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August 04, 2011

ANN Daily Aero-Briefing: 08.05.11

The FAA is back in business...for now.
General aviation manufacturers report falling deliveries.
And AirTran will drop service to four small markets.

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Possible Compromise Reportedly Reached On FAA Reauthorization

Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) Talks Settlement

Details are still very sketchy, but multiple media sources are saying that a bipartisan compromise has been reached to end the partial shutdown of the FAA. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made a statement earlier today (Thursday) saying that the deal had been reached.

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GAMA Reports Difficult First Half For GA Manufacturers

GA Shipments Worldwide Fell 15.5 Percent Compared To 2010

GAMA released the shipment and billings figures for the first half of the year Thursday, and the news is not particularly good. In the first six months of 2011, total general aviation (GA) airplane shipments worldwide fell 15.5 percent, from 936 in 2010 to 791 this year. Billings for general aviation airplanes totaled $7.3 billion, down 22.3 percent.

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Airlines A Major Topic At International Biorefining Conference

Commercial Aviation Approved To Use A 50 Percent Blend Of Hydro Processed Biofuel In Planes

Biobased jet fuel may be poised for significant growth in the commercial market as the ASTM International Committee on Petroleum Products and Lubricants has approved the addition of an annex to the biojet fuel specification D7566.

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White House Delays Crew Rest & Duty Reform

Last-Minute Lobbying Stalls August 1 Implementation Of Rules

Direct appeals to the White House Office of Management and Budget by charter and cargo airlines have prompted the administration to review new FAA crew rest rules, potentially adding weeks or months to the date on which they might take effect.

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ForeFlight Expands Coverage To Canada

Adds NAV CANADA IFR En-route Charts And Terminal Procedures

ForeFlight announced its expansion into Canada on Wednesday, and the immediate availability of the ForeFlight Canada subscription plan. The Canada offering adds NAV CANADA IFR en-route charts and terminal procedures to ForeFlight Mobile for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. ForeFlight is the first app for Apple iOS to provide in-flight access to NAV CANADA charting products.

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Leap Frogs Parachute During First LA Navy Week

Team "Drops In" On LA Dodgers Game

Nearly 40,000 baseball fans watched the Leap Frogs, the U.S. Navy parachute demonstration team, perform during the opening ceremony of a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game as part of Los Angeles' inaugural Navy Week, July 30. The Leap Frogs, composed of parachuting experts from Naval Special Warfare, also performed at Santa Monica Pier and Knott's Berry Farm July 31, and made an appearance at the Summer X-Games in support of Navy Week.

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USAF Academy Ranked Among Nation's Best Colleges

Princeton Review Slots The Academy High In Several Categories

The Air Force Academy received top-10 rankings in most available professors, low drug and alcohol use, and best school administration, according to The Best 376 Colleges book, released today by Princeton Review. The Princeton Review ranks the Air Force Academy's faculty fifth in the nation in "most accessible professors" and ranked the Academy's administration as No. 9 in the nation in "School Runs Like Butter."

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More Columbia Debris Found in Texas

Drought Uncovers Cryogenic Hydrogen Tank in Lake Nacogdoches

A drought in Texas which has lowered the level of Lake Nacogdoches has uncovered a four-foot diameter metal sphere, which has been identified as a part of the Space Shuttle Columbia, which broke up on re-entry into Earth's atmosphere in 2003.

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Was D.B. Cooper Really Lynn Doyle Cooper?

Woman Claims Her Now-Dead Uncle Was The Infamous Skyjacker

A woman claiming to be the niece of the man who called himself D.B. Cooper is apparently responsible for the FBI's renewed interest in the case. ABC News reports that Marla Cooper was the person who provided personal items and a photo to the agency which are being used to try to close the case.

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Last Round Of Pilot Training For German Air Force Wrapped Up By ExecuJet

Service Has Four Bombardier Global 5000 Aircraft On Order

ExecuJet Europe has successfully completed the last round of pilot training for the German Air Force. The final training, on Bombardier Global Express aircraft, took place in June in South America, covering as many as eight countries over seven days.

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Freedom Energy Announces Jet Fuel Opportunity

'Business Opportunity' With Fuel Broker RMT Holdings

At the close of trading last week, Brian Kistler, CEO, Freedom Energy Holdings said that that the company has been presented with a "major new business opportunity" in the aviation sector, as a result of its recently announced commercial joint venture agreement with RMT Holding, Inc ("RMT").  RMT is a foreign based commodities trading company, dealing primarily in the purchase and sale of jet fuel and heavy diesel term contracts on a global basis.

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Analysis Of Amyris Jet Fuel Sustainability Funded By Aerospace Companies

Boeing, Embraer, IDB Examine Long-Term Production Of Fuel From Sugarcane

A group consisting of Boeing, Embraer, and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) will jointly fund a sustainability analysis of producing renewable jet fuel sourced from Brazilian sugarcane. The study will evaluate environmental and market conditions associated with the use of renewable jet fuel produced by Amyris. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) will serve as an independent reviewer and advisor.

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Thai Army Pilots Train At Enstrom

Instructors, Mechanics Learn To Fly, Maintain 480B

Enstrom Helicopter Corporation reports it has completed training of 21 Royal Thai Army pilots and 28 Royal Thai mechanics on the Royal Thai Army’s new 480B turbine training helicopters.

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ANN Daily Aero-Briefing: 08.04.11

Airline crew rest rules are stalled...again.
Congress gets heat for leaving town with the FAA unfunded.
And another piece of the shuttle Columbia has been found.

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Aero-TV: Recapping ANN's Live Video Coverage Of AirVenture 2011, 07.28.11, Day 4

Nightly Webcasts Keep You Up To Date On Events At The Show- Day Four!!

Welcome to our Thursday wrap-up of the days events at AirVenture, 2011. FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt made his third appearance at AirVenture as head of the regulatory agency, and in many ways gave the same speech as he has the past two years.

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Rockefeller, Mica Exhange Barbs Over FAA Shutdown

Each Leader Says The Other Chamber Is To Blame. Politics, Anyone?

In what can best be described as dueling news releases, the chairs of the committees responsible for producing legislation funding the FAA each blamed members of opposite chamber, and party, for the ongoing partial shutdown of the agency.

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LaHood Blasts Congress On Blog For Recess

Secretary Writes That 74,000 Workers, Off The Job In FAA Stalemate, Pay The Price

The following post appeared Wednesday on Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood's Blog "Fast Lane": "At airports across America, projects representing $11 billion in work and 70,000 construction jobs and jobs in related fields sit idle because Congress has failed to reauthorize the Federal Aviation Administration"

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Guest Editorial: What’s Wrong With General Aviation?

Very Little That A Strong Economic Recovery Won't Fix

In the aftermath of recent GA acquisitions – Piper by a venture arm of the government of Brunei, Cirrus and Continental Motors by AVIC (Aviation Industry Corporation of China), the huge, Chinese-government-owned aviation company – a great deal of concern has been expressed over the general health of GA. Of course, the impact of the recession which hit in full force in September, 2008, hit GA perhaps harder than any other industry.

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Ashton Carter Nominated For US Deputy Defense Secretary

US Senate Already Questioning Nominee's Pessimistic Predictions For F-35 Costs

The White House has nominated Ashton Carter to be the next Deputy Defense Secretary. But Carter is already being questioned on crucial F-35 program cost estimates by a bipartisan group of six senators.

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New Boeing Jumbo Freighter Completes Certification Flight Testing

Newest Member Of The 747 Family On Track For Certification, Delivery

The new Boeing 747-8 freighter successfully completed its certification flight test program Tuesday, with two airplanes landing at Paine Field in Everett, WA. Flight test airplane RC522 completed testing of the flight management computer (FMC) and RC523 completed function & reliability (F&R) testing.

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John Graber Tapped As President Of CHC Helicopter Services

Executive Has Overseen Turnarounds At Three U.S. Companies

John Graber has been named president of CHC Helicopter Services, the parent company CHC Helicopter announced Tuesday. Graber, who reports directly to CHC Helicopter president and CEO, Bill Amelio, replaces interim president Scott Pinfield. Over his career, Graber has led successful turnarounds for three major US-based companies.

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ACI-NA's Principato Urges White House To Bring Congress Back To Washington

Wants President Obama To Take The Lead In In Putting The FAA "Back In Business"

Airports Council International-North America (ACI-NA) President Greg Principato on Wednesday urged President Obama to bring Congress back into session and resolve the shutdown of the FAA in order to “put the FAA back in business.”

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Aero-News: Quote(s) Of The Day (08.04.11)

“In a stunning display of politics over people, the House Republicans’ insistence on attaching anti-worker provisions to an aviation bill has brought about a terrible stalemate that is hurting the economy." Source: Senate Transportation Committee Chair Jay Rockefeller (D-WV). “Senate Democrats have no one to blame but themselves for this partial shutdown of FAA programs and airport projects.” Source: House Transportation Committee Chair John Mica (R-FL).

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (08.04.11): Panhandle Hook

Low pressure systems that originate in the panhandle region of Texas and Oklahoma which initially move east and then "hook" or recurve more northeast toward the upper Midwest or Great Lakes region.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (08.04.11)

TSA And General Aviation

What is the role of TSA as it relates to GA? Find out how TSA defines that role on this website.

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