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November 08, 2004

X Prize Winners Take Their Victory Dance

In the shadow of the great city of St. Louis, on the grounds of the St. Louis Science Center (a magnificent facility), forward thinking members of the local community as well as the rest of the X Prize team gathered together to celebrate the "loss" of 10 million dollars.

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Missing And Dangerous: Agricultural Aircraft

TSA Issues Alert For Stolen Aircraft

A crop dusting aircraft was stolen from Ejido Queretaro, near Mexicali, Mexico and has now become the subject of an intensive TSA search. Although there is currently no indication that this has any connection to terrorist activity, the theft is cause for concern. Past information indicates that members of al-Qaida may have planned—or may still be planning—to disperse biological or chemical agents from crop dusting aircraft.

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Middle East Terror Group Flies UAV Over Israel

A Whole New Kind Of Threat

Israel has long been considered an innovator in UAV technology. So imagine Jerusalem's surprise when the Israel Defense Force spotted a UAV flying over northern Israel -- and realized it wasn't theirs.

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Say, Is That A Bomb In Your Pants Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

TSA's "Backscatter" Technology Leaves Nothing To The Imagination

Well, you knew it was coming... a government-funded security device that sees EVERYTHING. And now, it's here.

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A Bad Start To The New Fiscal Year

GA Accidents Way Up In October

General aviation totaled 340 fatal accidents in fiscal year (FY) 2004 (October 1, 2003-September 30, 2004), well within the 349 "not-to-exceed" cap established by FAA Administrator Marion Blakey. Unfortunately, GA is not off to a very good start in FY 2005 with 39 fatals recorded during the month of October 2004 alone. That's the second deadliest October in over six years.

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Klyde Morris 11.08.04

Obviously, Klyde Has Spent A LITTLE Too Much Time Waiting At LAX...

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Angela Gittens Out As Miami-Dade Aviation Director

Battled With Politicos Over Huge Improvements Project

The woman once hailed as Miami's answer to questionable hirings and embarrassing corruption investigations is out. Angela Gittens has resigned under fire.

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Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast Going Up In North Carolina

Only Second State To Launch

North Carolina is set to become only the second state in the Union to install a system of transmitters called Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast.

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Report: Safety Woes In Tight Times May Be Unjustified

But FAA Will Keep An Eye Out, Just In Case

Let's face it. Throughout much of America's commercial aviation industry, morale stinks, companies are going bankrupt and the cost of fuel going through the roof. Tough times continue for the airlines.

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NTSB: Air Ambulance Was Too Low

Question Now Is, Why?

It is by no means a final determination, but NTSB investigators now have more to go on in the crash of an air ambulance near the California border with Mexico.

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NTSB: Hendricks Aircraft Failed To Climb After Missed Approach

King Air's GPS System Not IFR Certified

The lack of an IFR-certified GPS system and no terrain warning system may have played a role in the crash of a King Air 200 in Virginia October 24th. Ten people, including several members of the Hendrick Motor Sports racing family were killed in the accident on the slopes of Bull Mountain in Virginia.

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Whooping Crane Migration Interrupted By Curious Pilot

Chase Pilot: "That's The Last Thing I'd Do"

It's become something of an annual right in hopes of saving an endangered species. But the serene flight of a flock of whooping cranes from Wisconsin to Florida was interrupted by moments of confusion and panic last month when another ultralight pilot got to within 100 feet of the processing, scattering the flock and reportedly endangering the pilot leading them.

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Goodbye, Jimmy

Friends To Hold Irish Wake For Florida Pilot

Jimmy Goggin was known by his friends as a man who'd turned his life around. From his drug problems in the 1980s, he became a completely different man after he was released from prison. He became a skywriter, often painting inspirational and religious messages in the sky at his own expense.

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US Triples Estimates Of Missing SAMs

At Least 4,000 Missing Worldwide

American intelligence experts have tripled the number of shoulder-fired SAM missiles missing worldwide. At least 4,000 MANPADS (Man-Portable Air Defense Systems) owned by Saddam Hussein's military before the US-led invasion last year are unaccounted for. That makes it 6,000 MANPADS out there on the loose somewhere, according to intelligence agencies -- up from the 2,000 they previously estimated missing.

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NAS Pensacola: Back In Business

Just Two Months After Hurricane Ivan

The pilot and technician trainees are back. The process of rebuilding is underway. If it wasn't for the absence of buildings that stood on the grounds of NAS Pensacola (FL) just two months ago, you'd never know that the base was devastated by a hurricane.

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A Turning Point On Alien Check Rule?

AOPA To Help TSA Fix Citizenship Validation Rule

The head of the TSA has made good on a promise to AOPA members. On Wednesday Rear Adm. David Stone sat down with AOPA President Phil Boyer and senior members of AOPA's Government & Technical Affairs (GTA) staff. The purpose of the meeting: Get AOPA and TSA working together to ensure that security concerns can be met without imposing onerous or ineffective regulations on general aviation.

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Texas Aviation Hall Of Fame Inducts Three

And The Entire Corps Of WASPS

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) will preside Saturday when the Texas Aviation Hall of Fame inducts its newest honorees.

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The Fight To Save 09J

AOPA team battles to save Georgia airport

It's a story repeated across the nation — greedy developers eyeing airports as prime property for making a quick buck. This time it's Jekyll Island Airport (09J) in Georgia's idyllic Golden Isles region. And the AOPA team has sprung to the airport's defense.

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USAF Report Suggests Spending $7.5 Million To Study Teleportation

Beam Me Up, Scotty!

If you thought you heard a laugh of derision last week, you were probably listening to physicists and financial watchdogs keeping an eye on the military. The reason? An 88-page report posted by the Federation of American Scientists on its website. In short, the report has generated a collective "PSHAW!" from serious scientists in this country.

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Aero-News Quote Of The Day (11.08.04)

"There is no evidence that there is a relationship between financial conditions and safety performance." Source: Former Vice Chairman Bob Francis of the National Transportation Safety Board, as the FAA continues to keep close tabs on airlines awash in red ink. The feds are worried that poor financial situations and resentful employees could cause safety problems among the nation's civil air fleet.

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