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April 01, 2006

AOPA Takes Over Ownership of Meigs Field

Startling Turn-About In The Meigs Saga To Be Announced Shortly

In a breathtaking change of scene for the Chicago landscape, ANN has learned that AOPA will shortly announce their legal ownership of Meigs Field. This masterstroke, coming just three years since Chicago Boss/Mayor Richard Daley bull-dozed the field under the cover of darkness and deception, signals a tremendous turn-around in one of the most hotly contested issues in civil aviation history.

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ATA Accuses Raburn Of Profit Motive

Executive Shocks Industry With Effort To Make Money

ATA spokesman Fabian Kleptopolous today raised the ante in the simmering dispute between the airline lobby and the VLJ makers, accusing Eclipse CEO Vern Raburn of harboring a "profit motive."

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FAA Issues Two Proposals On User Fees

Rec Pilots May See Much Higher Licensing Fees... Unless The 49ers Cover The Spread

Aero-News has obtained details of two of the FAA's proposed ideas for funding the national air traffic control system. The measures appear to be at least partly in response to scalding criticism from the GA community concerning the Air Transport Association's proposal, announced last month, that includes stifling user fees for general aviation pilots.

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ANN Cancels Pension Plan

In an prepared statement issued last night after the financial markets closed, Aero-News Editor in Chief Jim Campbell announced that the high-flying aviation news service would default on future pension liabilities. The quasi-governmental Pension Benefits Guaranty Corp. will take over the unfunded portion, leaving taxpayers potentially on the hook for millions of missing dollars -- or dozens, at least.

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Cirrus Sued Again... For Alienation of Affection

In yet another example of a GA manufacturer being implicated as liable for just about anything, the National Enquirer is suing Cirrus Aircraft for alienation of affection on behalf of movie star Jennifer Aniston.

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EAA Announces Exciting New Pilot Recruitment Initiative

Young Eagles Successes Give Rise To New EAA Program... "Old Buzzards"

Building on well over a decade of success with their innovative Young eagles program, EAA has decided to start yet another initiative designed to bring thousands of new pilots into the world of aviation.

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Innovative Security Program Unveiled At DFW

Screeners Work For Kibble

Let's face it: many of us feel that, no matter what TSA screeners are paid to look through our carry-on luggage and invade our personal space... it's probably too much. Well, that's not an issue at all for some of the newest employees hired by the Department of Homeland Security, who literally work for food.

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De-Iced and Shiny Clean: TKS Intro's Super-Soaped 'SlickWings' System

Already an up and coming favorite on a number of new high-performance GA birds, the folks who brought the TKS anti-icing system to the aviation market are about to unveil yet another novel product.

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Heavenly: The Pope Learns To Fly

Copter Makes Even The Big Jobs Easier

The name on the airman certificate says Julius C Ratzinger, and he has private privileges in rotorcraft-helicopter. But you probably know him as Pope Benedict XVI (that's "the sixteenth," if you're not of the, er, Roman persuasion). Yep. The world's newest helicopter pilot (shown above, shortly after passing his check ride) is also, I suppose you could say, CEO of a large international organization: the Catholic Church.

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Encouraged By A380 Tests, Boeing Moves Up 787 Evac Drills

But Uses Real Americans... Not Gym Club Or Dance Troupe Members

In an unprecedented adjustment to the typical development cycle of a new airliner, Boeing announced last week the company would conduct what was described as a "preliminary evacuation exercise" of its upcoming 787 Dreamliner -- using what Boeing described as "real American citizens."

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TSA Finally Admits Other Vehicles, Not 'Just' C-150s, Pose Security Threat

Unveils New TRTR Guidelines

At a news conference Wednesday, TSA chief Kip Hawley finally spoke the words pilots have longed for him to say.

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Russian Aircraft Carrier To Serve As BizJet Refueling Mid-Point To Hawaii

An abandoned Russian aircraft carrier that was to be sunk as an artificial reef is, instead, being looked at by sales and marketing genius Gene Comfort, former Sr. VP of Sino Swearingen Aircraft as a mid-point landing, refueling and R&R point -- halfway to the Luau State.

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President To Attend Inaugural Rocket Racing Demonstration

President George W. Bush, an old fighter pilot and the son of a former military pilot, maintains an active interest in the progress of aviation and aerospace technology. In that vein, he plans to attend the rollout and public demonstration of the first Rocket Racing League aircraft at Las Cruces, NM, October 16-22, the White House said.

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Air Journey Announces Latest Long-Distance Tour

Forget Those Caribbean Jaunts...

Aero-News has learned of Air Journey's latest long distance tour... the first-ever Journey to the Moon for private planes.

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'Killer Bonanza MSB' Details Revealed

Fly The Suddenly Not-So-Friendly Skies

When Cessna honcho Jack Pelton used the term "Cirrus killer" to describe his company's rumored new product to secure GA skies for metal airplanes once more, other legacy manufacturers may have thought there's something to taking an aggressive stance to maintain market share as well.

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PRA Announces Stealth Publicity Policy

Rotorcraft Organization Pushes For Ban

The Popular Rotorcraft Association, the enigmatic group of homebuilt helicopter and gyroplane enthusiasts, announced a new publicity policy. The Stealth Publicity Policy is meant to arrest the association's multi-year decline in membership and public visibility.

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'We've Had One Of Them Fancy Spaceplanes Fer Years'

Tennessee ANG Wonders What All The Fuss Is About

Recently, a popular aeronautical publication ran an article stating they had "considerable evidence" of the existence of the oft-rumored 'spaceplane', code-named "Blackstar." The news made the rounds among the general media for several days. Eventually, all the hulabaloo died down... but only because none of those reporters thought to look in Tennessee.

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Clinton Air Security Plan Leaked?

Could Not be Authenticated, But It Sure Sounds Like Him

The following email was received by Aero-News at the end of a long line of forwards. Attempts to clarifiy the message have not succeeded; the Clinton Library in Little Rock, AR had no comment, and a call to President Clinton's office in Harlem, NY, was not returned by press time.

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Mini 500 Accident Injures Two

Latest Victims Not Even Flying The Damn Thing

The trouble-prone Mini 500 homebuilt helicopter has claimed its latest in a long line of victims: newlywed married couple Vince and Edna Larkin, who were walking out of Wendell's Restaurant and Lounge in Mokelumne Hill, CA Thursday evening.

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Wal-Mart Explores Another Move Upmarket

Plans To Test-Market VLJs At Stores

As you may know, discount retailing uber-giant Wal-Mart Corporation is currently exploring a variety of ways to bring more high-income customers into its stores. Wal-Mart also announced last week that it will test-market an innovative new program to introduce its customers to another high-end product: Very Light Jets.

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EPA To Crack Down On Airfield DHMO

Dangers of Ubiquitous Chemical Exposed By '60 Minutes'

Once, no one took the DHMO threat seriously. While great precautions were made to keep the chemical out of avgas and Jet A -- after all, it's noted for its corrosive properties  -- DHMO was widely used as a solvent.

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Don Carty Expresses Regrets

Former AMR CEO: "I Should Have Looted Pensions"

Former AMR (American Airlines) CEO Don Carty recently expressed regrets for his tenure at the company.

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Cirrus Introduces New SP

Aircraft Optimized For Northern Latitudes

After a whole lifetime of living in the snowbound North Central US, the Klapmeier brothers have finally introduced an airplane for the winter conditions in their home stomping grounds (as in stomping your feet to try to get circulation back), Minnesota and Wisconsin.

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FAA Intro's New 'Light Sport Secure Aircraft' Class For Washington ADIZ

On the heels of extensive aviation industry outcry over the highly restrictive rules involved in dealing with the Washington ADIZ and the general inability of smaller aircraft to deal effectively with the workload of legally using that airspace, the FAA has instituted a new program designed to allow for more ready access to the airspace around the Nation's Capital for light aircraft.

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TSA Shocker: Agency Wins UN Human Rights Award

Trophy Will "Really Brighten Up The Dungeon"

TSA Director Mark E. Dessard was backing in an unexpected accolade -- the prestigious Amin Human Rights Award, presented annually by the UN Human Rights Commission to that organization that, "has done the most in the past year to advance human rights as the Commission understands them."

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ANN's Daily Aero-Tips (04.01.06): Are You Nuts?


There are many questions pilots regularly ask themselves... but they all boil down to one basic query: are you nuts?

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (04.01.06)


A group of talented, dedicated, and thoroughly freakin' loony aero-writers hone their comedic talents and vent their pent-up frustrations at various aero-issues once a year.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (04.01.06): HSTF16HUIIS

Holy Schniekes, That F-16 Has Us In Its Sights -- Commonly used epithet by pilots who inadvertantly violate restricted airspace. Few can say this phrase with as much conviction as Troy Martin.

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Aero-News Quote Of The Day (04.01.06)

"OK, folks... ANN did not suddenly lose its mind (though, there ARE moments... oh, never mind). Check the DATE. 04.01.06. It's April FIRST... a/k/a APRIL Fool's Day. Get It? If you believed ANY of this stuff, you have been fooled, bamboozled, and otherwise become yet another victim of our annual attempt to enjoy the First day Of April with a little imagination and a LOT of nonsense. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did."

Source: ANN's Jim Campbell, making sure that ANN readers checked the date before they got too involved in any of the stories we publish on April 1st of each year. Happy April Fool's Day!

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Presidential TFR Issued For XPrize Cup

NOTAM Number: FDC 6/2884 Issue Date: October 07, 2006 at 18:30 UTC Location: Las Cruces, New Mexico Beginning Date and Time: October 21, 2006 at 01:00 UTC Ending Date and Time: October 22, 2006 at 04:50 UTC Reason for NOTAM: Temporary flight restrictions for VIP (Very Important Person) Movement Type: VIP Replaced NOTAM(s): N/A

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AD: AS&T 'SlickWings'

The FAA has just announced an unusual AD in advance of the public release of a new product line whose existence was only recently leaked to the Aero-News Network. The AD targets the AS&T "SlickWings" system, a modification of the TKS anti/de-ice system that has been retrofitted to allow the use of a solvent/detergent solution to clean an airplane in-flight.

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