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January 03, 2005

Finally! ANN Names The 'Best Of The Best' For 2004

Compiled and Administered By ANN Editor-In-Chief Jim Campbell We've had an interesting few days reviewing in amazing year in aviation and aerospace history -- celebrating our victories, decrying our losses, throwing rocks at the bad guys and offering sincere kudos to those who improved our lot. We hope you've enjoyed our efforts.

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Navy Helos 'Appear Like Angels' With Tsunami Relief

USS Abraham Lincoln Carrier Group Delivers Aid To Sumatra

US Navy helicopters "appeared like angels" as they delivered supplies to Aceh province, Indonesia, according to the provincial governor.

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The Year On Mars

NOVA Special Looks At The Roving Odyssey On The Red Planet

By ANN Senior Editor Pete Combs A year after landing on Mars, the twin rovers Spirit and Opportunity continue their quest to confirm the existence of water -- and perhaps life -- on a planet that now appears so very sterile.

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New Jersey Man 'Just Playing' With Laser

Lawyer: Client Was In Wrong Place At Wrong Time

David Banach and his daughter were simply "in the wrong place at the wrong time." So says Banach's lawyer, after the Lake Parsippany, NJ, man was questioned about flashing a laser at low-flying aircraft.

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Klyde Morris 01.03.05

Klyde Gets back To Picking On The TSA

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GA Muzzled During Inauguration

No GA Flights Into Washington ADIZ

Happy Holidays. This is just in from the FAA in Washington...

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Connecticut Town Wants Av School At Airport

"We Have The Airport Here, So Let's Us It"

If town leaders in Oxford, CT, have their way, there could soon be some new activity at the local airport. They want to see a magnet school operate at the Waterbury-Oxford Airport, one that would attract math and science students who are preparing for a career in aviation.

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What Happened To The Food Aboard The ISS?

Candy Saves The Day

Neither Cosmonaut Salizhan Sharipov nor US Astronaut Leroy Chiao are ones to point fingers, but then, chivalry could be a function of appetite. During a news conference last week, the two men aboard the International Space Station admitted they were down to eating candy bars, trying to get enough calories in their systems in order to function, as they awaited the arrival of the latest Progress supply ship.

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China Revises Statements On Halting Aircraft Orders

Orders Are Okay, But No Deliveries In 2005... Er... Sort Of

Perhaps alarmed at the ire they raised worldwide last week, Chinese aviation officials worked hard last week to clarify their decision to stop accepting delivery of new commercial aircraft this year.

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Investigation Continues Into Holiday SNAFUs

DOT Wants To Hear From Comair, US Airways Passengers

If you were flying as a crew member or a passenger aboard either a Comair or US Airways flight, the Department of Transportation would like a word with you.

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King Michael, You Should Have Been A Pilot

So Said Friends After He Was Exiled From Romania

If you're a king, what do you do after you lose the throne? Consider the case of King Michael, exiled from his homeland of Romania as the communists took over and the Iron Curtain fell in 1947, was literally out in the cold.

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Shuttle's New Fuel Tank Heads For The Cape

Due To Arrive Wednesday

As you read this Monday morning, a barge is somewhere out in the Gulf of Mexico, slowly making its way to the southern tip of the Florida Keys. Once there, it will turn northeast and head for Cape Canaveral, where it will unload its cargo -- a huge, slightly familiar looking fuel tank. Perhaps the most vital part of the new and improved shuttle fleet is being delivered to the Kennedy Space Center.

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Feds Step Into Middle Of UAL Pension Flap

Accuses United Of Trying To Circumvent Pension Laws

United Airlines' hopes of rewriting its pension contracts with employees hit what could end up being a brick wall last week. The federal government, in the guise of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation accused the carrier of trying to get around US pension laws and offering pilots now on the payroll a deal -- "at the expense of the federal government, its other employees and creditors."

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Fear Of Flying

Examiner Deals With Student Jitters

By Gary Wiblin, Editor, International Aviation Safety Forum I was booked to do an initial PPL test with a pleasant chap a while back. I had often met him milling about our flying club and judging by his obviously studious nature the test was to be a walk in the park. After doing a good, thorough pre-flight inspection we strapped ourselves into the aircraft for a perfect flight. Everything was going along just great. The pre-start and after-start checks were of a very high standard, brakes were checked, taxi speed was kept in check, controls were held correctly relative to wind, radio work was excellent, and the take-off and after take-off checks were flawless. I was wishing that there were more pilots of such a high calibre around.

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'The Aviator' Credited For Boost In Museum Tours

Visits To See Spruce Goose Are Way Up

Have you seen the Martin Scorcese film, "The Aviator" yet? Apparently, a whole lot of Oregonians have. Attendance at the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville, OR, has gone through the roof since the film about aviation pioneer Howard Hughes release. For good reason: Hughes' Spruce Goose is on display there.

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Vietnam Airlines Joins Boeing 7E7 Dreamliner Launch Team

Airline Agrees To Purchase Four 7E7-8s, Valued At $500 Million

Boeing confirmed that Vietnam Airlines has formally selected the 7E7 Dreamliner as its future mid-sized, twin aisle jetliner. The carrier plans to take delivery of four 7E7-8s during 2010. The value of the airplanes is estimated at $500 million at list prices.

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Remembering Al Kelch

His Passing Was An Aviation Milestone In 2004

Steve McDonald brought to our attention last week what he considered a big omission to our story about aviation notables who'd gone West in 2004. Alfred Kelch was the former director of the Vintage Aircraft Association who had an ongoing love affair with old aircraft and their restoration.

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RIP: Anna Boettger

Aviation Enthusiast Heads West At 105

Aviation Pioneer Anna Boettger will be remembered Monday at a memorial service, after she passed away in Omaha, NE, Thursday. An adventurer to the end, Anna was 105-years old.

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Cassini Caps off 2004 With Flyby of Icy Moon Iapetus

Closest Pass Yet

NASA's Cassini spacecraft capped off 2004 with an encounter of Saturn's ying-yang moon Iapetus (eye-APP-eh-tuss) on New Year's Eve.

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Aero-News Quote Of The Day (01.03.05)

"Both of us ended up losing a few pounds. We looked at it as kind of a challenge, kind of a camping adventure, roughing it I guess." Source: ISS Astronaut Leroy Chiao in a news conference from the station on Wednesday last week, heaving a big sigh of relief after the successful arrival of the Progress supply ship. Both Chiao and his Russian crewmate, Salizhan Sharipov, were forced to cut back on meat and potatoes while awaiting the supply ship's arrival. To make up for the nutritional deficit, they ate supplements. To make up for the calories, they ate candy. Why was the station short of food? Published reports say the previous crew apparently ate a little more than they were supposed to.

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