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May 04, 2004

Global Eagle Off And Running

'Round The World Gyro Expedition Underway

Expedition Global Eagle came about from an idea Barry Jones had back in 2002: It was nothing less than to become the first person to fly around the world in an autogyro, the final class of powered aircraft yet to achieve the feat. He approached his Commanding Officer at 9 Regiment Army Air Corps and asked permission to set up the expedition. Permission was granted for him to look into the possibilities of such a trip, which he set about doing. Here's the first in a series of articles from Barry's newsletter, describing the launch and success to date of the Global Eagle.

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USAF Names First Female To Command Combat Squadron

And You'll Never Guess...

The 354th Fighter Squadron, based at Arizona's Davis-Monthan AFB, has a new commander: Lt. Col. Martha McSally. If that name rings familiar, you might remember that the 38-year old McSally sued the Pentagon three years ago because, while in Saudi Arabia, the military made her wear Muslim religious garb -- called abayas -- so as not to offend the locals.

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Return To Flight: Revised

Challenges Remain

"We have made significant progress across the board in all the items that we think are required for return to flight." Those words come from Wayne Hale, NASA's deputy director for the space shuttle program. He says, after the February 1, 2003, Columbia disaster, the space agency is steadily approaching the day when the shuttles will fly again.

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United's Tilton: Show Me The #&@! Money!

Bankrupt Airline's CEO Says Taxpayers Risk Nothing

We want it. We need it. We're entitled to it. That's the line from United Airlines CEO Glenn Tilton these days, as he angrily defends his bankrupt airline and demands that the government grant it $1.6 billion in loan guarantees.

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Airports Test Missile Defenses

Simulating SAM Attack On Commercial Aircraft

Across the US, airports and airlines are staging exercises that are supposed to improve their ability to defend against a shoulder-launched missile attack on commercial aircraft. There's no fresh intelligence suggesting such an attack is on the way, according to the TSA. But it is an election year, and the Department of Homeland Security says it could certainly happen.

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They Do This With Boats, Right?

Arm Aerospace Aircraft Lift Addresses Expensive And Diminishing Hangar Space

Recognizing that hangars are scarce and hangar fees are steadily escalating, especially in large metropolitan areas, ARM Aerospace of Tucson (AZ) has come up with an innovative solution that doubles the storage capacity of any existing hangar.  They have created The Aero-Lift a cantilevered lift that makes it possible to store two airplanes in almost any hangar by lifting one aircraft into the air and using the empty space underneath to store an additional aircraft (or a car or a boat). Already adopted by a number of FBOs, general aviation and sport aviation pilots and aeroclubs, the lift Aero-Lift has met with an enthusiastic response in the United States and overseas.

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Union Give Cautious Green Light To Air Canada Restructuring

Airline Looking For New Investor

Air Canada, mired in gallons of red ink, has gotten a tentative okie-dokie from its largest union to start looking for a new investor -- one who can pump a much-needed $250 million into the cash-strapped airline.

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Dallas Executive: Reliever Airport Of The Year

Turnaround Deemed Success

By ANN Editor Pete Combs About 15 years ago, when I was a nervous junior birdman vying for his IFR ticket, I flew from Addison Airport in Dallas (TX) to Redbird Airport on the south side of town. I made every single mistake I could possibly make, until the grizzled old flight examiner sitting in the right seat said, "Either you're too lost or I'm too scared. Let's turn this thing around." My memories of what is now Dallas Executive Airport weren't terribly fond -- not that the airport was at fault. Still, it was a little... well, seedy. Not any more.

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Boeing Unveils Next Generation 737

And, Oh, My! That Paint Job Is New, Too!

Boeing Monday unveiled in Seattle (WA) an Air Berlin Next-Generation 737-700 carrying the dynamic blue and white livery previously shown only on the all-new Boeing 7E7.  

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AOPA Goes To The Source

Hosts Meeting For ASN Volunteers In California

AOPA Airport Support Network volunteers are a vital part of the association's efforts to protect airports, so this past weekend, AOPA representatives went to central California for a meeting with several of the volunteers.

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Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

Jacksonville's Airport Deals With Cats Gone Wild

"Oh my God, what the hell is this?" That was reportedly Mike McNamee's reaction after opening the door to his office at Jacksonville International Airport not long ago. The food services manager had discovered that his office had been vandalized over the previous weekend. There was a huge hole in the ceiling. Papers were scattered all over the office. And, ewww, that smell!

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Shaken Down, Ready For Action

Northrop Grumman Sends USS Ronald Reagan Back To The Yard

Northrop Grumman Monday redelivered the nation's newest and most advanced nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76), to the US Navy after a post shakedown availability (PSA).

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Ohio TFR: 05/04/04

NOTAM:  4/3843  Issued:  05/03/2004 18:25  Effective:  05/04/2004 12:15 - 05/04/2004 15:05  State:  OH  Facility:  ZOB - CLEVELAND (ARTCC),OH.  Type:  VIP  Description:  TOLEDO, OHIO, MAY 4, 2004. 

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California TFR: TFN

NOTAM:  4/3840  Issued:  05/03/2004 16:28  Effective:  Immediately - Until Further Notice  State:  CA  Facility:  ZLA - LOS ANGELES (ARTCC)PALMDALE, CA.  Type:  HAZARDS  Description:  TEMECULA, CA. 

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Meet The Avro Canuck

And We Certainly Mean No Disrespect!

It was a labor of love, and it is finally completed.  Under the auspices of the Base Borden Military Museum and with technical support from 16 Wing Borden, a small group of dedicated volunteers have contributed more than 4,000 hours to the restoration of one of the most significant aircraft in the history of Canadian military aviation: the Avro CF-100 Canuck.

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Aero-News Quote Of The Day (05.04.04)

"We have made significant progress across the board in all the items that we think are required for return to flight." Source: Wayne Hale, NASA's deputy director for the space shuttle program, who says, after the February 1, 2003, Columbia disaster, the space agency is steadily approaching the day when the shuttles will fly again.

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Flightdocs' Steve Jackson to Speak at PAMA 2004

Will Talk About Using The Internet In Aircraft Maintenance And Repair

Flightdocs, a company that makes aviation maintenance software, says its director, Steve Jackson. will speak at the Professional Aviation Maintenance Association's (PAMA) 33rd Annual Symposium in Las Vegas (NV).

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AD: Cessna

AD NUMBER: 2004-08-17 MANUFACTURER: Cessna (CORRECTION) SUBJECT: Airworthiness Directive 2004-08-17 SUMMARY: The FAA is adopting a new airworthiness directive (AD) for certain Cessna Aircraft Company(Cessna) Models 208 and 208B airplanes. This AD requires you to inspect any upper and lower wing strut attach fitting nut for existence of the corresponding cotter pin and do any necessary corrective action. This AD is the result of a report of one airplane having loose and improperly tied nuts on the wing struts upper attachment bolts. We are issuing this AD to detect and correct loose and improperly tied nuts on the wing struts, which could result in an attachment nut coming off the bolt. This could lead to the failure of

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AD: Boeing

AD NUMBER: 2004-07-22 MANUFACTURER: Boeing (CORRECTION) SUBJECT: Airworthiness Directive 2004-07-22 SUMMARY: This amendment supersedes two existing airworthiness directives (ADs), applicable to all Boeing Model 747 series airplanes, that currently require that the FAA-approved maintenance inspection program be revised to include inspections that will give no less than the required damage tolerance rating for each structural significant item, and repair of cracked structure. Those ADs were prompted by a structural re-evaluation that identified additional structural elements where, if damage were to occur, supplemental inspections may be required for timely detection of fatigue cracking. This amendment requires additiona

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