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July 22, 2007

Cirrus Jet Debut

OK... you all know about the recent Cirrus jet announcment... here's a bird's eye view of what the event looked like... from the perspective of those who were there.

Cessna Unveils Model 162 Light Sport Aircraft

Say Hello To SkyCatcher

Getting a jump start on major announcements at AirVenture 2007, in a Sunday morning press conference Cessna Aircraft Company provided further details on its upcoming light sport aircraft entry... the Model 162 "SkyCatcher."

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Radar Outage Adds To Worries, Suspicions About Brazilian Air Safety

Crews Mistake Fuselage Segment For FDR; Actual Recorder Located

Just what, exactly, is happening in Brazil? That is a question the international community is asking, especially in the wake of this week's fatal runway overrun accident in Sao Paulo that claimed 191 lives... and a series of troubling discoveries, and unfortunate events in its wake.

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NTSB Tells FAA To Get 'Aggressive' In Safety Guideline Enforcement

FAA Says It's Trying, But Governmental Process Takes Awhile

When answering questions submitted by US Rep. Ben Chandler (D-KY) last month, the National Transportation Safety Board said it found several incidents where flights crews failed to cross-check their runway location before takeoff, a recommendation made after Comair Flight 5191 went down in Kentucky last year.

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Small Business Owner Argues Against User Fees Before Senate Committee

NBAA Member Says Small Plane "Has Been The Secret Of Our Success"

The user fee plans advocated by airlines and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) would be devastating to small and medium-sized companies nationwide. That message -- a rallying cry for opponents to user fees for general aviation pilots -- was repeated this week to lawmakers by someone who would be affected directly by them.

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Travolta Steps Into Legal Argument Over FL Airport Land

Alleges Airport Owners Misrepresented Runway Condition

An old-fashioned land dispute is causing grief for pilot and actor John Travolta, who wishes two sparring Florida land owners would just let him fly his plane.

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Newly Restored P-38 To Receive Finishing Touch At AirVenture 2007

"Ruff Stuff" Will Have Nose Art Applied On Opening Day

It is a practice dating back to the earliest days of World War II... when fighter pilots and bomber crews would emblazen their aircraft with personalized nose art, to identify their faithful steeds and provide a small touch of home in a hostile foreign land. 

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Garmin's Pilot My-Cast Now Available For Mobile Phones

Allows Flight Plan Filing, Without Talking To FSS

Garmin subsidiary Digital Cyclone, Inc. recently announced Pilot My-Cast by Garmin is now available for download on mobile phones.

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AirVenture Offers Potential Glimpses Of The Future Of The Helicopter

Going Vertical At Oshkosh

The concept of flying fast, and landing anywhere, has been around since the dawn of flight. While modern jets offer the speed we crave, the helicopter offers the ability to land anyplace you could fit a car. Meshing the two forms of flight together has been the dream of many, but two companies, through advances in aerodynamics and technology, are making that dream a reality.

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New DVD Course Educates Pilots On Proper Use Of WAAS

Over 1,700 LPV Approaches Now Available, More Coming

Thousands of WAAS capable Garmin GPSs are shipping to eager pilots... but to date there's been no single, comprehensive source of WAAS information available, making it hard to learn to fly these new approaches.

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Atlas Pilatus Center Receives Fifth Straight Diamond Award

Recognizes Committment To Safety

Aero-News learned this week Atlas Pilatus Center of Manchester, NH has been recognized by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for excellence in maintenance training with the presentation of the 2006 Diamond Award.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (07.22.07)


Developed by NASA Ames Education Division and funded in part by Aviation Operations Systems and the Aerospace Education Coordinating Committee (AECC). Virtual Skies is designed for use by high school teachers and their classes, home school teachers and students in grades 9-12, as well as aviation enthusiasts (pilots and passengers alike). Within this Web site you will be able to explore the world of air traffic management and learn more about NASA research in aviation operations systems and aviation safety. 

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (07.22.07): Mothball


A term used for the preservation of equipment or machinery. When mothballed, the item is sealed so moisture and debris cannot get in. Aircraft that are declared surplus by the military are often mothballed and stored, in case they are needed in the future.

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Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (07.22.07)

"I represent a small business that operates a turboprop airplane to help my company survive, and my story is not unique. The general aviation community of which I am a part supports modernization of our aviation system, and is willing to help pay for it. But we want to pay at the pump -- not through user fees or new taxes. The fuel tax is a simple, proven and efficient way to measure and pay for system use for operators like me."

Source: Richard Shine, CEO of Manitoba Recycling in Lancaster, NY. He testified Thursday before the Senate Aviation Subcommittee on Energy, Natural Resources and Infrastructure on the negative impact additional user fees would have on his business.

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