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November 11, 2008

CIT Aerospace Announces New Appointment

Susan Geitzenauer Comes From Petters Aviation

Global commercial finance company CIT Group announced Monday that Susan Geitzenauer has joined CIT Aerospace as Vice President, Transactions. Geitzenauer brings with her more than 17 years of experience in aviation documentation and transaction management. She will be based in Minneapolis, MN.

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Family Lanes Coming For Holidays, TSA Says

Slower Lines To Reduce Pressure For Infrequent Fliers

Frequent fliers are well-schooled in the TSA screening drill at airports. But during the holiday season, airports are suddenly flooded with family vacationers unfamiliar with the routine.

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STS-126 To Add Significant Improvements To ISS

The Ultimate LEO-Home Makeover?

Most of us carry fond memories of our first apartment, or of living in the dorm at college. Regardless of its condition, the sheer freedom that first "home away from home" represented more than made up for any shortcomings in available room, or amenities... though likewise, most of us also happily remember the day we moved into better digs. Crews onboard the International Space Station will soon experience some of those feelings, too.

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India's Chandrayaan-1 Now In Lunar Orbit

Gradually Pulling Closer To Surface

Chandrayaan-1, the Indian Space Research Organization's (ISRO) lunar orbiter, was captured into orbit around the Moon on November 8. One day later, the spacecraft performed a maneuver that lowered the closest point of its orbit down to 200 km from the Moon.

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USAF: Navy Pilots Learning To Fly Global Hawk

Beale Airmen Assist With RQ-4 Naval Deployment

In what could prove to be the first step toward creating a joint RQ-4 Unmanned Aircraft System training unit, pilots of the 1st Reconnaissance Squadron at California's Beale Air Force Base are teaching a class of Navy pilots the Global Hawk system.

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Vought Suspends Production Of 787 Fuselage Segments

IAM Strike At Boeing Leads To Supply Glut

Even with the nearly two-month Boeing strike by the International Association of Machinists now resolved, ripples are still being felt by the aerospace company's suppliers.

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Ryanair 737 Suffers Extensive Damage In Emergency Landing

Officials Say Plane Suffered 'Multiple Bird Strikes'

An encounter with a large flock of birds while on approach to Rome Ciampino Airport resulted in a rough emergency landing for a Ryanair jet Monday morning.

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Air Transport International Crewmembers Vote Unanimously To Strike

Will Walk Out If Released By NMB

Following more than four years of stagnant contract negotiations, the flight deck crewmembers of Air Transport International (ATI) voted last week to strike if and when released by the National Mediation Board. Strike ballots were counted and certified on Friday at the main headquarters of International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) Local 747, ATI crewmembers' collective bargaining representative.

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News Helicopter Down In South Florida, Both Onboard OK

Witness Says Rotor Stopped Spinning

A pilot and passenger onboard a news helicopter escaped significant harm when their Bell 206B3 JetRanger III lost power, and made a hard landing near I-95 in West Palm Beach, FL.

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Aero-News Featured Aero-Casts For Tuesday 11.11.08

VLJs In Latin America, With Alexander Kaufman

ANN Daily Touch N Go: 11.11.08 (ANN's Short-Form Daily News Program) ANN Daily Aero-Briefing: 11.11.08 (ANN's Long-Form Daily News Program) ANN Special Feature -- VLJs In Latin America: 11.11.08 (ANN Special Report, with Alexander Kaufman, International Sales Director for Cirrus Chile and director of Aerocardal.)

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Increasingly Hard to View: Signs of Eclipse

Eclipse Personnel Cancel Another High-Profile Aviation Event

On the heels of their no-show at the recently concluded San Jose, CA, AOPA Expo, ANN has learned that one of the remaining Senior Eclipse personnel, Mike McConnell, has canceled his speaking engagement at the VLJ, Latin America and Caribbean conference -- with little notice.

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New Association Aims To Provide More Financing Options For Buyers

PALA Members Offer Options While Lending Markets Are Restricted

Several aircraft lenders across the nation formed last week the Professional Aircraft Lenders Association (PALA), announced Dave Madden, President of Aircraft Banking Centers, Inc., and founding director of PALA.

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Lockheed Martin Lobbies Israel To Order F-35s

Large Defense Budget Seen As Opportunity For US Company

While the rest of the world struggles with a dip in the economy, spending in the defense segment of aviation and aerospace remains very robust. Lockheed Martin says it's weathering the economic crisis well, and is reaching out to Israel to buy its F-35 Joint Strike Fighter to keep its outlook bright.

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Aero-TV At AOPA Expo 2008: Meet Incoming AOPA President Craig Fuller

Boyer Retires Following Distinguished 18-Year Tenure

It's official... AOPA President Phil Boyer will retire in just a few weeks and as ANN FIRST reported, experienced Washington political insider Craig L. Fuller will take the helm of the influential 415,000-member pilots association.

Aero-TV At AOPA Expo 2008: Meet Incoming AOPA President Craig Fuller

Boyer Retires Following Distinguished 18-Year Tenure

It's official... AOPA President Phil Boyer will retire in just a few weeks, and as ANN FIRST reported, experienced Washington political insider Craig L. Fuller will take the helm of the influential 415,000-member pilots association.

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Today Is Veterans Day

Here's A Thought To Take With You

Today, November 11, 2008, is Veterans Day in the United States. The date was the Armistice date of the War to End All Wars. (They were wrong about the name).

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TSA Grants NBAA/AOPA Request For Extension On LASP Comments

Deadline Now Feburary 27, 2009

Acting on a joint request from the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) and Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), on Monday the Transportation Security Administration extended the time period for public comment on the agency's Large Aircraft Security Program (LASP) proposal by an additional 60 days.

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Successful Mars Phoenix Mission Comes To An End

Lander Ceases Communications With Earth

NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander has ceased communications after operating for more than five months. As anticipated, seasonal decline in sunshine at the robot's arctic landing site is not providing enough sunlight for the solar arrays to collect the power necessary to charge batteries that operate the lander's instruments.

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Rockwell Collins To Lay Off 400 Workers, Cut Spending

Steps Necessary To Combat "Impact Of The Economic Downturn"

Rockwell Collins announced Monday a cost reduction plan, the latest aerospace company to announce such measures due to the impact of the current economic downturn.

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American Airlines 'Drops' Fuel Surcharges, Others Follow

But Curiously, Airfares Increase As A Result...

In explaining to consumers why all the new ala carte fees were required, airlines pointed to market resistance to the higher fares which would be necessary to cover their increased costs for fuel. Now that fuel costs have fallen again, a curious thing is happening to fuel surcharges.

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So... What's The Deal With Continued High Fares?

May Counters Airlines Are Still Hurting, Despite Recent Windfalls

On the heels of its story about so-called "dropped" fuel surcharges, USA Today also took the airline industry to task for adding still-more confusing fees when fuel prices were rising, then failing to share falling fuel costs with customers.

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Petroleum Air Services Adds Third EC135 To Its Fleet

Also Places Two Options

Egypt's Petroleum Air Services (PAS) recently signed an agreement to buy a third Eurocopter EC135 helicopter, and two helicopters as options.

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Northrop Grumman Awarded E-2C, C-2A Maintenance Contract

Five Year Deal Worth Over $37 Million

The US Navy has awarded Northrop Grumman Corporation a contract to provide maintenance for both E-2C Hawkeye and C-2A Greyhound aircraft at the Naval Air Warfare Center, Patuxent River, MD.

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Oregon Resort Partners With Global Aviation

Will Be Exclusive Air Charter Service

Oregon resort community Paradise Ranch recently partnered with Global Aviation in Hillsboro, to provide exclusive air charter service for Paradise Ranch Resort’s residents and guests.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (11.11.08)


SHF was established in 1986 to restore, maintain and display historic military aircraft.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (11.11.08): Gravity Assist


Technique whereby a spacecraft takes angular momentum from a planet's solar orbit (or a satellite's orbit) to accelerate the spacecraft, or the reverse.

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (11.11.08)

"They were brave and not so brave, strong and not so strong, true believers and skeptical doubters. They went to war in Mustangs, Liberators (below), Dauntlesses; A-1s and F-86s and B-26s; O-2s and F-100s and UH-1s. They're still going to war in F-16s, F-18s, H-60s. They hauled trash in C-47s, and today their grandsons, and granddaughters -- there's a change for you -- haul trash in C-17s. They taught flying in muscular Stearmans, lithe T-38s, comical TH-55s.

"They breathed dry oxygen through chapped, cold lips at 29,000 feet, or fetid jungle air through runny noses at treetop level.

"They were the navigators, bombardiers, gunners, and guys in back. They were crew chiefs, avionics techs, armorers, weather guessers.<

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