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Thu, May 20, 2004

Texas TFR: 05/20/04 - 05/21/04

NOTAM:  4/4422 
Issued:  05/20/2004 15:45 
Effective:  05/20/2004 00:20 - 05/21/2004 01:10 
State:  TX 
Facility:  ZHU - HOUSTON (ARTCC),TX. 
Type:  VIP 
Description:  HOUSTON, TEXAS, MAY 20-21, 2004. 

FDC 4/4422 ZHU FLIGHT RESTRICTIONS HOUSTON, TEXAS, MAY 20-21, 2004. PURSUANT TO TITLE 14, SECTION 91.141 OF THE CODE OF FEDERAL REGULATIONS, AIRCRAFT FLIGHT OPERATIONS ARE PROHIBITED WITHIN THE FOLLOWING AREA(S) UNLESS OTHERWISE AUTHORIZED BY ATC. 3.0 NMR BLW 3000 FEET AGL OF 293626N/0950932W OR HUB110006.8 FROM 0405210020 (1920 LOCAL 05/20/04) UNTIL 0405210110 (2010 LOCAL 05/20/04). 3.0 NMR BLW 1500 FEET AGL OF 294603N/0952728W OR HUB300011.6 FROM 0405210005 (2005 LOCAL 05/20/04) UNTIL 0405211515 (1015 LOCAL 05/21/04). 3.0 NMR BLW 3000 FEET AGL OF 293626N/0950932W OR HUB110006.8 FROM 0405211515 (1015 LOCAL 05/21/04) UNTIL 0405211555 (1055 LOCAL 05/21/04).

FMI: http://tfr.faa.gov/tfr/jsp/list.jsp


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