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Airborne 06.18.18

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Sun, Mar 04, 2012

ANN-FAQ: AIRBORNE Episode Roster For 2011

A Guide To All Kinds Of 2011 AIRBORNE Goodness!!

Well... after several months of planning, practicing and preparation, the first generation of a new programming effort from Aero-TV hit cyberspace some time ago. In November 2011, ANN released Airborne 11.18.11 -- with the mission to offer this as a weekly news feature through the end of 2011 and then ramp things up in a BIG WAY as 2012 get underway.

And let me tell you... we have some amazing things in store for Airborne... in a number of ways... not just in raising the bar for the programing itself but the way in which this programming is distributed, supported and the synergies we are in the process of developing with the rest of the aviation world. Believe you me, we have some serious surprises in store for you in months to come. To repeat our earlier warning -- like all things ANN, you ain't seen nothing yet. AIRBORNE is presented by Aero-TV veteran videographer and Host Ashley Hale, and supported by ANN CEO/Editor-In-Chief Jim Campbell, Chief Videographer Nathan Cremisino, and Aero-Journalists Tom Patton and Paul Plack.

If you've missed previous episodes of AIRBORNE, here is the current roster and links to the programs we webcast in 2011:


Airborne on Aero-TV: Introducing... Airborne 11.18.11

IPhone/iPad-Friendly YouTube Hi-Def Link -- Airborne 11.18.11

  • Lots of news from the Dubai Air Show... Including the purchase of the majority of the Canadian segment of Diamond Aircraft by a Dubai firm
  • Boeing and Airbus pick up major orders from Middle Eastern Airlines
  • The drama over Qatar Airways Airbus order
  • "Barnstorming" Aero-Minute from Jim Campbell -- about 'Leadership'
  • Cessna's mammoth Skycatcher price increase
  • Redbird Skyport's Grand Opening
  • New Leadership At GAMA... and their first-ever 'Chairwoman'
  • ANN's ‘AVW’ -- our Aero-Video of the Week features a very high-flying LTA vehicle 
  • Aero-Embarrassment David Riggs Goes Directly To Jail
  • Congress recognizes four Astronaut heroes
  • ANN's Tom Patton profiles what one airport authority is doing to deal with noise complaints
  • The FAA wants to shake us down for fees for using OUR tax-payer-funded chart data
  • And... Ryanair seems willing to enter the aerial porn distribution business... maybe.


Airborne on Aero-TV 11.25.11: Gulfstream, Hawker-Beech and Boeing Lead the News! 

IPhone/iPad-Friendly YouTube Hi-Def Link -- Airborne 11.25.11

  • Despite the holiday looming on the horizon, aviation made a LOT of news this week!
  • The FAA has granted a provisional type certificate to Gulfstream for the G650.
  • The Air Force has told Hawker Beechcraft that its AT-6 has been excluded from the Light Air Support bidding process
  • It was quite a week for Boeing
  • The NTSB hasn't come up with a definitive probable cause for the accident which cost Amanda Franklin her life.
  • SecDef Panetta and Canadian Defense Minister MacKay say they are committed to the F-35 joint strike fighter
  • For this weeks' A-V-W ... you know those little quad copters that can be controlled with a smartphone or tablet? Watch THIS!
  • The Coast Guard has stunning video of the events leading up to the rescue of the pilot of a Cessna 310 that ditched off the coast of Hawaii.
  • On 'Barnstorming' this week, ANN's Jim Campbell has more than a few things on his mind...
  • And finally, a recent Chautauqua/Delta Connection flight caused a stir when a jammed bathroom door caused the co-pilot to think they were under attack.


Airborne on Aero-TV 12.02.11: Boeing, American A/L, United and NTSB Lead The Week's News

IPhone/iPad-Friendly YouTube Hi-Def Link -- Airborne 12.02.11

  • Boeing reaches a comprehensive agreement with the IAM!
  • AMR Corp files for Chapter 11 reorganization.
  • An e-mail forwarded to ANN Tuesday indicates that some pilots who retired from American Airlines may become CH 11 creditors.
  • United Continental Holdings has been granted FAA approval for a single operating certificate.
  • Robert L. Sumwalt was sworn in Tuesday for his second five-year term as a member of the NTSB.
  • The FAA has posted a Flight Advisory alerting pilots in much of the Southeast US that GPS interference testing started December 1.
  • A Eurocopter AS-350-B2 helicopter in Auckland, New Zealand, was involved in a spectacular crash seen live on a web video stream.
  • Jim Campbell has more on the US Air Force blocking Hawker Beechcraft from bidding on a contract to build the new LAS.
  • The UK MoD has sold some 72 surplus Harrier jets to the US Marine Corps for use as spare parts.
  • This week, on Barnstorming, we have a bit of a surprise for you.... The first person to take us up on our offer to contribute a Barnstorming editorial is none other than Craig Fuller, himself. In his first appearance on Airborne, Craig addresses AOPA’s ambitions for the coming year...
  • Boeing is evaluating the future of its modification center in Wichita, Kansas.
  • This week's AVW - the Aero-Video of the Week -- features "Jetman," AKA Yves Rossy.
  • The NTSB has a prelim on the accident that killed Oklahoma State's women's head basketball coach and several others.
  • The FAA has granted an STC to Harrison Aero for the Commander 112 and 114 elevator spar cracking issue that prompted an AD.
  • NASA began a historic voyage to Mars with the launch of MSL, the Mars Science Laboratory, from Cape Canaveral.
  • United Launch Alliance says it has passed a Design Equivalency Review for the Atlas Five.
  • One of ANN's favorite events, each year, is our annual trek to I/ITSEC... the Mecca of military simulation and education technology and innovation. ANN's Jim Campbell reports. 
  • The FAA has ordered airlines to remove the emergency oxygen generators in airliner lavatories... in the meantime, we get to hold our breaths... literally.


Airborne on Aero-TV 12.09.11: Babbitt's Out, NTSB Examines Airshows, and USAF Cutbacks

IPhone/iPad-Friendly YouTube Hi-Def Link -- Airborne 12.09.11

  • FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt Arrested, Resigns
  • Barnstorming Looks At The Fallout Of The FAA Shake-Up And The 'Draft Sully' Movement
  • NTSB Schedules Hearings On Air Race And Air Show Safety
  • FAA Backs Off Of BARR
  • The NTSB Updates The Details On A Fatal AC690 Accident That Claimed 6
  • Cessna Launches A Safety Initiative
  • USAF Cuts Back On Airshow Demonstrations... Drastically
  • The X37B Is Still In Orbit And Seems Happy To Stay That Way
  • What Happened To That RQ-170 That Allegedly Flew Over Iran
  • Navy May Slow F-35 Production
  • Forecast International Predicts Nearly 11k Bizjets Will Be Produced By 2020
  • On This Week's 'AVW' -- Eagle v. Paraglider
  • The GEnx-1B Gets 330 Minute ETOPS Approval
  • Apollo 13 Notes Fetch Big Bucks At Auction
  • Pipistrel Holds An Art Contest
  • Another Cirrus Deadsticks... To A FL Highway
  • NASA Studies How To Reduce The Impact Of Sonic Booms


Airborne on AeroTV 12.16.11: Burt and Paul Are Spacebound, Boeing Certifies 747-8I, and SpaceX Gets NASA's Blessing

IPhone/iPad-Friendly YouTube Hi-Def Link -- Airborne 12.16.11

  • Boeing Certs the 747-8I
  • SWA 737 Order Biggest yet
  • SpaceX to Head For ISS
  • Lightsquared Still Doesn't Work/Play Well With Others
  • Piper Makes Some Job Changes
  • GE's H80 Gets Cert From EASA
  • NLRB Drops Boeing Complaint
  • EUETS Could Cost Billions
  • AEA's Paula Derks Guests On 'Barnstorming'
  • TSA Wants Their Stinkin' Badges
  • Tarmac delays Won't Go Away
  • Aviation Partners Gets Legal
  • Russian Aero-Safety Kinda Sucks
  • AVW Is Blown Away With RC Heli Acro
  • And Finally.... What Does One Do About Astro-Undies???


Airborne 12.23.11: FAA Allows Pilot Rest, TSA Petition, 2011's Aero-Innovators

IPhone/iPad-Friendly YouTube Hi-Def Link -- Airborne 12.23.11

  • The FAA Finally Publishes Rest Regs
  • TBM-700 Downed In Bad WX
  • Avidyne Certs for Piper PA-46 Line
  • The Sultan Of Brunei Now Owns ALL Of Piper
  • The Guessing Over The Next FAA Admin Is Under way!
  • Barefoot Bandit To Do Hard-Time
  • AeroNav Thinks Flyers Are Their Own Private ATM
  • Another Satellite Coming Down
  • SpaceX Readying For ISS Mission
  • China's Aircraft Carrier Revealed
  • Barnstorming Features EAA's Rod Hightower, This Week
  • TSA's Pistole Seems A Mite PO'ed
  • ANN Salutes The Aero-Innovators Of 2011
  • Aero-Video Of the Week Encounters SANTA!!!
  • NASA Knows Rock??? Who Knew?


Airborne 12.30.11: LightSquared Attacks, China GPS, & 2011's Best/Worst Stories

IPhone/iPad-Friendly YouTube Hi-Def Link -- Airborne 12.30.11

  • Bell 206 Medical Flight Crash
  • LightSquared Files with FCC, Releases Interference Study
  • Hawker Beechcraft Files Suit Over LAS Dismissal
  • China Throws Switch On Satellite Nav System
  • The Worst Aero-Stories of 2011
  • WACO Ditches Off Marathon
  • So Far, 2011 Is Safest Year Ever For Aviation
  • ISS New Year’s Message
  • Soyuz Satellite Launch Failure
  • AeroNav Digital Chart Meeting Update
  • FAA Posts Plan To Transition Away From VOR Navigation
  • NBAA Lets Web Stats Pick 2011 Top Stories
  • Corporate Angel Network Turns 30
  • Aero-Video Of the Week -- Skydiver Moves Between Gliders -- InFlight!
  • NORAD/Santa Sets Records

All these, and more, are presented on the aforementioned editions of 'Airborne' -- an innovative programming initiative from the Aero-News Network... the aviation world's most comprehensive news and information resource!




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