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Sport Aviation News

Mon, Sep 01, 2014

Annual Oshkosh 2014 'Best/Worst Of' Award Selection Invites YOUR Participation!

YOU Can Contribute To The Annual List Compiled By The Staff and Readership of the ANN and Aero-TV!

E-I-C Note: We're going to start naming names and dropping details THIS week--- this is your last chance to be heard!!! For quite a while, we have recognized the highs and lows inherent in the general and sport aviation community -- and yes, we’ve had a bit of fun in the process. There are but a few places where that is more a propos than at a major event like the Annual Oshkosh Fly-In -- a place where one can take a solid read on the heart and soul of aviation. It's hard to know what really is going to make a difference and what really qualifies as exceptional unless you've been watching this industry carefully for several years... as we have.

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Mon, Sep 01, 2014

AeroSports Update: Wright Model B Aeroplane Project Gets A Kick Start

The Project To Build A New Wright Model B Flyer To Replace The Venerable ‘Brown Bird’ Gets Started With A $50,000 Anonymous Donation

Only last week we reported that Wright ‘B’ Flyer Inc., an all-volunteer organization that flies a look-a-like of the Wright Brothers’ first production airplane, has launched a project to replace its Brown Bird flying machine with a new look-a-like replica. Now, they have some good news.

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Sat, Aug 30, 2014

Toronto Star Columnist Rips Annual Airshow

Says 'It's Time To End The Celebration Of Death'

Toronto Star columnist Joe Fiorito thinks the Canadian International Air Show, being held this weekend in Toronto, should be grounded.

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