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November 05, 2006

Airbus Considers Composites For A350 Fuselage

Planemaker Scrambles For Answer To 787 Challenge

Are composites the answer for Airbus? There is mounting evidence that Airbus thinks so.

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NTSB Says Controllers & Pilots To Blame For Mid-Air

Official Probable Cause Report Spreads Blame

The NTSB report blames the pilots in both aircraft and the tower controllers in a mid-air last year between a C-150 and a de Havilland Beaver.

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Murray And Bodill To Make Another 'Polar First' Attempt

Tough UK Grandma Hopes To Set Pole-To-Pole World Record

Jennifer Murray, 63, and Colin Bodill, 54, are planning a second around-the-world helicopter flight record starting December 5th. The North-pole to South-pole flight would be a world first.

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Skydivers Bail From Stricken Plane

Pilot Walked Away From Crash Landing

Six parachutists jumped to safety from an aircraft after its engine failed. The pilot attempted an emergency landing, but crashed in a vineyard near Auckland, New Zealand on Saturday.

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USAF Trains Japan's Defense Force Boom Operators

JASDF Crews To Use Boeing's KC-767J Refueling Tanker

Three members of the Japan Air Self Defense Force (JASDF) completed a four-month training program in the US, making them the first boom operators in their military.

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NASA Makes Mission Delays Official

Three Shuttle Missions Pushed Back For 2007

NASA made official rumors it might delay next year's shuttle launches.

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Boeing Launches Military Weather Satellite

Delta IV Successfully Boosts Payload To Orbit

A Delta IV rocket carried a Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) satellite into orbit from Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA on Saturday.

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BA To Sell Its Regional Carrier

'BA Connect' Is The Cost Of Summer Terror Scare

Conceding that this past summer's terror scare cost it more than previously thought, British Airways announced plans to sell its regional carrier BA Connect.

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NW To Recall 'Hundreds' Of Pilots This Year And Next

Flights Cancelled Because Of Pilot Shortage According To Union

Northwest Airlines says business growth and employee attrition is forcing it to recall "hundreds" of furloughed pilots through the end of this year and next.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Tips (11.05.06): Ground Ice


You've recently read ANN's report on changes to the approved procedure for "polishing" frost on airplane wings in lieu of removing it completely before flight. The new guidance says polishing frost is only approved if the specific airplane manufacturer recommends an ice-polishing procedure to negate frost's adverse effects -- a procedure that likely does not exist.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (11.05.06)


Train in a jet warbird. Prices aren’t too overwhelming for the budget conscious, especially for a bit of jet time to put in the ol’ logbook.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (11.05.06): Vortac


Very high frequency omnidirectional range station and/or tactical air navigation. The "tac" is a nod to the military portion of the signal that provides distance information on the signal.

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (11.05.06)

"We landed in a paddock behind a tavern which was nicely done, but we overcame the desire to go inside."

Source: Skydiver Bruce Thompson, who with five others bailed out of the aircraft taking them aloft when its engine unexpectedly quit Saturday near Auckland, New Zealand.

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