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Tue, Jan 02, 2007

2006 Year-In-Review: Gone West, Part Two

While we see another year off, at ANN we like to use this space to pay tribute to those in aerospace and aviation who will not be among us as we welcome in the New Year.

Some left us far too early; others lived long, healthy lives. But whatever the individual circumstances, we honor these folks for their courage, contributions, and prescience in the field of aerospace that bonds us all.

  • Read Part One Here

5 Aug 2006 -- Auguste Mudry, 90: Mudry designed the first CAP 10 in 1970 as a training aerobatic aircraft. Nearly 300 CAP 10Bs were built through 1997, succeeded by the CAP 10C (shown below). ANN report 7 Aug 2006

9 Aug 2006 -- Astrophysicist James Van Allen, 91: Van Allen's most widely known contribution was the 1958 discovery of radiation belts, now called Van Allen belts, encircling the Earth. He is also credited with the discovery of a new moon of Saturn in 1979, as well as radiation belts around that planet. ANN report 10 Aug 2006

21 Aug 2006 -- Ladislao Pazmany: Small aircraft design pioneer and longtime EAA member, Pazmany (right) -- an engineer, designer, teacher and pilot -- was inducted into the EAA Homebuilders Hall of Fame in 1997. ANN report 24 Aug 2006

24 Aug 2006 -- Dr. Rocco Petrone: Dr. Petrone served as the third director of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL in the early 1970s. In 1974 he accepted an appointment as NASA Associate Administrator in Washington, where he directed such programs as Manned Space Flight; Space Science; Aeronautics and Space Technology; and Tracking and Data Acquisition. ANN report 2 Sep 2006

24 Aug 2006 -- William A. Gannett: Gannett, 89, was a famed aerial photographer known for his sweeping aerial photographs in a career that spanned more than 50 years.
ANN report 8 Sep 2006

28 Aug 2006 -- Brig. Gen. Robert F. McDermott USAF (Ret): Retired Brig. Gen. Robert F. McDermott was US Air Force Academy dean of the faculty from 1956 to 1968. He began his military career as a combat pilot, operations officer, and professional educator in the European theater during WWII. ANN report 30 Aug 2006

2 Sep 2006 -- Lt. Gen. Harry Goodall, USAF (Ret): Goodall (right)perished in a small plane crash. He had a distinguished career with the USAF, including as deputy US Commissioner of the US-Soviet Strategic Arms Limitations Talks Standing Consultative Commission. ANN report 4 Sep 2006

18 Sep 2006 -- Neil R. Anderson: A storied test pilot, Anderson flew more than 250 types of airplanes and chalked up more than 15,000 hours in the air over a career that spanned closed to 50 years. ANN report 21 Sep 2006

28 Sep 2006 -- Clayton Scott: Passing away at age 101, "Scotty" had a career and involvement in aviation that spanned 80 years. He was Boeing's flight acceptance pilot during WWII and later the company's chief production flight test pilot. He had stopped flying solo just a few years ago. ANN report 2 Oct  2006

4 Oct 2006 -- Dr. Guy "Doc" Baldwin, 60: An accomplished airshow performer, Tulsa (OK) doctor and aviation medical examiner (AME), "Doc" (left) was killed when his Extra 300L impacted the ground following a loop maneuver during an air show in Tucumcari, NM. ANN report 6 Oct 2006

9 Oct 2006 -- Jay Groen: Inventor, writer, businessman, and entrepreneur, Groen was chairman of Groen Brothers Aviation, Inc. (GBA), recognized as the world's leading authority on autorotative flight. GBA developed the first commercially viable modern gyroplane, the Hawk 4, which was used extensively for security aerial patrol missions during the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. ANN report 12 Oct 2006

11 Oct 2006 -- Barbara Twomey Phillips: This early New England aviatrix was one of only 750 women holding pilot licenses in 1938. A woman ahead of her time, Phillips earned her license at age 19. That moved her toward one of the only aviation professions available to women at the time -- being a stewardess, which then required a nursing degree. Nursing ultimately became her calling. ANN report 28 Oct 2006

14 Oct 2006 -- Airshow performer Nancy Lynn: Lynn's Extra 300L crashed during a performance at a Virginia air show. Lynn (below) had just completed a series of low-level "flat spins," and appeared to be coming in for landing when a wing struck the ground. ANN report 15 Oct 2006

21 Oct 2006 -- Donald Hamm: Hamm landed his RV-4 at Riverside Municipal Airport, CA, when he was believed to have suffered a heart attack. He lost consciousness before he could taxi off the runway. ANN report 23 Oct 2006

25 Nov 2006 -- Kenneth M. Taylor: An Army Air Forces pilot, Taylor managed to get airborne under fire near Pearl Harbor on Dec 7, 1941. He shot down at least two Japanese attacking aircraft. ANN report 4 Dec 2006

30 Nov 2006 -- Dr. Leonard Greene: An accomplished and prolific inventor and humanitarian, Dr. Green brought aviation safety devices like the stall warning indicator and the wind shear warning system to the cockpit. In 1981 he co-founded the Corporate Angel Network (CAN), a not-for-profit that offers empty seats onboard corporate jets for free so cancer patients may travel to receive treatment. Today, 530 companies offer seats on their planes to CAN and the charity flies more than 2,500 cancer patients annually. ANN report 5 Dec 2006

9 Dec 2006 -- Clarence 'Del' Smith: Pilot for California governors Earl Warren, Goodwin Knight, and Edmund G. "Pat" Brown, Smith earned his wings flying C-47 transports in the Army Air Corps during WWII. ANN report 19 Dec 2006

Let us also pay our respects to the brave and honorable men and women who died this past year, serving our country in the armed forces.

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