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August 02, 2005

Short Notice Montana TFR: 08.02.05 - 08.03.05

NOTAM:  5/6622  Issued:  08/02/2005 20:00  Effective:  08/02/2005 18:45 - 08/03/2005 02:45  State:  MT  Facility:  ZLC - SALT LAKE CITY (ARTCC),UT.  Type:  VIP  Description:  FORT SMITH, MONTANA, AUGUST 2 2005. 

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Air France Jet Skids Off Runway, Burns

No Word Yet On Injuries At Toronto's Pearson Airport

ANN REAL TIME NEWS: 1707 EDT -- An Air France Airbus A340 landing at Pearson International Airport in Toronto Tuesday, apparently ran off the end of the runway and into a wooded area, where the aircraft began to burn.

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Howdy! STS-114 Crew Gets Call From White House

Call Comes As Crew Prepares For Unrehearsed Spacewalk

It's the kind of call that makes an astronaut's heart swell with national pride. Docked with the International Space Station some 370 miles above the Earth, the crew of the space shuttle Discovery Tuesday took a call from President George W. Bush.

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Boeing Confirms Sizeable Order From LAN

Chilean Airline Orders Six New 767s

Boeing confirmed Tuesday that Chile-based LAN Airlines recently placed additional firm orders for six Boeing 767-300 airplanes. The order includes a combination of 767-300 freighters and 767-300ERs (Extended Range).

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NTSB Issues Preliminary Report In OSH Photo Mishap

Safety Board Notes Nothing Wrong With Glasair GS-2 Prior To Crash

The NTSB Tuesday released its preliminary report on last Wednesday's crash of a Glasair Aviation Sportsman 2+2 during a photo shoot with the Outdoor Channel's "Wings To Adventure" program.

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Shuttle Foam Problems Increased With Switch To Environmentally Friendly Foam

Discovery Thermal Protection System Damage Appears Minimal

NASA switched to a Freon-free insulating foam for the external fuel tanks starting with the STS-87 flight of the Shuttle Columbia in 1997. This flight received dramatically more damage then previous flights. Subsequent shuttle flights using the new foam continued to result in up to 11 times more damage then previous flights with the original foam.

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Learning About The Flying Fortress

Stepping Through The Past

By Rob Finfrock This year, Oshkosh is host to five B-17 Flying Fortress aircraft -- ThunderBird, Fuddy Duddy, Sentimental Journey, Liberty Belle, and the wounded-but-proud Aluminum Overcast. Discovering this was very exciting for me, as the Flying Fortress has always held a special place in my heart-- my Grandpa Darmody was a navigator on a B-17 during World War II.

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Whither Virgin Galactic?

President Of Space Tourism Pioneer Speaks At OSH

Will Whitehorn, President of Virgin Galactic, in a press forum shared with Burt Rutan, Brian Binnie and Mike Melvill, had a lot to say at AirVenture. Buried deep in his extemporaneous presentation were some possible hints at what will be revealed in the days and week ahead.

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Branson Gives More Virgin Galactic Details

"This is about dreaming"

Standing in the shadow of White Knight and Ansari X-Prize winner SpaceShipOne, Sir Richard Branson shared his latest plans at for his space-tourism venture announced last September, Virgin Galactic.

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AveoTech MD-3 Sport Rider

First Showing in the USA

ANN Correspondent John Ballantyne In an exclusive interview with AveoTech International Inc Vice-president of Sales and Marketing, Edward Ricks, he reported that this is the first showing in the United States and the company is very excited about the potential of the new FAA rules for sport pilot and light-sport aircraft.

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Bill Randolph: Around The World In An RV8

Around The World In 79 days

By Aleta Vinas ANN Correspondent Bill Randolph had throat cancer a few years ago. "I thought of all those things I'd planned to do with airplanes that never got done and given my age I decided to get this show on the road." While recovering, he ordered the RV8 kit "with the intention of building it then flying it around the world."

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Shasta Recovery: Still No Joy

Mishap Aircraft In Dangerous, Difficult Position

The late Bob Ayres and his 1968 Piper Arrow are still on a rock-studded glacier on the side of Mount Shasta.

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FAA Instructs Instructors

FAA Sport Pilot instructor Privileges and Responsibilities

By ANN Correspondent John Ballentyne Jay Tevis, FAA Aviation Safety Inspector, gave a presentation discussing Sport Pilot instructor Privileges and Responsibilities in a well-attended seminar on the south end of Wittman Field. The crowd was mostly mature gentlemen (I fit right in).

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Teach Old Planes New Tricks?

New Panes For Old Planes

Envious of your hangar neighbor with his new glass cockpit equipped airplane? No money (or desire) for a new plane? There's at least one more player in the market now who is thinking just about you: They're called Sagem Avionics and they're working on a glass cockpit solution that will be STC'ed for popular GA airplanes.

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A Tale Of Two Rotorcraft, And A Plane Or Three

Manufacturer's Showcase Lets Makers Show Their Wares

The lead plane in the first manufacturer's showcase last week was an RAF2000 gyroplane. Indeed, two of the first three participants in the forum were gyroplanes, bringing plenty of attention to this fascinating but very small corner of sport aviation.

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Planes That Got Our Attention

Ercoupe 415D

By John Dorcey The most diminutive and also the most polished aircraft on AeroShell Square today is Syd Cohen's 1946 Ercoupe 415D. The Ercoupe is one of six aircraft taking part in today's United States Post Office salute to aviation.

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Inexpensive Flight Planning Software

Cheap Planning

By Nadav Eiron, ANN correspondent. As pilots we know it's good to plan ahead, and with the plethora of computer based (standalone or on-line) planning tools available, there are many ways to get the job done. One software package that can help you get the job done (and a lot more) is AirPlan by Razor's Edge Software.

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Aero-News Quote Of The Day (08.02.05)

"We've had a very good show." Source: Cessna's recently minted VP of Communications, Bob Stangarone, talking about the activity Cessna has seen at the recently concluded Oshkosh EAA Fly-In... where Cessna racked up some impressive sales -- including seven Turbo-Prop Caravans. 

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Texas TFR: 08.02.05 - 09.03.05

NOTAM:  5/6584  Issued:  08/01/2005 18:50  Effective:  08/02/2005 22:25 - 09/03/2005 22:30  State:  TX  Facility:  ZFW - FORT WORTH (ARTCC),TX.  Type:  VIP  Description:  CRAWFORD, TEXAS, AUGUST 2, 2005 - SEPTEMBER 3 2005.

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Colorado TFR: 08.11.05 - 08.14.05

NOTAM Number :  FDC 5/6578  Location : Denver ARTCC, Grand Junction, Colorado near GRAND JUNCTION VORTAC (JNC) Beginning Date : August 11, 2005 at 19:00 UTC Ending Date : August 14, 2005 at 23:00 UTC Reason for NOTAM : Due to an aerial demonstrations by the US Navy Blue Angels Type : Airshow

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Texas TFR: 08.02.05 - 08.03.05

NOTAM:  5/6585  Issued:  08/01/2005 19:00  Effective:  08/02/2005 22:00 - 08/03/2005 00:05  State:  TX  Facility:  ZFW - FORT WORTH (ARTCC),TX.  Type:  VIP  Description:  WACO, TEXAS, AUGUST 2 2005 LOCAL. 

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AD: AvCraft Aerospace GmbH

AD NUMBER: 2005-15-16 MANUFACTURER: AvCraft Aerospace GmbH SUBJECT: Airworthiness Directive 2005-15-16 SUMMARY: The FAA is adopting a new airworthiness directive (AD) for certain AvCraft Dornier Model 328-00 airplanes.

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