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February 10, 2012

ANN Daily Aero-Briefing: 02.10.12

The FAA issues a bulletin for the Citation Mustang.
India tries to stop last-minute flight cancellations.
And God is no longer welcome in the Air Force RCO.

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First Kill Scored For AeroNav Money Grab -- RunwayFinder Calls It Quits

RunwayFinder Announces Imminent Shut Down

The recent announcements by FAA's AeroNav for more funding to "pay for" an already tax-payer funded program has scored its first kill as one well-known and much-used web-based flight planning resource has announced it can't survive the FAA money grab. In an announcement posted to their website, RunwayFinder blames the AeroNav Fee demand as sufficient reason to throw in the towel.

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Boeing 787 Dreamliner Debuts In Bangkok For Dream Tour

New Airplane Visits Southeast Asia For First Time

Boeing's new mid-size passenger airplane, the 787 Dreamliner, touched down here after demonstrating its long-range capabilities by flying nonstop from Seattle's Boeing Field to Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi International Airport -- a distance of 7,679 miles. The visit is part of Boeing's Dream Tour.

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Electric Green Taxiing System Set For Trials

Developers Safran, Honeywell Estimate Four Percent Total Fuel Savings For easyJet

A new electric green taxiing system (EGTS) will be tested by easyJet, which claims to be the UKs largest airline. The EGTS, developed in collaboration with Honeywell and Safran, will save the carrier an estimated 4% in its overall fuel burn.

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NASA Officials Participate In 2nd Annual White House Science Fair

Students Recognized For Work In STEM Fields

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden and other senior agency officials joined President Obama in honoring student science fair winners from across the country at the second annual White House Science Fair Tuesday in the East Wing of the White House. The event highlighted student achievement and excellence in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM.

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EAA Announces Scholarship, Internship Opportunities

Dollars Available For Youth Interested In Aviation Careers

The deadline to apply for several EAA scholarship and internship opportunities for youth interested in pursuing aviation careers is coming up fast. The EAA Scholarship and Internship program encourages, recognizes, and supports excellence among EAA members who are studying the technologies and skills of science and aviation.

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New Views Show Old NASA Mars Landers

HiRISE Camera Captures Image Of Spirit And Phoenix Rovers On Martian Surface

The High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera on NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter recorded a scene on January 29, 2012, that includes the first color image from orbit showing the three-petal lander of NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit mission. Spirit drove off that lander platform in January 2004 and spent most of its six-year working life in a range of hills about two miles to the east.

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One More Step On The Commercial Path To Low Earth Orbit

Blog Post Outlines Progress, NASA Adminstrator's Vision

In an entry posted on a NASA blog, Administrator Charles Bolden says NASA and its industry partners make tremendous progress on the commercial capability for delivering cargo and transporting crew to low Earth orbit (LEO). He says it’s a path that will stop the out-sourcing of our missions to the space station and bring that work back home here to America by relying on U.S. companies to get the job done.

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Russian Helicopters Denies Chinese Collaboration On Mi-2 Helicopters

Aircraft Not In Production, Has No Plans For Foreign Manufacturing

Russian Helicopters is flatly denying Russian and Chinese media reports that the two countries plan to enter into a collaboration to produce Mi-2 helicopters. A statement released by Russian Helicopters says that neither Rostvertol, a subsidiary of the company and the purported partner in this joint venture, nor Russian Helicopters, including any subsidiaries, are taking part in any joint projects in China to build or assemble light helicopters, or any similar projects connected with Mi-2.

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Former U.S. Embraer President Joins Bye Aerospace Strategic Advisory Council

Samuel Hill Held Positions With Embraer, HondaJet, Consulting Firms

Samuel Hill, former U.S. Embraer President and Vice Chairman and recent Honda Jet Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, has joined the Strategic Advisory Council for Bye Aerospace, Inc.

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OH-58 Kiowa Warrior Helicopters Achieve 2 Million Flight Hours

Nearly Half Of The Hours Have Been Flown In Combat

The U.S. Army’s OH-58 Kiowa Warrior helicopter fleet have accumulated 2 million flight hours ... with over 750,000 of these flight hours have been flown in combat, Bell Helicopter said Tuesday. “The Kiowa Warrior continues to be the workhorse of Army aviation and this recent milestone is another example of the important role this helicopter fulfills in the Army’s armed reconnaissance mission,” said Mike Miller, director of Army Business Development, Bell Helicopter.

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GA-ASI Announces 2nd Predator C Avenger UAS Completes Successful 1st Flight

Production Of Third And Fourth Aircraft Already Underway

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems (GA-ASI), on Wednesday reported the successful flight of a second multi-mission jet-powered Predator C Avenger aircraft.

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Max-Viz, Aggressive Insurance Announce EVS Discounted Insurance Rates

Premiums Reduced Five Percent With Enhanced Vision System Installed

Max-Viz and Aggressive Insurance of Irving, Texas are offering a 5% discount on aviation insurance policies written through Aggressive Insurance for the entire premium of any aircraft equipped with a Max-Viz Enhanced Vision System (EVS).

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Three Brazilian Airports Go Private

Government Awards $14 Billion In Contracts For Airport Operations

The government of Brazil made promises to improve its airports in its bid to land the 2014 World Cup, and in an effort to fulfil that promise, it recently privatized operations at three of its main airports with the award of $14 billion in contracts for their improvement and operations.

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Airborne 02.10.12: FAA Gets Bucks, Boeing Re-Glues 787s, DoT Needs Controllers

Also: More DA40s!, SpaceX Tests Draco, NATA Hates Legal Abuse, AEA Talks Rotors, Schumer Hates Helo's, Global's CH11, and M.I.T. In Space!!!

Whew... we thought it might never happen... but the FAA funding bill, a REAL funding bill is on its way to the President's desk where we expect he may actually sign the thing. After years of politics and infighting, the FAA has a smoother multi-year ride ahead of it in which to put forth an agenda that many suggest is getting a little long in the tooth... but better late than never, we suppose. On other fronts, times are a little difficult for HBC as CEO Bill Boisture gets replaced and Sierra-Nevada responds with some fighting words over their protest of the LAS decision-m,aking process. Boeing has some delamination issues to work out, but

Subcommittee Hearing Examines GPS Use In Aviation Industry

FCC Strongly Criticized For Lack Of Leadership On The Issue

The House Subcommittee on Aviation, chaired by U.S. Rep. Tom Petri (R-WI) held a hearing Wednesday to review the Global Positioning System (GPS) as a critical part of transportation infrastructure. "(The) hearing brought focus on the importance of the Global Positioning System to aviation and the broader economy. Witnesses’ testimony further underscored the vital nature of GPS as an element of transportation infrastructure, ensuring the safe and efficient use of the aviation system,” said Chairman Petri.

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NTSB Issues NPRM To Revise Rules On Enforcement Appeals

Proposed Rule Would Amend 49 CFR Parts 821, 826

The NTSB announced today that it has issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) seeking public comment regarding amendments to 49 CFR parts 821 and 826, setting forth rules of procedure for the NTSB's review of certificate actions taken by the FAA and applications for fees and expenses under the Equal Access to Justice Act (EAJA).

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Pilots Report Problems With Thrust Reversers In G150 Accident

Airplane Overran The Runway At BWI, Neither Pilot Was Injured

Two ATPs aboard a G150 for a re-positioning flight ran into trouble with the thrust reversers on the airplane, according to a preliminary report from the NTSB. The airplane overran the end of the runway at BWI after landing, but fortunately neither of the pilots was injured in the incident.

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FAA Reauthorization Bill Requires Preservation, Sharing Of Vintage Aircraft Data

Aviation Foundation Of America Applauds New Amendment That Protects The Design Data Of More Than 1,000 Different Aircraft Types

In what one group is calling a landmark victory for the preservation and accessibility of historic aircraft data, the recently passed long-term FAA authorization bill contains an amendment that requires the FAA to protect aircraft technical drawings and other design data from the beginning of civil aviation in the United States.

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Airbus Foresees Demand For 400 New Aircraft In Spain By 2030

Global Market Forecast Underlines Spain's Position In World's Aviation Market

According to a forecast released Wednesday by Airbus, air traffic in Spain will almost double by 2030. Spanish airlines’ will need some 400 new passenger aircraft over the next 20 years. The total market value for the renewal and expansion of the Spanish passenger aircraft fleet is estimated at $45 billion.

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NASA Spinoff 2011 Unveils Benefits Of NASA Technologies On Earth

Latest Edition Follows 44 Technologies From Space To Terrestrial Pursuits

NASA's Spinoff 2011 publication, now available online, reveals how the space agency's ingenuity and partnerships have saved thousands of lives, and generated billions of dollars. The latest edition of Spinoff records 44 journeys of NASA's most innovative technologies. It chronicles their origins in NASA missions and programs and their transfer to the public in the form of practical commercial products and benefits to society.

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Klyde Morris 02.10.2012

Klyde Learns That For Some, Social Justice Starts With A Latte ...


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Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (02.10.12)

“We propose to work with [the National Telecommunications and Information Administration] to draft new GPS spectrum interference standards that will help inform future proposals for non-space, commercial uses in the bands adjacent to the GPS signals.” Source: John Porcari, Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (02.10.12): Correct Lateral Track

A correct lateral track is one in which the correct localizer, radial, or other track guidance has been set, tuned and identified, and is being followed by the pilot.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (02.10.12)

Aviation For Kids

Initially, this site intention was to be an example of how kids can be motivated to learn science through aviation technology.

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