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July 16, 2012

ANN Daily Aero-Briefing: 07.17.12


Heat Wave Leaves Airliner Stuck in D.C.

Exceedingly High Temps Softened Asphalt Tarmac

A US Airways flight leaving the gate at Reagan National Airport last Friday bound for Charleston, SC, gave a whole new meaning to the idea of getting stuck at the airport.  It seems the string of 100 plus degree days in the nation’s capital, part of a blistering nationwide heat wave, was enough to cause a soft spot in the tarmac pavement into which the airplane sunk and became immobilized – stuck!

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Bell Helicopter Delivers Model 429 To Fairfax County Police Department

Second Of The Type For The FCPD

The Fairfax County Police Department (FCPD) is the owner of a new Bell 429 helicopter following the aircraft's delivery Tuesday. FCPD’s second multi-role Bell 429 is configured for both law enforcement and emergency medical service operations.

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KIWI Skier Turns Injury Rehab Into Helo License

Blown Out Knee Provided Time to Study and Fly

What does a world class freeskier do when an injury forces him to the sidelines? Go flying of course! KIWI skier Bryan Wells tore his ACL about a year ago when he fell while filming the documentary “Winter of Wells.” It was a season ending injury that Wells told ESPN Playbook really hit hard.

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New Jersey State Police Completes Fleet Renewal Program

Takes Delivery Of Fifth AW139

The New Jersey State Police Department has taken delivery of their fifth and final AW139 helicopter under their fleet replacement program. The aircraft were produced at AgustaWestland’s Philadelphia, Pennsylvania production facility.

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Shuttle Model Moving Slowly To New Location

Pieces Being Transported Separately, Will Be Reassembled

The wood-and-plastic space shuttle model, which was used by Rockwell to sell NASA on the concept and which has been gathering dust in a warehouse in California for 40 or so years, is being moved piece-by-piece to its temporary home under a tent in a parking lot near the building in Downey, CA.

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Alabama Aircraft Litigation Against Boeing Moves Forward

Accuses Aviation Giant Of Denying Smaller Company Its Day In Court

The Litigation Trustee for Alabama Aircraft Industries, Inc. (AAI), Joseph Ryan, announced Thursday that AAI, through its litigation trust, has this week responded to Boeing's appeal of the Delaware Bankruptcy Court's determination which permitted AAI's litigation in federal court in Alabama against Boeing to proceed. The Alabama litigation, being carried out through the Litigation Trust under the direction of the Litigation Trustee, seeks up to $100 million in damages from Boeing for fraudulent and unfair business practices.

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Man Proposes During Helicopter Flight

Well, Actually It Was Spelled Out By Friends And Family On The Beach

Johnathan Salma and Zuleth Telleria first got together at Huntington Beach, CA, about three years ago. The two returned for a sightseeing flight over the beach about a month ago, and Telleria got a big, and we assume welcome, surprise.

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ANN Daily Aero-Briefing: 07.16.12

Liftoff in Kazakhstan –a new crew heads to the Space Station…

New Safety Recommendations for Experimental – Amateur Built Aircraft...

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NEW Twice-Weekly Airborne 07.13.12: HBC Deal For Real?, Boeing/Airbus, Oshkosh!

Also: Garmin GLO, Adventure Pilot, AgustaWestland Helos, Barnstorming Gets Real, and Lego Jets!

As you may have heard, Airborne now comes to you TWICE a week, Tuesday and Fridays, (with occasional exceptions for special event weeks and associated coverage). Each week, you’ll get your dose of Airborne on Tuesday as well as Friday, allowing us to make the news more timely for you. There was big news for Boeing Thursday as Farnborough draws to a close. The Seattle based plane maker announced that United Air Lines has placed orders for 150 new 737 airplanes, including 100 of the new 737 Max 9s. Of course there's another big airshow coming soon - mayb

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Bombardier Aerospace Concludes A Successful Farnborough Airshow

Reports Over $3 Billion In Firm Orders Leaving England

Bombardier Aerospace says it concluded a successful week at the 2012 Farnborough International Airshow, where it had the opportunity to connect with business and commercial aircraft customers from around the world and announced up to $3.27 billion in firm orders and other commitments for its Q400 NextGen, CRJ and CSeries aircraft.

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Crew In Nigerian MD-83 Accident Reported 'Total Loss Of Power'

Preliminary Report Released By The NAIB

A preliminary report on an accident in which an MD-83 went down last month in the Nigerian city of Lagos, resulting in the fatal injury of at least 163 people, indicates both engines flamed out while the airplane was preparing to land.

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Klyde Morris (07.16.12)

(NOT) Like A Virgin...


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Rare WWII Churchill Photo Archive To Be Auctioned

Collection Details War’s “Most Daring Flight”

A rare photo archive that documents what was called World War II’s “Most Daring Flight” is soon to be auctioned, reports the UK newspaper, The Mail. The collection of photos documents Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s 1942 crossing of the Atlantic following a conference with U.S. President Roosevelt. Churchill’s plane was dogged by the Luftwaffe and his own Fighter Command before he returned safely to London. The photos have been in private hands since the flight, some 70 years ago.

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Bell CEO Forecasts Substantial Growth Despite Looming Military Cuts

Military, Commercial Programs Will Prop Up Business

The CEO of Bell Helicopter thinks three large U.S. military aircraft programs along with strong commercial demand for rotary-wing aircraft will sustain the Textron subsidiary even if sequestration forces major cuts in the defense department.

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Boeing P-8I Begins Flight Test Program

Military Derivative 737 For India On Schedule For 2013 Delivery

The first P-8I aircraft for the Indian Navy began its official flight test program July 7, taking off from Boeing Field in Seattle at 0915 and landing three hours and 49 minutes later after demonstrating flying qualities and handling characteristics. The flight went as planned with all test objectives met.

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FAA Eyes Fine For Colorado Crop Dusting Company

Pilot May Have His Certificate Suspended For 'Reckless' Flying

A pilot flying for Low Level Dusting Company of LaSalle, CO, may have his pilot privileges suspended along with a possible $11,000 fine after residents of a housing development videotaped him flying very low over their homes.

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Forecast Of Pilot Shortage Raises Questions On Among Industry, Regulators

Concerns That New Pilots Flying Airliners May Not Be Adequately Trained

In a sweeping forecast at Farnborough last week, Boeing officials warned of a coming worldwide pilot shortage ... saying airlines will need nearly half a million new pilots over the next 20 years, including 69,000 in North America alone. The Aisa-Pacific region will need even more pilots, the planemaker said, with some 185,600 slots to fill. The company also predicts a great need for mechanics and other technicians.

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Airbus Picks Rockwell Collins’ Hardware For Class 2 EFB

Touch-Screen Displays And Docking Station For A320

Rockwell Collins announced Wednesday that its avionics-grade touch-screen technology and docking station hardware are featured on the new certified Airbus Class 2 Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) system for the A320 family. Rockwell Collins’ 12.1 inch touchscreens for the A320 undergo a patented lamination process to eliminate glare and provide additional protection against rugged conditions during flight.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (07.16.12)

Aero Linx: Daily Sun And Moon Data You can obtain the times of sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, transits of the Sun and Moon, and the beginning and end of civil twilight, along with information on the Moon's phase by specifying the date and location. Useful tool for VFR flight planning.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (07.16.12): Anomalous Propagation (AP)

Anomalous Propagation (AP) Non-standard atmospheric temperature or moisture gradients will cause all or part of the radar beam to propagate along a non-normal path. When non-standard index-of-refraction distributions prevail, "abnormal" or "anomalous" propagation occurs. When abnormal downward bending occurs, it is called "superrefraction." If the beam is refracted downward sufficiently, it will illuminate the ground and return signals to the radar from distances further than is normally associated with ground targets. The term "subrefraction" is applied when there is abnormal upward bending of the radar beam.

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Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (07.16.12)

"Today's flight is another on-time milestone for the program... We'll start out testing the P-8I's mission system, which includes its sensors and communication systems. The team then will transition to 'stores' tests during which the P-8I will carry inert weapon shapes under its wings to demonstrate that the aircraft is capable of carrying all the weapons the Indian Navy will use during regular missions." Source: Leland Wight, Boeing P-8I program manager, as the the first P-8I aircraft for the Indian Navy began its official flight test program July 7.

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