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March 10, 2005


NOTAM: 5/1806 Issued: 03/10/2005 18:50 Effective: 03/10/2005 22:15 - 03/10/2005 23:59 State: CA Facility: ZLA - LOS ANGELES (ARTCC)PALMDALE, CA. Type: AIR SHOWS/SPORTS Description: EL CENTRO CA.

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SHORT NOTICE TN TFR: 03/10/05-03/11/05

NOTAM:  5/1788  Issued:  03/10/2005 15:10  Effective:  03/10/2005 23:55 - 03/11/2005 17:25  State:  TN  Facility:  ZME - MEMPHIS (ARTCC),TN.  Type:  VIP  Description:  MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE, MARCH 10-11 2005 LOCAL. 

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Forest Service Completes Investigation Into September C-206 Accident In MT

The Forest Service has released its report into the Sept. 20 crash of a Forest Service-chartered aircraft in which three people died and two survived. The agency will implement several administrative changes recommended by the accident investigation team to prevent a similar tragedy from occurring.

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CAPA: Aviation Security Fails Flying Public

Report Card Shows Little Change in Two Years, Despite Good Intentions

A statement by the Coalition of Airline Pilots Association charges that, "Airline travel remains vulnerable to terrorist attack nearly four years after 9/11."

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Sino Swearingen Receives 2 TIAs... Ahead Of Schedule

FAA Certification Accelerating on Time to Second Half of This Year 2005

Sino Swearingen Aircraft Corp. (SSAC) has told ANN that two major milestones in the form of TIAs (Type Inspection Authorization) were recently received.

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Airline Pilot Hiring UP For First 2 Months of '05

AIR's February '05 Hiring Summary

In numbers just disclosed to ANN, we're pleased to note that is only two months into the new year, and already the airline industry hiring figures have eclipsed last year's by 85, up 6% to 1,420 in 2005 versus 1,335 during the same period in 2004.

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Heads Up! Lufthansa CityLine's 1st Low-Viz T/O With Rockwell Collins HGS

Rockwell Collins has announced that Lufthansa CityLine recently performed its first low visibility take-off using Rockwell Collins Flight Dynamics Head-Up Guidance System (HGS). The Bombardier CRJ200 was taking off from Milan’s Malpensa airport under foggy conditions.

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Van's Working on LSA!

A Bargain RV Coming In Late 2006/Early '07?

Van's Aircraft's Tom Green has disclosed that the design shop at "RV Central" is at it again. He reports that, "A new light sport aircraft is on our windscreen but it will be some time before we can provide actual design data or information..."

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More Evidence Points At Missile Downing Of RAF C130

Investigation Rules Out Some Accidental Causes

A British C-130 that crashed northwest of Baghdad in January may have been brought down by a surface-to-air missile.

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Falling Door Leads To Close Call In UK

777 Hatch Landed Just 18 Feet From Couple On A Stroll

Britain's Air Accident Investigation Branch says the door of a British Airways 777 wasn't properly fastened shut -- and that's why, back in June, 2003, the door fell off the aircraft just after it took off from London's Gatwick Airport.

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Getting Ready! 5 Out of 6 Eclipse 500 Test Aircraft in Final Assembly

Progress Includes Receipt Of Engines For Second FAA Conforming Test Aircraft

Eclipse Aviation Corporation, manufacturer of the revolutionary Eclipse 500 very light jet (VLJ), today announced a series of manufacturing milestones that demonstrate the company's continued progress toward certification in 2006.

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Say, Is That A Missile Battery In Your Front Yard?

Launcher Now Adorns Grounds Of US Naval Observatory

The government isn't talking, but the neighbors sure are. And it's all because of a recent — and very unusual — addition to the "front yard" of the Navy's Bethesda, Maryland-based test facility.

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Why Some New 172s, 182s Are Grounded

41 Aircraft Affected

An emergency airworthiness directive, originally issued last Friday and revised with corrected serial numbers on Monday, has been issued on 41 recently produced Cessna singles.

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Aero-Reviews: Lowrance 2000c GPS, Part II

In the previous installment, we introduced you to Lowrance, a bit of the company history, and the major features and controls of the AirMap 2000c product. In this installment, we will cover mapping, navigation and other functions of the unit.

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Flying Yourself Into OSH For AirVenture Just Got Easier

New Intersection To Aid GPS Pilots

A RIPON intersection has been created to help GPS-equipped pilots fly directly to the start of the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh VFR arrival route. In addition, the official EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2005 Notice to Airmen (NOTAM), now at the FAA for final review and approval, will include streamlined arrival procedures.

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Frank Robinson Wins Prestigious HHMA Award

The Southern California Aeronautic Association (SCAA) has added Frank Robinson to the distinguished ranks of major aerospace leaders to receive its renowned Howard Hughes Memorial Award (HHMA).

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MiG Down In India: Three Dead, Eleven Hurt

Growing Scrutiny Focuses On Aging Fleet Of "Flying Coffins"

It has become a tragic routine in India -- the crash of a MiG fighter and the death of a flying officer. It happened again on Friday in Gujarat Province, when a MiG-21 veered off the runway on landing.

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Who's Best? Aviation Maintenance Olympics Aims To Find Out

5th Annual PAMA Maintenance Competition Underway at Aviation Industry Week

By ANN Senior Correspondent Kevin "Hognose" O'Brien It's an Olympiad that promises no steroid scandals, no scowling security men, and no bizarre decisions from the French judge. Just like in those other events that the Greeks cooked up millennia ago, the Professional Aviation Maintenance Association (PAMA) will bring the best of the best together to compete in a variety of tests of skill, intellect and precision, but you might not have heard the names of these events.

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Cable Tension Need Not Mean A&P Tension

A&P-Designed Tool Simplifies A Tough Job

If you make mechanics do something awkward for long enough, one of them's going to turn into an inventor and solve the whole problem. That's what happened when "Hollywood" Perin finally got tired of the grief involved in adjusting cable tension on the Boeing 737s he works on for a major airline.

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Cassini Images of Titan Reveal an Active, Earth-Like World

Surface Appears Shaped By Same Sorts Of Forces Felt Here

Saturn's largest and hazy moon, Titan, has a surface shaped largely by Earth-like processes of tectonics, erosion, winds, and perhaps volcanism. The findings are published in this week's issue of the journal Nature.

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Volunteer Network Provides Ringside Seat to Saturn

A Feast For The Eyes

Experiencing Saturn through a telescope for the first time is a feast for the eyes.  NASA's Cassini mission to Saturn is helping people savor the view by coordinating a network of people and telescopes around the globe to help others see the ringed giant.

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Embry-Riddle Researchers Confirm Accuracy of Post-9/11 Airline Compensation

$5 Billion Was Just About Right, Study Says

The $5 billion allocated by the federal government to compensate U.S. commercial airlines for lost revenue after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attack was amazingly close to the actual financial setbacks the airlines sustained, according to two researchers in the College of Business at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

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Aero-News Quote Of The Day (03.10.05)

"The only known planetary process that creates large-scale linear boundaries is tectonism, in which internal processes cause portions of the crust to fracture and sometimes move either up, down or sideways. Erosion by fluids may accentuate the tectonic fabric by depositing dark materials in low areas and enlarging fractures. This interplay between internal forces and fluid erosion is very Earth-like." Source: Dr. Alfred McEwen, Cassini imaging team member from the University of Arizona, Tucson, who theorizes Saturn's largest moon was shaped by many of the same forces that shaped our own Earth.

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Tennessee TFR: 03.10.05 - 03.11.05

NOTAM: 5/1773 Issued: 03/09/2005 21:40 Effective: 03/10/2005 23:55 - 03/11/2005 17:25 State: TN Facility: ZME - MEMPHIS (ARTCC),TN. Type: VIP Description: MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE, MARCH 10-11 2005 LOCAL.

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Kentucky TFR: 03.10.05

NOTAM: 5/1742 Issued: 03/08/2005 22:00 Effective: 03/10/2005 15:55 - 03/10/2005 19:00 State: KY Facility: ZID - INDIANAPOLIS (ARTCC),IN. Type: VIP Description: LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY, MARCH 10 2005 LOCAL.

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Alabama TFR: 03.10.05 - 03.11.05

NOTAM: 5/1776 Issued: 03/09/2005 22:00 Effective: 03/10/2005 19:05 - 03/11/2005 00:00 State: AL Facility: ZTL - ATLANTA (ARTCC),HAMPTON,GA. Type: VIP Description: MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA, MARCH 10 2005 LOCAL.

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Louisiana TFR: 03.10.05

NOTAM: 5/1777 Issued: 03/09/2005 22:10 Effective: 03/11/2005 17:25 - 03/11/2005 22:10 State: LA Facility: ZFW - FORT WORTH (ARTCC),TX. Type: VIP Description: SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA, MARCH 11 2005 LOCAL.

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