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System (APKWS) will be integrated onto an unmanned aerial vehicle, according to BAE Systems. The company, which designed and manufactures the guidance section of the laser-guided rocket, was recently awarded a U.S. Navy contract to add the APKWS onto the MQ-8B Fire Scout UAV.

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Atlas Air Worldwide Announces Placement Of Two Boeing 747-8 Freighters

DHL Express To Fly The Stretched Jumbo Jets

Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings said Thursday it has reached an agreement with DHL Express for placement of its sixth and seventh Boeing 747-8 Freighter aircraft. These aircraft will be operated by Atlas Air Worldwide’s unit, Atlas Air, Inc., in the Polar Air Cargo Worldwide express network under an ACMI arrangement for the benefit of DHL Express commencing in the fourth quarter of 2012.

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Piper, ATP Reach Agreement For Future Maintenance Data

Will Switch To New Distribution Service In December

Piper Aircraft and Aircraft Technical Publishers ("ATP") announced Wednesday that beginning December 5, 2012 access to all Piper maintenance publications and regulatory documents will be available exclusively through the ATP Aviation Hub Online Service and ATP's NavigatorV Desktop Platform.

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Eurocopter To Supply Four EC725 SAR Helos To The Royal Thai Air Force

Deliveries Expected In 2015

A contract was signed Tuesday between Eurocopter and the Royal Thai Air Force for the supply of four EC725 helicopters, configured for search and rescue missions. Signing the new agreement were Air Marshal Paiboon Singhamat of the Royal Thai Air Force, and Olivier Lambert, Eurocopter’s Senior Vice President for Sales and Customer Relations.

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AD: Airbus Airplanes

AD NUMBER: 2012-19-02

PRODUCT: All Airbus Model A330-243, -341, -342 and -343 airplanes.

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Aero-Scam: 'Air Combat' Industry Fighting Fraud (Part 2)

The Frauds Continue: Most Dangerous Man In Aviation, David Riggs, Flaunts Reality

Aero-Scam: 'Air Combat' Industry Fighting Fraud (Part 1) Over the course of the last ten days, the massive amount of evidence involved in a growing 'Aero-Scam' victimizing the air combat adventure business, and what certainly appears to be (at least) hundreds of potential/innocent customers, has grown beyond our worst expectations. Despite aggressive efforts to contact and undertake dialogs with the staff of a number of "Daily Deal" websites used to purvey these fraud-riddled offers of daring air combat adventure rides, the offers not only continue to be sold... but ar

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Farewell To History: A Personal Endeavour

Space Shuttle Is Greeted With Exuberance Throughout Los Angeles

By Maxine Scheer Today (Friday) in the Los Angeles area, there appeared to be nothing but positive media attention on the arrival of the retiring NASA Space Shuttle Endeavour. This is a personal story from my experience as I stood in an office overlooking the campus of UCLA and out to noted waypoints on the shuttle’s travel log. People crammed into this corner office to look out the windows as we also watched online media coverage of the Endeavour’s path above major tourist sites. Luckily, the shuttle, and the Boeing 747 that carried it, went directly over us on its way to the Griffith Observatory (which by the way, is always packed when I go) and a requisite ‘photo op&

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Airborne 09.21.12: AA Layoffs, Breitling L-39 Bailout, Good-Bye Endeavour

Also: BBJ Record, Alcohol Found In Accident Investigation, Lawyers Bash Robinson, ME323 Recovery, Space Pizza, FAA Grounds RC Aircraft

American Airlines is sending out 11,000 layoff warnings to its employees, but the airlines says it's really not as bad as all that. Bruce Hicks, spokesman for American, says that fewer than 40% of those receiving the notices will actually lose their jobs; the final number is expected to be closer to about 4,400. The Breitling demonstration jet team has decided to stand down from scheduled performances in Belgium and France after the loss of one of its aircraft this past Saturday. According to news released by Breitling,

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Pilots Claim Maintenance Problems At American Airlines

APA: "Pilots Cannot Ignore Serious Maintenance Issues"

You don't have to had read much about the state of air travel without having heard about the battles underway at American Airlines. With both sides trading charges and barbs, one must take all statements with a grain of salt but the Allied Pilots Association has just fired a shot across the bow that needs to be looked into. APA, the certified collective bargaining agent for AA's 10,000 pilots, has countered recent media reports blaming pilots, for disrupting flight schedules with trivial maintenance requests, with some damning details.

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Klyde Morris (09.24.12)

Klyde: Why Not? China Seems Intent On Buying Much Of America's Aviation and Aerospace Tech


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California Governor Signs Spaceflight Liability And Immunity Act

Provides Protection For Companies Engaged In Commercial Spaceflight

California Governor Jerry Brown has signed into law the Spaceflight Liability and Immunity Act, AB 2243.  This law provides the necessary liability protections for compliant companies in the state, should any spaceflight participant who has acknowledged the risks sustain any bodily injury during spaceflight activities.

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Consumer Group Says AA Flight Cancellations Hurt The Flying Public Calls On Congress To Immediately Restore The 'Reciprocity Rule'

American began implementing cost cuts for its pilots this month after a U.S. bankruptcy judge ruled the airline could abandon its collective bargaining agreement with the pilots union. The airline, a unit of AMR Corp, said on Wednesday it canceled about 300 flights for this week out of nearly 24,000 departures planned across its network, including the American Eagle regional division. American cited factors including "an increase in maintenance reports filed by pilots, as well as levels of sick leave usage that have been running higher than historical norms."

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NBAA2012 Career Day: Much More Than A Field Trip For Area Kids

Middle And High School Students Hear About Aviation Careers, Tour Exhibits At Annual Convention

In what has become an aviation industry tradition, the NBAA will host its annual Career Day on Nov. 1, during the Association's 65th Annual Meeting & Convention (NBAA2012) at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL.

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U.K. AAIB Says Two Fatally Injured In YAK Accident Should Have Bailed Out

Report Indicates Parachuting Out Of The Airplane May Have Saved Their Lives

In a report released this week, the U.K. Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) said that two men who were fatally injured when the YAK-52 they were flying failed to recover from an inverted spin and went down in a lake might have survived if they had used the parachutes they were wearing. The two on board were an instructor and a student working on aerobatics.

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NASA Global Hawks Support Hurricane Missions From Both US Coasts

New Base Of Operations Allows NASA Global Hawks To Reach Atlantic Storms More Quickly, Collect Data For Longer Periods Of Time

Now deployed to the U.S. East coast, unmanned NASA Global Hawks built by Northrop Grumman will be able to better support environmental scientists during Hurricane and Severe Storm Sentinel (HS3) missions. The HS3 missions aim to study the processes of hurricane formation and intensity change in the Atlantic Ocean.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (09.24.12)

Aero Linx: Emergency Volunteer Air Corps The Emergency Volunteer Air Corps promotes and coordinates effective and useful additional General Aviation volunteer participation in emergency relief efforts, especially following disasters. EVAC Volunteers fly to help others! During emergency situations EVAC pilots and other volunteers provide the resources of General Aviation to help affected people and communities. While such help can be organized quickly on an ad hoc basis, it is better to plan beforehand so that lines of communication are clear and available resources are already identified. In addition, operations are safer and more efficient if periodic exercises are conducted. Such events also help local emergency ser

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (09.24.12): Cirriform

Cirriform Clouds composed of small particles, mostly ice crystals. Because the particles are fairly widely dispersed, this usually results in relative transparency and whiteness, often producing a halo phenomena not observed in other clouds forms. These clouds generally have bases above 20,000 feet in the mid-latitudes, and are classified as high clouds. They include all varieties of cirrus, cirrocumulus, and cirrostratus clouds.

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Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (09.24.12)

Aero-News Quote of the Day "Well... as it turns out, Lauren and Matt are frauds. Neither took a ride with "Fighter Combat Adventures" and both posted such glowing but false reviews because they were working for a "Search Manipulation" company that Riggs had hired to clean up his online reputation. Contacts with the company confirm that Riggs hired them to "polish" his rep, that the reviews were false, and that David Riggs, specifically, hired them to undertake the actions we questioned some time ago. When the company that posted these glowing reviews learned about the background of Mr. Riggs, and did a little checking of their own (at our urging), the reviews were removed within minutes. Complaints to Y

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